Arik Einstein Video Correction

Arik Einstein
Shabbat Shalom November 29, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

I mistakenly inserted the incorrect video for Arik Einstein and as he was so beloved by so many in his home county, he deserves a correction.  Please enjoy the video I meant to include as well as an additional one:

Ani Ve Ata ( You and I Can Change the World)

San Francisco on the Water

Sorry for the error,


Arik Einstein Video Correction

Shabbat Shalom November 29, 2013

Shabbat and Hanukah Shalom November 29, 2013
Dear Friends and Family,

As the holidays of Thanksgiving (Gratitude) and Hanukah (Miracles) converged this week, here is some food for thought on both topics.

Last night was Thanksgiving so some of you might be recovering from massive consumption of traditional holiday dinners.

Our lives are grateful gifts and God willing we all live to be nearly 90 year old which is roughly 30,000 days. For perspective, our granddaughter, Hadassa, has experienced 26 days (mostly eating, sleeping and pooping).  How will you fill your allotted days aside from the necessary tasks of eating, sleeping and pooping?Here is a Mae West quote we should all strive to live by.  “You only live once, but it you do it right, once is enough”.  And here is a video demonstrating our limited and grateful days on this Earth:

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein. I strive to live as if everyday is a miracle.  Here is a sweet Hanukah song spotlighting several miracles from the ordinary to the supreme.  I hope you enjoy:

Gratitude and Miracles of Music

Condolences to Israeli music lovers of the Great Singer/Songwriter Erik Einstein on his sudden and unexpected death this week at the age of 74 from an aortic aneurysm.  Erik was a very popular musicians who rose to fame in the 60s with his troubadour style music as a link between the traditional Israeli folk music and Rock & Roll.  Here is one of his most famous songs in a vintage video from his early days. This song is called Ani Ve Ata and it just so happens to be the first song Hannan sang as a teenager (in Israel) at a talent show.  It is a beautiful song which talks about howYou and I Can Change the World. Enjoy:

Erik Einstein 1939-2013

Beautiful Music
Leading the pack of my NYC broadway priority list is Beautiful, The Carole King Musical.  I’m itching to return to the Big Apple to see that new musical and a few more.  In the meantime, here is a really cool interactive website that allows you to click, learn and listen to some of her brilliant compositions.

My first album (1971)

Iran’s Quest
Between all the rhetoric and pessimism (of media Talking Heads), the bottom line is that Iran basically agreed to halt their nuclear (weapons) enrichment and allow international inspectors into their country in exchange for access to a fraction of funds owed to them. This is a simplistic explanation for a temporary (6 month) agreement with a rogue country who hates Israel (among others), but it could be better than the current situation where even crippling sanctions doesn’t seem to guarantee a safer Middle East.  The next steps are crucial to determine a permanent agreement to unequivocally end any nuclear weapons capability for Iran. Time is the only true source of assessment for this arrangement. If this plan doesn’t work, it seems evident that, one way or another, Iran will NEVER obtain nuclear weapons, unless there is a major regime change.

Frustrating System 

Until the system changes, we are resigned to help political candidates fundraise for their races.  I must say, I HATE the excessive amounts of money coming from all of our pockets including the unlimited cooperate donations (due the SCOTUS Citizens United decision).  There should be a level playing field with a fixed campaign amount for each candidate to use rather then interest groups lobbying with dollars and possibly affecting policy. Why am I ranting about this…because our Local, State, Regional and Federal Judges are SUPPOSE to stay OUT of the political fundraising field, however our Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas jumped right in as he headlined at a fundraiser for the Federalist Society, clearly a violation of his Code of Conduct.  To learn more about this and to sign a petition urging action, please view this site:

Gratuitous NY Times Cover
Wednesday’s NY Times (Top Front Page) displayed a large photo of a nearly bare-chested women with a scar and a Jewish Star Tattoo.  The story was about screening, treating and bringing awareness of the the BRCA gene mutation which causes Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Yes, Breast Cancer (and BRCA) is prevalent in the Ashkenazi Jewish Community which is a large part of the Israeli population and exposing the need to test for the mutation is important, but was it necessary to use that photo on the cover of the paper.  Here’s the photo. What’s your opinion?

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and a Hag Hanukah Sameach (Happy Hanukah),


Bonus holiday video.  Please enjoy this holiday mash up song (original tune of Don McClean).  It’s creative, quirky and worth a peek.



 Happy Birthdays !!

