Shabbat Shalom August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

With a heavy heart and a wounded spirit, we mourn the untimely passing of (20 year old) George Orley, beloved son of Diane and Randy and cherished brother of Amanda and Sam.  George was a sweet soul and avid sportsman.  He was a force to be reckoned with on both the basketball and tennis courts.  As you can see from these photos, he had a twinkle in his eye and a heart of gold. He will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing and loving him.  We loved him as our son’s close and dear friend and as our close and dear friends’ son.


Rest in Peace, dear George.  May your spirit soar freely and peacefully.


It is truly a time of sadness for our Community as one of our Patriarchs (a mentor to Hannan and many others) also passed away this week.  Emery Klein was a holocaust survivor and Detroit Community booster like no other.  When Emery called you…Yes, was always the answer.  He was passionate about fundraising and he did it with kindness and consideration. His family and our community were lucky to have him in our lives. May his memory as a devoted family man and his legacy as a community leader bring comfort to all of us who mourn his passing.


On a happier note, we welcome our daughter and son-in-law, Ariella and Tzvi, to Michigan this week as they move back home to insure superb babysitters for our first granddaughter due in early November.  We might need a house charge at Inn Seasons in Royal Oak since their new home is only 2 blocks away.

Life imitated art this week… while watching one of my favorite (Aaron Sorkin) shows, Newsroom, the characters struggled with the decision to broadcast a story about a (possible) chemical weapons attack when in real life, Syria DID drop chemical weapons on its citizens.  This was President Obama’s Red Line yet deciding on how to respond is nearly impossible due to the players on both sides. There is no clear cut ally in any of the Arab Spring uprisings which always leaves Israel in a very precarious position.

Apparently though, a few persistent and vocal (anti-Semitic) Ann Arborites think Israel is the cause of ALL evil.  They have been spewing hate with placards and bullhorns in front of Congregation Beth Israel for 10 years. YES, 10 constant years… that’s 520 Shabbat Services (with many B’nai Mitzvah celebrations), 10 Rosh Hashana services, 10 Yom Kippur services and numerous Israel Celebration festivities.  It is SO frustrating to walk past these people, which we have done a few times, but for regular shul goers, they must endure the torture every week. The community has tried all means to rid themselves of these hate-mongers and now thanks to many others in the Ann Arbor religious community a collective letter has been sent to the City Council. I’m not sure the protesters will care much about this effort, but we can only hope… You can read all about this frustrating situation at this website:  and here is the excellent letter (initiated by Revered James Rhodenhiser) to the City Council asking them to denounce the protester’s actions:

As our New Year quickly approaches (in just 5 days), I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Healthy Sweet and Peaceful 5774 and I pray this coming year will bring you much joy and satisfaction.  Hope you enjoy this wonderful video:

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and a Shana Tova U’mitukah,


Bonus video… please enjoy these talented singers (and cup tapper) with this wonderful rendition of Adon Olam.  The end of the video is quite cute:


Bravo to the Michigan Senate for FINALLY passing the expanded medicaid bill allowing close to 1/2 million more Michiganders to receive health care coverage.  This will take effect as early as Jan. 2014 unless the Senate delays it till April. Either way, THANKS!

Wishing a speedy recovery to avid bicyclist and cousin David Wainer from his broken elbow and thumb.

Please help support The Pink Fund by attending their Dancing with the Survivors event on Thursday Sept. 26th (6-9pm) at Art Van Furniture (6500 E. 14 Mile Rd, Warren).  Bonus to attending is you’ll see my sister, Sheri Mark, dance as one of the survivors. For more info:

Please join us at the 14th Annual ReMARKable Women Luncheonon Monday, October 14th with Deborah Norville and Judy Girard.  Please purchase your tickets online at: or by phone 248-479-1377 Net proceeds benefit: Florine Mark Inpatient Unit for Women’s & Children’s Health (Henry Ford Health System), Ministrelli Women’s Heart Center at Beaumont, UM Cardiovascular Center, Young Women’s Leadership Network, Broadcasters Foundation of America.

