Shabbat Shalom May 25, 2012

Shabbat Shalom May 25, 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

Life is short.  Why does this cliche constantly need to be reminded? A horrible tragedy occurred in our community last week. A fearful grandmother purchased a semi-automatic gun to protect herself from her grandson, which eventually ended the 17-year-old’s life. I think its time to revisit our 2nd amendment and re-amend it from our “right to bear arms” to “our right arms should be bare” (of guns). So many lives would have been saved or protected if guns were drastically limited and prosecution against them stronger.

Life was short for the Munich 11 (the 11 Israeli athletes who were murdered during the 1972 Munich Olympics). Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon received a rude, insensitive replied of NO when he requested a minute of silence in memory of the Munich 11 at this year’s London Olympics. Please sign this petition to help change their minds

And view more info at this Facebook page:

It is truly a shanda (shame in Yiddish) that 40 years later, the International Olympics Committee is denying this request. It would be nice if Mitt Romney took a stand on this issue as the past CEO of the 2002 Olympics.

Life was short for the Brothers Gibb (aka. Bee Gees). Rest in Peace, Robin, who passed away last week at the early age of 62. He joins his younger brother Andy who died at age 30 and his twin Maurice who died at age 53. Life ended too soon for these talented siblings. Please enjoy this vintage gem:

With the above 3 paragraphs all addressing short lives, I felt obligated to include tips on how to lengthen your life. Here are 14 great tips that research has proven to benefit your life. They include flossing daily, sleeping soundly, expressing gratitude and a few odd ones (like #3) you’ll just have to read about for yourself.   I hope you find this informative:

We are coming up on the holiday of Shavout, which commemorates the day we received the Torah from God. We celebrate this holiday with all night Torah study sessions and the consumption dairy products. The dairy product connection eludes me; so if one of the many rabbis (or learned friends) on this email want to reply with an explanation, feel free.

As Memorial Day approaches, lets remember and appreciate all veterans who have served our country with your lives.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,



Condolences to Miriam Forman and her family on the passing of her mother, Florence David. May her memory bring comfort in your time of sorrow.

Before May 31st
Please vote for North Star Reach (A Michigan camp for kids with serious health challenges) in the 2012 Art Van Charity Challenge. Voters only get one vote for the whole contest, which ends May 31. Here is the

Monday June 11th
Please join us Monday June 11th (5:30pm) at the home of David and Rose Handleman to hear the astonishing story of the St. Louis ship, which was denied entry to the US during WWII. This event is in support of the US Holocaust Center. Please let me know if you plan to attend.

Wednesday, June 20th (happens to be our 30th anniversary that day)
Please join Hannan at the Michigan Israel Business Bridge Automotive Power Breakfast at Compuware. MIBB is bringing 20 Israeli Automotive Companies to Michigan for three days to meet with suppliers and auto companies. For more information contact Pam Lippitt at or call 248-642-1701. More info on their website:

Politics – As election day approaches, you will be seeing more political soap box messages. Please mark your calendars for Tuesday Aug. 7th as it is Michigan’s Primary election day and if you will be out of town on 8/7/12 (like I might be), please vote absentee. Here is a website (of all you need to know) for Michigan voters:
Also, below is a website that will help anyone in the country register to vote:

Shabbat Shalom May 25, 2012

Shabbat Shalom May 18, 2012

Shabbat Shalom May 18, 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

I’m sure Time Magazines flew off the news stands this week with their highly controversial cover. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a woman nursing her 3 year old child in support of Attachment Parenting. I’ve always thought basic (common sense) parenting classes should be taught in High School since it is the most important and impactful job we have in life. Even if you don’t have children of your own, your influence may affect nieces, nephews or neighborhood kids. I am a big supporter of nursing your children (with time limits) but we are more of the “Blessing of the Skinned Knee” (by Wendy Mogel) philosophy than the “Attachment Parenting” style. I highly recommend Wendy’s book, which has a common sense approach to parenting.

Speaking of parenting, here are this month’s Birthdays. No cryptic descriptions of celebrants this time, just their full names. Hope all of you had or will have wonderful celebrations: Gail Mondry, Leo Maxbauer, Michael Singer, Sophia Ruiz, Zoey Spiegelman, Joey Selesny, Laura Zausmer, Dan Ruiz, Elinor Ruiz, Mark Milgrom, Matt Kletter, Andrew Etcht, Jeff Kepes, Steve Miesowicz, Jesse Stern, Julie Edgar, Paul Magy, Brianna Mark, Barbara Horowitz, Jason Fisher, Rachel Berg, Shira Eylakin, Micki Berg, Elise Benyas, Michael Maddin, Joel Kahn, Ashley Oleshansky, Brian Adelman, Nathan Upfal, John Steinberg, Sally Orley, Trudi Weinman, Beth Brandvain, Betsy Appleton, Rochelle Upfal, Robby Weinbaum, Arthur Horwitz, Linda Lee, Tzachi Shani, Bassie Shemtov and Lisa Leve. Just trying something new. I might go back to the fun descriptions, but that takes more brainpower.