Nov. 23rd
Debbie Dingell (missed last week)

Nov. 27th

Dorothy Benyas (missed last week)

Nov. 29th

John Mayall
(British Blues Musician and Josh F. fan)

Nov. 30th
Andi Wolfe (Mom-in-law to Forrest)

Harris Van Cleef (best event planner)

Dec. 1st
Gary Peters (Best Rep and future Senator)
Jennifer Berg (Twins mom)
Sherri Ketai (Israel loves her & visa versa)

Dec. 2nd
Liza Appleton/Zuckerman (bow wow)

Dec. 3rd
David Altman (Happy BIG 50th)

Dec. 4th
Forrest Wolfe (daughter-in-law to Andi)

Dec. 5th
Julie Weisberg Schlafer
(Aspen Baker)

Shabbat Shalom November 29, 2013

Shabbat Shalom November 22, 2013

Shabbat Shalom November 22, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

Relief Requested
Mother Nature was wrathful last weekend as 80 tornadoes decimated neighborhoods, towns and cities throughout the Midwest. May the victims of these devastating storms receive rapid relief and repair to their damaged lives.

150 years ago this week, President Abraham Lincoln recited the (the very brief) Gettysburg Address to dedicate the cemetery to the heros of our Civil War.  Here are his words spoken today through our current president, past presidents and various celebrities:  and you will NOT believe your ears as a 2 year old recites those same words in this youtube:

Re-think our Laws
Michigan is one of 25 State that have “Stand your Ground” or “Extended Self Defense” laws allowing the use of deadly force to protect yourself INSTEAD of requiring you to retreat or run away, if possible. Sadly, another innocent victim lost her life to gun violence that most likely will be defended under our Michigan’s extended Self Defense law.  The story has already reached national and international attention and again will cause racial strife as the victim was a 19 year old African American women and the defendant is a white man. Why do we need a law protecting and encouraging someone to use deadly force when an escape route is possible.  With no escape route, of course you should be able to protect yourself and your family with any means necessary.  Self defense is already a legally protected defense under the law. Why make it legally easier for someone to use their weapon which often leads to the loss of innocent (wrong place/wrong time) lives.  As a footnote (for saner Gun Control laws), George Zimmerman was charged with assault this week for pointing a shot gun at his girlfriend during an argument. Should George have the legal right to even own a shot gun with his history.

Release Request
Another innocent life was lost last week in northern Israel.  18 year old Eden Atias from Nazareth Illit (a city in our Jewish Metro. Detroit partnership region) was stabbed to death while napping on a bus.  The terrorist/killer was a 16 year old Palestinian boy from Jenin.  Sadly, these attacks are sometimes incited by the Palestinian Authority (PA) via radio, television and printed material that offers rewards for attacks against Jews and support (money) to their families while they are in jail as well as negotiation pressure on the Israelis for release.

Eden Atias 1996-2013
Re-Evaluate Options
Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.  This statement refers to many situations, like if you are financial affluent you don’t need to be financially ostentatious. A moral situation in this vain, is the Death Penalty.  Just because our laws allow our penal system to kill, doesn’t mean we must…Yes, some criminals deserve to die and yes, it probably cost more to keep them alive in prison, but (morally) should States take an active role in killing people. Israel does NOT have the Death Penalty (with one exception, Adolph Eichmann).  Even terrorist in Israeli jails are not executed by the government with very difficult consequences (see story above).  32 States in our county still allows the Death Penalty. The attacker of Larry Flint is due to be executed this week and even Larry Flint is speaking out against it. Some States are trending to abolish Capital Punishment but other States like Texas just executed it’s 15th prisoner in 2013.
Re-think Blame
Of course immediate and PR blame by the Iranians this week was thrust upon Israel for the Iranian Embassy bombing in Beirut, Lebanon.  Two suicide bombers (expecting 72 virgins in heaven) blew themselves up and took 23 lives with them in protest of the Iranian backed Hizbollah support of Syrian’s Pres. Bashar Al-Asad.  Not too hard to follow other than Israel’s complete lack of connection to this trio of evil.