Please help me wish this week’s celebrants Happy Birthday:

Aug. 23rd
Robert Bloomberg (missed from last week)

Aug. 30th
Skip Schrayer

Sept. 1st
Shelley Wright
Susie Sills

Sept. 2nd
Michal Lis

Sept. 3rd
Ariella Lis Raviv (our daughter)
Diane Klein

Sept. 4th
David Broza

Sept. 5th
Or Targownik
Shelley Wish Chaness

Shabbat Shalom August 30, 2013

George Orley

George Orley of Blessed Memory

Dear Friends and Family,

Sadly our community lost a vibrant and beautiful soul this week.  20 year old George Orley (of blessed memory) passed away Monday and our hearts are broken by this tragedy.

For those who wish to attend the funeral, it is Thursday at 2:00pm and has been moved to Congregation Shaarey Zedek (27375 Bell Rd., Southfield, 48034).

May George’s spirit and memory bring comfort to those who loved him.


For those who don’t know the Orleys or George, I’m sorry for the intrusion of this mass email but it is the most efficient way to disseminate this timely message.

George Orley

Shabbat Shalom August 23, 2013

Shabbat Shalom
August 23, 2013 

Dear Friends and Family,

Northern Neighborhood
Thank God there were no injuries during this week’s (Lebanese) rocket attack on Northern Israel.  What?… you didn’t hear about it…Surprising!!!  Two of the 4 Rockets hit populated areas.  One fell near a nursing home for Holocaust survivors.  As repeatedly stated in these messages, Israel got stuck in a nasty neighborhood. How would Michigan feel if Wisconsin occasionally lobed rockets at the Upper Peninsula, while Ontario was dealing with a violent civil war, as Illinois fired missiles at Kalamazoo and Ohio exhibited major governmental instability and violence.

glass damaged by rocket

Beauty in the Northern Neighborhood
Northern Israel (Haifa to be exact) is the home of the beautiful BahaiGardens and Religion.  If you don’t know about this religion, please view this 4 minute video.  The main elements of their religion are Beauty and Rquality.  Something all neighboring countries could use a bit more of…

Literary Neighborhood
Rest In Peace, Elmore Leonard (aka. The Dickens of Detroit) who’s crime novels (like “Get Shorty”) were loved my many but proudly honored by Michiganders. Occasionally he would auction off (for charity) the prestige of using the auction winners name as a characters in one of his books. He passed away at age 87 in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Early Neighborhood
It could NOT have been a more beautiful Sunday last week when I reminisced down memory lane. 14 (flat) miles, 8 (interesting) stops though Northwest Detroit with 200 other bikers on the (Jewish Historical Society’s) J-Cycle, starting at Palmer Park (where Grandmas Toba and Ruthie used to push me in a stroller) to the original Temple Israel building (where brothers Jeff and David became B’nai Mitzvah) past Hampton Elementary (got my first pair of aviator framed glasses in 3rd grade) to the Curtis/Meyers JCC(use to roller skate in the basement) but the piece d’resistance was biking right past my childhood home on Strathcona in Palmer Woods where we lived from 1960-1969. Though I struggle to recall most daily memories, last Sunday will NOT be forgotten. Thank you, JHS of Michigan for all the work you do preserving our Jewish Detroit Heritage.

Childhood Home on Strathcona


Segregation wall *

New York Neighborhood
In honor our my J-Cycle participation, please view this sadly (yet) humorous PSA about the obstacles NY bikers must endure:

DC Neighborhood
The year was 1968, the date was Aug. 28th and close to 300,000Civil Rights supporters Marched on Washington.  50 years later we are still dealing with both subtle and blatant discrimination throughout our society (not to mention Global Human Rights atrocities).

view from Lincoln to Washington

Historical Neighborhood
During that same month of Aug. (on the 19th) but several decades before, the women’s vote was ratified.  Happy 93rd birthday to the19th Amendment. Let’s not take this right for granted during our next election cycle.