There are two significant family celebrations this month. First Aunt Micki Berg turned 70 with a party at Drag Queen Bingo, which was a blast. Also, Ariella and Tzvi are celebrating their 1st anniversary.

The Queen of Disco (with 5 Grammys on her shelf), Ms. Donna Summer (age 63), passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. In her honor and memory, please enjoy this song

Sunday May 20th is Yom Yerushalem (Jerusalem Day), which commemorates the reunification and establishment of Israeli control over the city in 1967 and returned realistic meaning to our Passover saying of “Next year in Jerusalem”.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,



Condolences to Eric Zuckerman, Betsy Appleton and Julie and David on the passing of their beloved father and grandfather, Sidney Zuckerman. May his memories bring warmth and strength during your time of sorrow.

Sunday May 20th
Mazel Tov to Bob Benyas (Don’s brother and Shirley’s husband), Bernard Cantor (Judy’s husband), Myron Milgrom (Marianne, Marcia, Carol & Paula’s dad) and Alvin Weisberg (Julie’s dad) on their well-deserved honor of receiving the 8 over 80 award this Sunday May 20th at 11:30am at Temple Israel.

Monday May 21st
Please join us 6:00pm at the JCC to honor Hugh Greenberg (local Mentsch) at the JCC Annual Gala Featuring the hysterical political comedy of Capital Steps. For tickets ($200) call 248-432-5420 or email

Sunday June 3rd
It’s a Mitzvah Sunday June 3 @ 10:00am, collecting Children’s books, start at Federation and volunteer around town

Monday June 4th
“Who wants to be a JTS Maven” will be enjoyed at the Jewish Theological Seminary Dinner on Monday June 4th at 5:30 at Congregation Shaarey Zedek with guest speaker (and friend) Rabbi Danny Nevins, Dean of JTS Rabbinical School. RSVP online at or by calling 248-258-0055.

Monday June 11th
Join us June 11th at 5:30pm in support of the Michigan Initiative for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum event at the home of Rose and David Handleman.  Please let me know if you plan to attend.

Sunday June 24th
Please join 11:00am us to help honor Drs. Leora Bar-Levav and Dr. Gary Edelson as they at an Israel Bonds Tribute brunch at Shaarey Zedek. For more info, please call 248-661-3500

Monday June 25th
Save the date for the Polyphony concert (Arab and Jewish musicians) at Shir Tikvah. More details to come.

Shabbat Shalom May 18, 2012

Shabbat Shalom May 11, 2012

Shabbat Shalom May 11, 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

Marriage equality is the top story of the week with President Obama’s declaration of support. Discrimination against those who are gay is like denying rights to those who are left-handed or have blue eyes. If being Homosexual is a CHOICE than the same would hold true for being Heterosexual. I don’t ever remember choosing… do you? Unfortunately many legislators and religious leader seem to bend over backwards to prevent gay rights. Jon Stewart showed the hypocrisy of the Missouri State House with this video of Gun Rights vs. Gay Rights. I can’t believe the woman in this clip is a Missouri State Legislator:–free-to-blast

Israel made history this week as Bibi performed a miracle by creating the strongest coalition government in its 64-year existance.   Mandatory Army or National Service for the Ultra-Orthodox Community, Orthodox Women and Arab Israelis could be the first achievement planned. Hopefully this strong coalition could ease the path for peace talks, too.

Rest in Peace Maurice Sendack and Vidal Sassoon. Both were born in 1928 to Jewish immigrants and both were very philanthropic.

Maurice, who was raised in Brooklyn, would have applauded President Obama’s affirmation of Gay Marriage as he lived with his partner, Dr. Eugene Glynn, for 50 years. My favorite Sendack collaboration is with Carol King on the animated tale of Really Rosie. As nursery school teachers in the early 80s, Hannan and I played this album everyday to the kids at MSU’s Spartan Village Day Care Center. In honor of Shabbat and tonight’s chicken soup, please enjoy this video.

Vidal was raised in London, but due to family difficulties lived in a Jewish Orphanage until he was 11. At the age of 20 he (like my father-in-law) joined the Jewish underground and later fought in the Israeli War of Independence. His claim to fame was his talent with the shears, his eye for beauty and his creative trendsetting sense.

We celebrated Lag BaOmer this week with bonfires, haircuts, weddings and of course FOOD as we remember Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai for, either, his connections to Jewish mysticism or his revolt against the Roman Empire. Sorry Rabbi friends for this weak interpretation.

55 deaths and 400 injuries occurred this week in Syria from the double suicide car bombs in Damascus. Each side (the government and the opposition) are blaming each-other and with the lack of media accessibility it is hard to decipher who is responsible. Seems to me, overall blame goes to President Assad for the current deadly atmosphere he has created.