Retro vs. Modern

For my friends of “Classic” Mr. Spock and “Modern” Mr. Spock, please enjoy this unique contest, disguised as an Audi commercial.  It’s only 2 1/2 minutes but worth watching till the end:

For my friends of basketball and the holiday season, please enjoy this unique “Jingle”

Wishing you a joyous trifecta celebration with next weekend’s triple holidays of Shabbat, Hanukah and Thanksgiving,

(Savta) Lisa

P.S. (Post Script)
Mazel Tov to Natan Elyakin on receiving his Black Belt in Karate last weekend.
Mazel Tov to Huntington Woods, MI for making the top 10 list of best suburbs of the United States according to the Wall St. Journal Market Watch. HW friends, who’s house is in this photo?:
Mazle Tov to 16 Medal of Freedom recipients awarded by Pres. Obama this week during the 50th anniversary of this ceremony. Among the 16 winners were Pres. Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Loretta Lynn, Gloria Steinem, Sally Ride and Ernie Banks. 
Pres. JFK initiated this award just before his assassination and the first winners receive their honors two weeks after his death.


Wishing the Detroit Police department success in finding and stopping the arsonists who are burning down the artistic houses of the Heidelberg Project.

Condolences to Michael & Marcy Feldman and Betsy & Jeff Heuer on the passing of their beloved relative Harold Berry.  May his memory bring comfort to those who are mourning his loss.

Condolences to Brian and Liz Guz and their family on the passing of Brian’s mother, Judy Guz.  Brian read this meaningful and poiyant story at the funeral about human nature.

A Fish Story

When a trout rising to a fly gets hooked and finds himself unable to swim about freely, he begins a fight which results in struggles and splashes and sometimes an escape.

In the same way, the human struggles with the hooks that catch him.  Sometimes he masters his difficulties; sometimes they are too much for him.

The struggles are all that the world sees, and it usually misunderstands them.  It is hard for a free fish to understand what is happening to a hooked one.
Karl A Menniger (1893-1990)
“The Human Mind”


 Happy Birthday to this coming week’s celebrants:

Nov. 22nd
Caryn Satovsky Siegel

Nov. 23rd
Marc Schechter

Nov. 24th
Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan

Nov. 25th
Barbara Madgy Cohn

Nov. 26th
Tina Turner

Nov. 27th
Howard Tapper
Laura Champagne
Stacy Kay Doctoroff

Nov. 28th
Jon Stewart

Shabbat Shalom November 22, 2013

Shabbat Shalom November 15, 2013

Shabbat Shalom November 15, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

Strong Name
Hadassa Vered Raviv is our granddaughter’s name.  She follows in the footsteps of her strong and beloved paternal Great Grandmothers who’s names she will carry on. Hadassa was the Hebrew name of Esther (from our Purim Story).  Esther was Hannan’s mother’s name. Vered mean’s Rose in Hebrew which was Tzvi’s Great Grandmother’s nickname. She was born into a Loving, Crazy, Zionistic, Musical, Political, Warm and Large Family who are blessed by her arrival.  May she grow with health and happiness throughout her life.

Fierce Storm 
As we were celebrating our Simcha,  the other side of the world was experiencing devastation and destruction as, the deadliest storm ever, Typhoon Haiyan reeked havoc on the people of the Philippines. The death toll continues to rise as they estimate the final count will be nearly 10,000.  The storm continued on its path through Vietnam and China with less intensity but still powerful.  As usual, Israeli help was dispatched immediately as two jumbo jets filled with hundreds of medical professionals arrived with a modern mobile hospital similar to their efforts in Haiti.  May the people of the Philippines find quick relief to their suffering and essential support for their recovery. If you’d like to help, please click here:






Tough Negotiations
Iran is playing hard ball as world leaders try to halt their nuclear ambitions.  Their new president has, at least, opened the door to discussions which wasn’t even an option with the last lunatic. But how sincere are the Iranian leaders willing to cooperate in exchange for lifting sanctions that would ease the financial pressure on the county.  World politics is a gambling game with real lives at stake.

Stoic Ambassador
50 years ago this month, a stoic little girl put on a brave face for the world to see while she witnessed the funeral procession of her beloved father. This week, Caroline Kennedy was sworn in as our newest Ambassador to Japan and makes history as the first woman to hold that position.  Here is a photo of John Kerry swearing her in with her husband, Edwin Scholssberg holding the bible. Her son Jack has a strong resemblance to his uncle, John (Caroline’s brother).
Large Tent
My Jewish Tent is tall and wide.  I believe in a very progressive acceptance of “who is a Jew”.  If you have a Jewish heart and soul, you are a Jew and welcomed in my tent.  The only Jews not welcomed are Messianic Jews who believe that Jesus is the Messiah.  There is an organization that’s main focus is to convert Jews to believe in Jesus.  The Messianic Jewish Bible Institute proselytizes all over the world including Israel (we met some in Tel Aviv as Hannan tried to explain who they were to the innocent Israelis listening to them on Rothchild St.). This week they held their big fundraiser with keynote speaker, past president, George W. Bush.  He is getting flack from all over our Jewish Community about his acceptance to help raise funds on behalf of this organization:

Holiday Mash-up
Hanukah and Thanksgiving won’t converge again for another 80,000 years (give or take). Here’s a funny parody of the two holidays:

and also the musical talents of some Technion students to get you in the holiday mood:

Shabbat Greeter
Rabbi Jason Miller bravely asked Tina Fey to be this week’s Celeb Shabbat Shalom Greeter. Thanks, Jason:

New Community Member
I love dogs but not one of my own to take care of, but am thrilled to welcome Malcolm Alpern Fleischman as his fulfill the responsibility of comfort, joy, furriness and smiles at our Jewish Senior Living facilities. Lazar the dog is watching with great care from heaven.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,

Bonus video: Please enjoy our dear friend, David Broza’s, newest release of “Peace, Love and Understanding” accompanied by a multi-cultural Youth Choir in Jerusalem.


Condolences to dear friend, Shimon Weitzman, on the passing of his beloved brother, Itzik at age 69 in Israel.  May his memory and spirit bring comfort to Shimon and his family.
Condolences to Marcy and Michael Feldman and their family on the passing of Marcy’s sister, Joan Provizer and aunt to Betsy Heuer.  May her memory and spirit bring comfort to her loved ones during their time of sorrow.
Please join us in support of Gary Peters efforts to become our next US Senator at a fundraiser Sunday Dec. 15th at 2:00pm at the home of Roz and Stanford Blanck (Franklin).  For more info: call 248-631-4929 or email
Please help support Orchards Children’s Services on Thursday Nov. 21st (noon-7pm) by shopping at My House of Style (574 N. Old Woodward, Birm.) when 15% of the day’s sales will be donated to this wonderful organization which serves over 5,000 children each year through adoption, family preservation, foster care, after school programs, mentoring and summer camp opportunities.
Dental care can affect your whole body’s health.  Many in our community have no access to a Dentist but Dr. Mickey Zuroff is doing his part to help those in need.  And you can do your part in helping Mickey by supporting his fundraiser this Sunday at the Monte Carlo night at Shaarey Zedek.  For more info or to support theJewish Dental Clinic, please click here:
Happy Birthday to next week’s celebrants (and 1 from last week):
Nov. 12th
Max Spiegelman (Florida Nephew)
Nov. 15th
Larry Wolfe
Peter Alter
Nov. 16th
David Zuckerman
Nov. 17th
Debbie Siegel

Nov. 18th
Noah Tepperman

Nov. 19th
Phil Norville
Renee Ruiz

Nov. 20th
Jolie Altman

Nov. 21st
Francee Ford
Lisa Katzman
Sari Cicurel

Please let me know if you would like your birthday mentioned by confirming with me that I have it on my calendar.

Shabbat Shalom November 15, 2013

Shabbat Shalom November 8, 2013

Shabbat Shalom November 8, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

New Mother
We are blessed, overwhelmed and grateful to join the Grandparent Club as our first Grandchild was born Sunday Nov. 3rd at 6 lbs, 6 oz.  She will be given her Hebrew name this Sunday at a Simchat Bat (Joyous Daughter) ceremony created by our daughter, Ariella and son-in-law, Tzvi.  In the meantime, we call her “Fresca”, her in uterine nickname. Maybe the next baby will nicknamed Vernors or Faygo, in honor of their Detroit roots.

Dedicated Motherhood
Speaking of motherhood, I found these images to be incredible.  The mothering instinct is so strong and pervasive, that even in nature, a mother feels compelled to help presumably motherless creatures.  Check out all 3 photos and the captions of this new Mother

Disadvantaged Mothers
Sadly, mothers and women in developing counties don’t have the same luxuries as we do in most Western nations.  Like the luxury of medical care, access and education to birth control and the right to make decisions for ourselves.  Unfortunately, some States (like Mississippi and Texas, top 2 worst states* for women) are continually passing anti-women legislation and taking our rights away.  Women and girls in many developing countries are raped and abused with no rights at all to protect them. Hillary Clinton had a brilliant and respectful response to a congressman’s question of global women’s health. Though this response was several years ago, it still holds true and worth repeating.