Yemen Neighborhood
The rights of Jews in Yemen have been violated since 1948 when most Yemeni Jews became refugees and many walked to their new home in Israel.  Just this past week, a secret airlift of 17 members of the Karny (Yemeni) family arrived to the Be’er Sheva absorption center in the south of Israel. There are still about 100 Jews left in Yemen.  Their clandestine journey to reunite half their family from Argentina reads like a mystery novel, thankfully with a happy ending.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova 5774!


* The (6 foot concrete) Segregation Wall (also known as Detroit’s Wailing Wall) was built in 1940 at the demand of the Federal Housing Administration to separate a neighborhood so ONLY white mortgage applicants could apply for new home loans. Blacks (and Jews) were not allow in that neighborhood as well as many other cities that had deed restrictions against minorities. Currently the wall is covered with murals and is a reminder of our not to distant past.


Condolences to the family (and community) on the premature death of Theresa Fulgenzi, the beloved JCC sports coach.  May her memory and spirit bring comfort to those who mourn her passing.

Condolences to Keenan Wolens on the passing of his father.  May he be remembered fondly during this time of mourning.


Please help the Detroit Historical Society select 3 of our most celebrated Detroit buildings for their upcoming exhibit.  If you need a suggestion, I recommend the Detroit Public Library for its history, art, beauty and consistent usage by all ages since its grand opening in 1921.  For more info on the Library please view this website:  and to vote for your favorite Detroit Building please click here:


Check out this cool opportunity to help save the

Ford Highland Park Model T Plant



If you love gardening, you’ll love next week’s
Permaculture Workshop on Saturday Aug. 31st from 9am-5pm (including vegetarian lunch) with expert gardeners Ian Robinson, Oren Brandvain and (from Israel) Ilan Brandvain. For more info, check out their facebook page:
 or to sign up (cost is $75) please email


Please join us at the Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends Oct. 2nd Luncheon with Guilana and Bill Rancic.  Tickets are moving fast (we might be sold out) so please sign up soon at
Please join us in support of Ruby Hobbs‘ run for a United States Congressional Seat (to replace Gary Peters who we hope you support of the US Senate):

Tuesday Oct. 8th
Our home

For more info and to RSPV, please contact:
Kristen Caswell
517-214-6719 or


Upcoming Gary Peters Events:

Sunday Sept. 22nd
Home of Rachel Bendit and Mark Bernstein
Ann Arbor

Monday Sept. 30th
Home of Marcie Orley

Monday Oct. 7th
(new date)5:30-7:00pm
6675 Telegraph Rd. (south of Maple)
Hosted by Jim Bellinson

For info on any of these events, please contact Elias Malile 248-799-0850 or


Happy, Healthy Birthday to this week’s celebrants:

Aug. 24th
Karen Sachse (Happy 50th)
Risa Levinson

Aug. 25th
Sage Berg

Aug. 27th
Gary Edelson
Sasha Berman

Aug. 28th
Jimmy Ketai

Aug. 29th
Joan Epstein
Sheri Kukes

Shabbat Shalom August 23, 2013

FJA Town Hall Aug. 19th

Frankel Jewish Academy
2nd Town Hall Meeting
Monday Aug. 19th
Jewish Community Center
West Bloomfield
Some major community advancements have occurred today warranting us to postpone Monday’s Town Hall meeting. Even though, postponing Monday’s meeting is needed at this time, we are still optimistic that a satisfactory solution will be reached that is best for our School and our Community.
Please help spread the word that Monday’s Town Hall Meeting is cancelled.
Shabbat Shalom and (a slightly early) Shana Tova.

Lisa and Hannan Lis

FJA Town Hall Aug. 19th

Shabbat Shalom August 16, 2013

Shabbat Shalom
Shabbat Shalom

Dear Friends and Family,


War and Peace

As Egypt broke out in violence this week (with over 500 deaths and thousands injured), more peaceful activities were occurring just to the north with the first (of a 9-month)Israeli/Palestinian Peace Powwow. Though most analysts are guardedly pessimistic due to past failed attempts, this time might prove more successful with its code of silence instilled by Sec. of State John Kerry.  Let’s hope the gestational period gives birth to a new era for the region.  It is just exasperating to continuously release Palestinian prisoners who’ve murdered Israelis with no Peaceful outcome for the concession.