I LOVE Henry Winkler but missed seeing him this week at Temple Israel, but my good friend, Jason Miller, was there and of course Mr. Winkler graciously wished us (via Jason) a Shabbat Shalom:

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and a Happy Mother’s day (especially to my mom),



Monday June 11th
Please save the date of Monday June 11th at 5:30pm for a very interesting event supporting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The event will spotlight the voyage of the St. Louis and what happened to the passengers after they were denied entry into the US port in 1939. The event will be held at the home of Rose and David Handleman and the other Host couples besides us are Stacy and Ron Klein and Nancy and Bob Schostak. Invitations should have arrived in your mailboxes this week. Please let me know if you are interested in attending.Driving Tips
To see better while driving in the rain or fog, try putting on your polarized sunglasses but in torrential downpours or heavy fog, just pull over. Also it is safer to avoid cruise control usage when it is raining or the pavement is wet. (Thanks, Julie S).

Health Tips
Did you know that sitting for more than 4 hours a day could be risky to your heart health? Experts suggest that even standing up while on the phone is beneficial. Or you can be like Hannan and continuously walk while talking on the phone. He has done this his whole like even when phone cords were short, he paced while talking. Now that phones are cordless you’ll find him walking the office halls or the (internal or external) perimeter of the house while on his cell phone.

Shabbat Shalom May 11, 2012

Shabbat Shalom May 4, 2012

Shabbat Shalom May 4, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

How can an ardent professor of Peace spew such anti-Semitism? If you haven’t heard, the Norwegian “Father of Peace Studies” theorizes that last summer’s massacre of Norwegian campers may have been ordered by the Mossad. After all, it shares a day in history with the King David Hotel bombing (hence the proof).Professor Johan Galtung is the founder of the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo (sounds respectable…right?). He seems to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing with his references to the fabricated publication of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A book falsified by the Russian secret police in 1903 that accuses the Jews of plotting world domination. Over 100 years later, this book continues to be published as FACT and is endorsed by the likes of the original Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Saudi Arabian ministry of education. Professor Galtung not only connects the Norwegian camper massacre to the Jews, he also blames the Holocaust on “the fact that Jews held influential positions in German society”. Though his views are repulsive to many and criticized in some press, he is still respected and continues his publications and interviews. Incidentally, his granddaughter was at the camp during the massacre and escaped unharmed.

Elsewhere in the world, Obama made an unannounced visit toAfghanistan this week to announce the end of our US military operation there by 2014. Though Bin Laden is dead, there is still major unrest in Afghanistan, with un-neighborly neighbors like Iran and Pakistan and the brutal ideology of the Taliban (who endorses honor killings and stoning against women). By the way, the above Prof. Johan Galtung speaks highly of the Taliban (no surprise there). Will “man’s inhumanity to man” ever end? Between Syria, North Korea, Iran, parts of Africa…unfortunately, utopia is not in our near future.

The French elections are this Sunday.  I truly hope Sarkozy wins another term.  The alternative candiate could be very toublesome for the French Jewish Community as well as the State of Israel.

On a lighter note, the top 10 favorite concerts have just been announced by Rolling Stone Magazine. See if you agree.
10. Metallica and My Morning Jacket
9. Prince
8. Foo Fighters
7. Paul McCartney (my personal #1)
6. The Rolling Stones
5. Radiohead
4. Pearl Jam
3. U2
2. Green Day surprise… Bruce Springsteen

Hope you enjoy a few concerts this summer.

My Great-Aunt Chilly who truly deserves the “Great” before her name is 101 and going strong. Our family is blessed to have her in our lives. You can read about her in this week’s My Jewish Detroit website:

Yasher Koach (Bravo) to Mark Zuckerberg for his efforts to raise awareness of organ donation on Facebook. On Tuesday, the day it was announced, there were 6,000 people who indicated their willingness to be organ donors at State Registration locations compared to 400 on a normal day. It is truly amazing the power of the Internet.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and a festive Cinco de Mayo.



This Weekend
Mazel tov to Orna, Keenan and the whole Wolens family as their daughter, Raquel, becomes a Bat Mitzvah this weekend.

May 6th
Don’t forget that this Sunday May 6th is your last chance to meet Jeffery Seller (Rent, In the Heights, Avenue Q) and support Tamarack Camps in helping our local children experience Jewish summer camp regardless of their financial abilities.

It will be a very busy Sunday with the Walk for Israel, the JCPA Plenum, Madeline Albright and a BBYO retreat.  We are never bored in Michigan.

May 19-20
What do London and Detroit have in common this year? They are both hosting The Documentary Summit. If you are interested in film and specifically documentaries, you might be interested in The Detroit Documentary Summitbeing held at Madonna University in Livonia on May 19-20. Bravo to friendsJennifer Champagne and Sue Marx who are both involved with this great project. For more info:

May 14th
Elon Gold is truly one of the funniest commedians on earth.  You have an opportunity to experience his humor and help the wonderful organization Aish In the Woods at the Royal Oak’s new Emagine Theater.

Lastly, we have 3 tickets to Blue Man Group at the Fisher for this Saturday May 5th at 2:00pm.  No charge; you just need to pick them up if you want them.

Shabbat Shalom May 4, 2012