Mothers in High Gear
Recently, several Saudi women took to the road as their own drivers in a county where apparently driving is harmful to your ovaries so it is an illegal activity for women.  This, of course, sound ridiculous to us but it also prompted a brilliant parody by a Saudi musician. Enjoy:

Mother’s Reality
Most people are overly critical of themselves and mothers are no exception. But what if you could hear what your children really think of you.  Take a peek for a reality check but be prepared for some tear-ductaction.

Mother’s Frustrations
As Thanksgiving approaches and our food consumption increases, many in our Michigan communities will experience the opposite effect as our State’s SNAP food assistance program will be decreased by $183 million over the next year.  That just sucks for so many parents currently struggling to feed their children. Did you know that the majority of the 1.8 million Michiganders who receive SNAP help are either children, seniors or people with disabilities.  Also, many are veterans. Cutting governmental cost like this does little to help the “bottom line” of the budget.  Its a drop in the bucket that has a tremendous impact on kitchen cupboards. Taking to our Senators can help, but another way is to save the date of April 26th when Hannan and I will be co-chairing this year’s Forgotten Harvest fundraiser event featuring Tim Allen.  I’ll send more details at a later date.

Mother’s Heros
Speaking of Veterans, Monday is our day to recognize and thank all US Veterans and current solders for their service to our country.  They sacrificed their lives to protect ours and are due respect and support.  NOT ONE should ever end up homeless or destitute, but unfortunately many do.



Israel’s Hero
Last monday was the anniversary of the death of an Israeli Veteran, Hero, Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize Winner.  On Nov. 4th, 1995 Yitzhak Rabin was gunned down specifically for his Peace initiatives. Let’s hope his killer only extinguished the messenger and the hope for Peace is still alive.

 Israel’s Protection
75 years ago this week, Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) destroyed 1,000 synagogues and 7,000 Jewish owned business.  Anti-semitism still exist (thank God not to this extreme) but the BIG difference today is our protected Homeland that needs to remain strong and safe.  “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  Anne Frank 

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,


* Top 10 worst State for Women:

Happy 70th birthday to Beautiful Canadian Trobairitz (Female Troubadour), Joni Mitchell.  Here is a vintage (1967) recording of “Both Sides Now” and the “Circle Game”


As we became Grandparents this week, another family lost their beloved Grandfather, Bud Gerson.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ralph and Erica Gerson and their family on the passing of their father who was another patriarch of our community with his passion and commitment evident by his Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed to him and his wife Dorothy.  May his spirit and memory bring comfort to those who mourn his loss.

Election Elation
Kudos to Royal Oak on securing LGBT Rights for its residents
Hi Five to Jackson, Lansing and Ferndale for decriminalizing Marijuana
Mazel Tov to (the next) Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan 

 Happy Birthday!!
A BIG Mazel Tov goes to Lois Shevsky on her 75th birthday celebration on Oct. 29th.

This week’s celebrants:

Nov. 8th
Dan Kohn

Nov. 9th
Amy Morganstern
Patti Phillips
Richard Bernstein

Nov. 10th
Carolyn Tisdale
Robb Lippitt

Nov. 11th
Shari Kaufman

Nov. 12th
David Contorer
Sylvia Wolfe (special 50th)
David Liss (Big 70th)

Nov. 13th
David Mark (Big Brother celebrating a BIG Birthday)

Nov. 14th
Prince Charles
Condeleezza Rice

Shabbat Shalom November 8, 2013

Shabbat Shalom November 1, 2013

Shabbat Shalom November 1, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

4th Year
This week marks the 4th anniversary of these Shabbat messages.  My original intent was to just wish friends and family a weekly Shabbat Shalom and these days they have morphed into… well, what you see.  Evolution is in the future, as I plan to keep these messages innovative, current and interesting.  I truly enjoy writing them and plan to continue sending them each Friday morning till my fingers can no longer type or my brain can no longer compose.

1st Year of Wedded Bliss
Wishing our wonderful niece, Ilana Mark, wedded bliss (this weekend and many years to come) to the Love of her Life, Jason Fisher as they stomp on the Glass to join their love in marriage.  We look forward to the Michigan celebration since we couldn’t attend the destination wedding as we are anticipating our first Grand-baby any day.

7th Year Stretch
Mazel Tov to the Red Sox, the Green Monster, Quincy Market, Beacon Hill, Coolidge Corner, Newbury Street, No Name Resturant, Harvard Square, JP Licks and all of my old favorite Boston stomping grounds on winning their 7th World Series.