Cold Soup

Putin just keeps digging himself deeper into a ditch of discontent. IF only Snowden hadn’t shown up on his doorstep…IF only homophobia wasn’t a staple in his diet… IF only he would take Syria’s Bashar al-Assad off his friendly rolodex… IF only he hadn’t abruptly slammed the door on US adoptions… MaybeObama would be slurping some Borscht with him right about now, though it probably would have been the COLD version.  And speaking of Borscht, please enjoy this (8 min.) video about the Borscht Belt and Wilt Chamberlain.  It give you wonderful insight to Wilt’s relationship with the Jews of the Catskills.

Vintage Music

Her parents were Sephardic Jews.  His father was a Cantor.  For more than 55 years, they made beautiful music together until her passing this week at age 84.  I’m talking about Edith Gormezano, better known as Eydie Gorme.  Eydie and Steve were a staple in the American music scene through much of the 20th century. Please enjoy this vintage 1970s TV appearance:


SciFi Reality

Can you see yourself strapped into a human size capsule traveling for a 1/2 hour at bullet speeds of 800 miles per hour between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  This is the brain child of Elon Musk who also wants to make space travel available for the privileged private citizen. These Science Fiction sounding ideas are his reality and may soon become the norm.



Boston Mob Boss, James “Whitey” Bulger was convicted this week of 11 murders (though he is probably guilty of many more) and all under the watchful eye of the local Boston authorities.  I hope I’m not naive to think that this Mob mentality is a thing of the past. At least the FBI isn’t condoning it any longer… I hope.


Like This

Check out and “Like” (if you chose) this cool Facebook page of interesting photos of “Humans of Tel Aviv”, inspired by the original “Humans of New York” which is also fascinating.


Religious Reasons

Pure evil and demented mentality resulted in the acid dousing of two young (Jewish) British volunteer teachers (wearing pants and t-shirts) this week as they were heading to a restaurant in (Muslim) Zanzibar (East Africa) during Ramadan.  The goal of the perpetrators was to force a strict dress code on foreign visitors and to ban alcoholic consumption. Sadly, acid is a common weapon throughout certain parts of this world and not surprisingly, most often women are the target.


Alternative Cure

To end this message on a “High” note, this week Dr. Sanjay Gupta spotlighted the advance study of Israeli Cannabisresearch and the successful treatments of many diseases. Since the early 60s, Israel has been on the forefront of Marijuana research and is now the “Go-To” country for state-of-the-art research.


Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Euphoric Shabbat Shalom,




P.S.  The tiny town of Vicco, KY is leading the way on Gay Rightsand Steven Colbert brings light to this important issue with his perfect sense of sarcasm.  This video is hilarious and poiyant (especially the last voice heard on the tape).—johnny-cummings



Condolences to Carol and Mitch Klein and their family on the passing of Carol’s Dad, Irving Goldman.  May his spirit and love of his family bring comfort to his loved ones during their time of sorrow.
Mazel Tov on the 30th Anniversary of the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame and especially to one of this year’s inductee, the (very worthy) Judith Levin Cantor




Please join us at these fundraisers for (Future US Senator)
Gary Peters.  Info on all (below) events can be obtained by contacting Elisa Malile 248-799-0850 or


Tuesday Aug. 20th

North Central Michigan College Library

1515 Howard Street



Sunday Sept. 22nd

Home of

Rachel Bendit and Mark Bernstein

Ann Arbor


Monday Sept. 30th

Home of

Marcie Orley



Monday Oct. 7th – NEW DATE


6675 Telegraph Rd. (South of Maple)

Hosted by

Jim Bellinson


Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends

Henry Ford Hospital Fundraiser

Wednesday Oct. 2nd

10am-3pm Luncheon and Boutique (including jewelry of dear friend Liz Guz)

Shenandoah Country Club

Guest Speakers:

Giuliana and Bill Rancic

Reserve a table with your female friends & relatives and please help spread the word.

Ticket info:

Please also “like” our MDSF Facebook page



Wishing you a Happy Healthy Birthday Week:

Aug. 16th

David Wainer

Marcia Seigerman

Aug. 17th

Irwin Wright

Luke Allen

Ron Reiter

Aubrey Strickstein

Aug. 18th

Alexandra Mark

Danny Greenberg

Aug. 19th

Ishai Ross

Aug. 20th

Lisa Wozniak

Susan Kamin

Aug. 21st

Adam Berg

Darryl Rogers

Aug. 22nd

Uri Segal

Shabbat Shalom August 16, 2013

Shabbat Shalom August 9, 2013

Shabbat Shalom
August 9, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,


Aviv Lis

Tamarack’s Alaska Summer of 2013

46 days by bus from Detroit to the Wilds of Alaska

(with travel stops in Western Canada and Northern US)

Ice Climbing, Sea Kayaking, Salmon Fishing, Backcountry hiking and much more.

Welcome Home!



Detroit Neighborhood

Congrats to Mike Duggan for his success in this week’s Detroit Mayoral primary race.  Though he was a write-in candidate with complications of a last minute write-in stooge, (Barber) Mike Dugeon, (the legit) Mr. Duggan won an overwhelmingly percentage (53%) of the votes with Benny Napoleon at a distant second.  The (runoff) November election will determine the Mayoral winner but the current Bankruptcy and Emergency Manager (Kevin Orr) might have more influence on Detroit’s future.
Friendly Neighborhood

I just love this website of the top 10 Musical Moments on Sesame Street including Paul Simon, Ray Charles, Billy Joel and my favorite (no. 9) Jason Mraz. I hope some of your favorites are included too:


Unfriendly Neighborhood

With all of the negative PR Israel gets from the media, an emphasis on something positive is due.  Each day, Israel’s hospitals heal Arab patients from all across the region including many Syrians who have been wounded in their current civil war.


Hidden Neighborhood

Last October, 60 Minutes did a heart-wrenching/eye-opening story about the newly re-discovered massive amounts of Nazi documentation housed in Bad Arolsen, Germany.  They brought 3 survivors to the warehouse and showed them material about their past that they, themselves, weren’t even aware of.  All Holocaust deniers should be forced to view the 50 million pages (shelving 16 miles long!) of historical evidence that was meticulously kept for the purpose of proving success of their extermination plan. Thank God they failed yet, devastatingly, not before 6 million Jews (plus several million Soviets, Polish Citizens, Yugoslavians, Gipsies, Homosexuals and mentally/physically disabled men, women and children) perished. Here is the (13 minute) clip:


Dangerous Neighborhood

Have you even wondered how the State of Israel succeeded in 1948 against ALL odds to fend off 13 warring armies, which included 6 Arab Countries (ie. Egypt), 5 Arab volunteer entities (ie. Muslim Brotherhood) and 2 unconventional armies (ie. The Holy War Army). Miraculously, diaspora volunteer fighter pilots halted the Egyptian forces with antiquated Soviet airplanes. This set a much needed (though unexpected) victory for the rest of the battle. For more details, I know you’ll find this (8 minute) Documentary Trailer very interesting:

 Lovely Neighborhood


Some dispute the Shark part, insisting Bull Sharks do inhibit ourGreat Lakes, but either way, I feel its a mitzvah to add

 some Michigan-lovin to these messages.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,




P.S. Bonus video of the week:

I hope you enjoy this very creative new musical message from those talented Yeshiva U. a cappella singers, the Maccabeats. Though it looks like they are playing instruments in this youtube, in fact they are not.  Also, part is filmed in Central Park (I think) but can you identify the other beautiful location…I can’t.



Condolences to Lori and Steve Weisberg and their family on the passing of Lori’s mother, Mary Schwartz.  May her memory bring comfort to her family during their time of sorrow.

Bravo to Animals lead singer, Eric Burdon, who (after threats and intimidation from the Boycott Israel misfits) DID perform the hit single “House of the Rising Sun” (among many other songs) in Israel last week.


Check out this newly launched interactive website about one of the great global Jewish leaders of the 20th century.  Detroit’s very own,Max M. Fisher


Here are 3 ways to Support Congressman Gary Peter’s campaign for US Senate.  For donations, directions, RSVPs and more details, please contact Elisa Malile 248-799-0850 or We plan to attend these events but there are many more all over our State that Elisa can tell you about.