30th Year of Vacant Seats
30 years ago this week 1, 800 US marines were in Beirut, Lebanon on a Peacekeeping Mission, when a truck bomb exploded outside their barracks, killing 241 souls.  The terrorist organization, Hezbollah committed this hideous crime with “moral” and financial support from Iran and Syria.  Not much has changed in 30 years. Though Syria has destroyed their chemical plants this week, Iran continues to enrich uranium to the full 20% just short of weapon’s grade.  Hezbollah is still supported by Iran and Syria and continues to reek havoc in the region as 241 families endure 30 years of vacant seats at their dinner tables where loved ones used to sit.

Mid Year Elections
This Tuesday Nov. 5th is election day (for us Americans).  There are many local candidates up for election and several proposal in each of our cities.

Here is a website for the Oakland County options:

Starting on page 8, you’ll find all of the proposals for Oakland County Cities.  For example, our City of Farmington Hills has 2 school bond proposal for Safety/Infrastructure and Art/Athletics.  But the BIG Michigan question is who will be the next Detroit Mayor.

Most likely, Mike Duggan will succeed as he is endorsed by… well, almost everyone.  No matter who wins, we’ll still have our emergency manager, our bankruptcy and some major financial huddles to overcome before our city returns to it’s glory… which it WILL.

The Year of Samsung
I have abandoned my iPhone after frustrating weeks with the new operating system and joined the Samsung family but now I need to let iPhone users know that in order for me (and others) to receive their texts they need to:  Go to Settings, choose Messages, and enable option 3 which is Send as SMS, otherwise some iPhone text messages will not reach their intended receiver.

Lou Reed
Sad Year for Rock & Roll
Lewis Allan Reed, beloved son of Toby and Sidney passed away this week at age 71. Though born Jewish, Lou Reed claimed his religion as Rock & Roll and Rock & Roll surely benefited from his talents.  Though his 60’s band the Velvet Underground failed at its onset, it grew in popularity over the years.  Here is his iconic tune (and peom) “A walk on the wild side” with some incredible NYC video images in this youtube: 

468 Victims Each Year
Oct. 30th was National Domestic Violence Action Day and this day is unfortunately needed as 9 women each week are shot and killed by their partner.  At times it seems like our country is moving in a more enlightened direction with Marriage Equality and Marijuana acceptance, YET when it come to Women’s Rights & Protections and Gun Control, it seems we are stuck in the mud or even moving in reverse.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,


Banksy NYC images




Please attend the Nov. 5th screening of The Prime Ministers at The Maple Theater(4235 West Maple Rd) for a Simon Wiesenthal Center fundraiser. The 115-minute docudrama, directed by Academy Award winner Richard Trank, features voiceovers by major Hollywood actors Sandra Bullock (Meir), Michael Douglas (Rabin), Leonard Nimoy (Eshkol) and Christoph Waltz (Begin).

Please help support The Jewish Dental Clinic by attending the Monte Carol Night on Sunday Nov. 17th at Shaarey Zedek.  248-497-6224 or

Please join American Jewish Committee (AJC) at their Advocacy in Action Dinner on Wednesday Dec. 4th at the Birmingham Townsend Hotel with Journalist and Author Jeffery Goldberg.  248-646-7686 or

Technology is usually wonderful until it fails you.   My calendar program failed me last week which cause me to miss the birthday of dear friend to many (including me).  Happy Belated Birthday Ronnie Elkus on Oct. 26th.  You are the best!

 Happy birthday to this week’s celebrants:

Nov. 1st
Kinky Friedman

Nov. 2nd
Karen Sosnick Schoenberg
Ronnie Ferber
Helen Curhan

Nov. 3rd
Wendy Eichenhorn Stone

Nov. 4th
Abbey Brasch Nathan
Ellen Bryne
Tomer Zur

Nov. 5th
Debra Feldman Singer
Heidi Blas Barzily
Michael Horowitz
Sheldon Cohn
Susanna Pollak Mould
Michelle Winterberg

Nov. 6th
Carol Ann Feder Levis
Robin Kaufman Trepeck
Kari Grosinger Alterman
Bob Henrich
Bruce Gorosh

Nov. 7th
Brad Schlafer
Linda Hayman
Kim Levitt Chesbrough
Tracey Grosinger
Susie Citrin

I am prone to mistakes and don’t mind being corrected on my spelling or errors, so please feel free to call me out on my human condition of imperfection.

Shabbat Shalom November 1, 2013