Tuesday Sept. 3rd



The brand new highly anticipated & acclaimed Mexican Resturant

6675 Telegraph Rd. (south of Maple)

Hosted by Jim Bellinson


Sunday Sept. 22nd


Home of Rachel Bendit and Mark Bernstein

Ann Arbor


Monday Sept. 30th


Home of Marcie Orley



Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends

Henry Ford Hospital Fundraiser

Wednesday Oct. 2nd

10am-3pm Luncheon and Boutique

Shenandoah Country Club

Guest Speakers, Giuliana and Bill Rancic

Purchase tickets online:


4 Israeli teams will compete in this year’s Windsor International Children’s Game Aug. 15-19.  If you are interested in cheering them on (they could use the support), please check out the website:

For more info please contact Deborah Livneh 1-519-562-1820 or


To this week’s celebrants;

May your birthday bring health, humor, happiness and love:

Aug. 10th

Andy Levin

Susie Sillman

Aug. 11th

Ron Siegel

Aug. 12th

Daniella HarPaz Mechnikov

Shlomi Hamer

Aug. 14th

Hy Safran

Jeanne Maxbauer

Aug. 15th

Miriam Liebman


Aug. 6th

Andy Warhol

( would have been 85 years old)

Andy in Detroit in the mid 1980s

Please let me know if I’ve missed you or your loved ones.

Shabbat Shalom August 9, 2013

FJA Town Hall Aug. 19th

Frankel Jewish Academy
2nd Town Hall Meeting
Monday Aug. 19th
Jewish Community Center
West Bloomfield
Please join us for a 2nd FJA Town Hall Meeting on Monday Aug. 19th (7:30-9:00pm) at the West Bloomfield JCC.  The meeting will be held in the far left section ofHandleman Hall.
This meeting is organized by parents and open to the public. The issues of concern will be presented and a respectful and fair dialogue will be conducted.

The intended goal of all our efforts is to bridge the divisive gap in our community and to insure the continued success of FJA.  Please help spread the word to parents and community members.

For more info, please refer to the Facebook page “Frankel Jewish Academy Community Dialogue“.


Thank you,


Lisa and Hannan Lis

FJA Town Hall Aug. 19th

Shabbat Shalom August 2, 2013

Shabbat Shalom
Shabbat Shalom August 2, 2013
Dear Friends and Family,

I highly recommend a visit to our beautiful 49th State of Alaska. It is vast, pristine and majestic. Though while in Alaska, we never did see Russia but am happy for Snowden that he can now enjoy the sites of something other than the Moscow airport.

Here are some vacation photos as promised:

On the Regent Seven Seas
Sunset at 11:00pm
Hubbard Glacier (calving)
on the seas of Tracy Arm
On the Ester G in Sitka
Views from Juneau
Yukon Route Railway
Entering Vancouver
Mom at Ross Fountain, Victoria
High Hopes
Bravo to John Kerry for his efforts to kick-start the Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks. After Israel agreed to release 100 Palestinian prisoners, Saeb Erakat and Tzipi Livni commenced their nine month commitment to negotiations. After 6 decades of War and Peace Talks, will this be the ticket to paradise.  No one know but we can only hope for the best.

Interesting Perspective
A film call The Attack is in theaters now that sadly (and graphically) depicts the deadly chaos Israelis had to endure until the protective fence was completed. This is why this current round of Peace Talks MUST succeed. Though the characters in this film are fictitious, it gives a realistic perspective of both sides.

Much Thanks
Toda Raba to Ambassador Michael Oren on his exceptional efforts representing Israel in the U.S.  He often encountered extreme anti-Israel sentiments at speaking engagements (mainly on college campuses) and respectfully managed the situations with sensitivity. Welcome Ron Dermer to the post. Bet you didn’t know that Ron’s father and brother were both mayors to the city Miami Beach.  The transition will take place something this Fall.

New Job
At long last, we in this country, now have a director of our Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm and Explosive (aka. ATF).  Welcome and Good Luck, B. Todd Jones to the post and thank you Senate for confirming his appointment.  This position has been vacant since 2006 as the NRA had successfully lobbied to blocked all previous nominations. Mr. Jones will have his hands full with this new job as we, Americans, own close to half of all privately held guns in the World.

Crazy Suit
What is the statute of limitations when it come to murder?  Is it 2,000 years?  Apparently, a Kenyan man believes that both the governments of Israel and Italy should be tried (in today’s court) for the “unlawful crucifixion of Jesus Christ”.  Here is the story on this crazy lawsuit :

Jacob Gershowitz
Jacob was a New York Jew who had ADHD (before it was a known disorder).  He just couldn’t sit still so he traveled to different parts of Manhattan, absorbing different types of music till he changed his name and became a legend.  I hope you enjoy experiencing his legacy through this Israeli tribute:

Then and Now
The 3rd largest sporting event is currently taking place in the smallest nation in the world. More than 8,000 athletes from close to 80 countries have converge on the nation that is only 1/6 of 1% of the land mass in the Middle East. Yes, you guessed it, I’m talking about the 19th Maccabiah Games taking place in Isarel this month.  This prestigious competition is held every four years with the first one in 1932, which pre-dated the modern State of Israel.


Maccabiah 2013

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,


P.S. Bonus musical tribute to Detroit with a Sam Cooke song performed by Beyonce during her last visit here at The Palace, enjoy:


Aug. 6th is election day is some of our districts.  Please remember to vote.  Next week we’ll find out more about our Detroit Mayoral candidate.  Mike Duggan has a long shot as a write in candidate and now someone with a similar name (Mike Dugeon) has recently declared his Write-in intentions. Stay tuned for more Detroit news in coming weeks.Absurd
Halliburton (smirkily) agreed to pay $200,000 in fines for pleading guilty to causing Billions of dollars of damage in the Gulf Oil Spill.

Bravo to Pope Francis‘ “who am I to Judge” statement regarding Homosexuality, regardless of the “tone” vs. “doctrine” debate.  It is absolutely in the right direction and (hopefully) could impact a global audience.

3rd annual J-Cycle
You won’t want to miss this 14 mile easy-to-ride Jewish bike tour of (my old stomping ground) in Northwest Detroit on

Sunday Aug. 18th. This year’s J-Cycle will include 8 docent-narrated stops around Palmer Park including Sherwood Forest, Palmer Woods (where I grew up), Mumford High School and the old buildings of the JCC, Temple Israel, Adat Shalom and more. Rider check-in is at 8:30am at Palmer Park, helmets are required and the cost is $30. Registration is at:

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends
Please join me and my mother as we (for the 9th time) co-host this year’s Henry Ford luncheon to benefit the hospital’s Breast Care and Wellness Center.

Wednesday Oct. 2nd
Shenandoah Country Club (West Bloomfield)
Boutique shopping before and after the luncheon
Guest speakers: Giuliana and Bill Rancic
Sponsorship levels available.
Individual tickets are $125
For more info, please email Ashley Abaloz at or call 313-874-6139
Please help spread the word, thanks.

Condolences to (NPR’s) Cokie Roberts on the passing of her esteemed mother, Congressman, Ambassador and Civil Rights Advocate, Lindy Boggs.

New Friends
Welcome new (Sitka, Alaska) friends Davey (captain of the Esther G) and Kristento these Shabbat Shalom emails.  I hope you enjoy receiving them and Mazel Tov to Davey’s daughter Ella on becoming a Bat Mitzvah last month.


 Happy Birthday
Those I forgot from previous weeks:

 July 18th
Rick Loewenstein

July 21st
Charlie Berg (age 4)

This coming week:

 Aug. 2nd
Adi Kaye (new aunt to baby Lily)

Aug. 3rd
Orna Wolens
Steve Tarnowsky
Tony Levin

Aug. 4th
Jandy Spiegelman (bonus sister)
Dan Chicorel
Jeremy Berg
Lesley Kutinsky
President Barack Obama

Please let me know if I missed you or your loved ones.


Shabbat Shalom August 2, 2013