Shabbat Shalom Aug. 14, 2015

Shabbat Shalom
August 14, 2015
Dear family and friends,
Back to the Routine
Travelling is wonderful (especially to Israel) but coming home is always so sweet. Much has happened during my two week writing sabbatical…A Wing Flap was discovered, Jon Stewartbid farewell, Jonathan Pollard got a break, Cecil was killed,Jewish/Israeli terrorist killed innocent lives, Planned Parenthood and Voting Rights are (again) under attacked and the GOP candidates debated their popularity. With all this news to catch up on, you might need to pace yourself while reading this week’s email.
The Deal
The big news that continues to dominate our consciousness
is the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, better known as the Iran Deal. Whether you are For or Against the deal, the bottom line goal for all is a less threatening Iran and a more peaceful future. Most would agree it is a flawed plan but is it better than no deal at all?  For several years, Iran, an arch enemy of Israel, regional countries and western democracies (especially the US) has been scheming to build a nuclear bomb. Analysts have been tracking their imminent progress which led to global “crippling” sanctions that apparently didn’t stall their nuclear efforts.  So, a diplomatic attempt was tried and a deal was blessed by the eager partnering countries (France, Germany, UK, China & Russia) plus the UN and now the two final “partners” (US and Iran) need to christen the deal. The US Congress will most likely vote against the deal on Sept. 17th, and unless there is a super majority, the President will veto the vote and the Deal will be done, of course assuming, the final “partner” Iran signs on the dotted line. The Deal’s merits are heavily debated as many feel it didn’t go far enough since it will allow Iran to obtain a nuclear bomb in 10-15 years while their bank accounts will be immediately flushed with $150 billion, their military arsenal will be boasted, sanctions will be lifted and their acceptance into the global trade fold will be welcomed. This parody of an Iranian negotiator “comedically” illustrates the concerns of many:  and for a 2nd visual, check out Dennis Prager’s take on the dilemma:  And, lastly, here is a perspective of an Iranian, who references a 100,000 person Iranian demonstration in Paris that warns of the true intent of the current Iranian leadership.
The Decision
Researching and Soul Searching have consumed our legislators as they publicly approve or vow to vote against the deal. Most, if not all, Republicans will vote against the deal. The big news last week was (the prominent Democratic) Senator Chuck Schumer‘s announcement against the deal. He carefully studied the material, attended classified briefings and did not let “pressure, politics or party” influence his decision.  Whichever side you are on is frankly irrelevant. Since the partnering countries and the UN have already ratified the deal, arguing your position won’t change the situation we must face that in the near future (even if or in spite of Congress’ disapproval), Iran will need extensive scrutiny which means Israel will need extra military defenses. Israel is strong and smart and will prevail with the help of her (continued) best friend, the United States.  We must sustain our support of our representatives on both sides of the isle, regardless of their vote. Yes, it is an important vote, but it is one of many we elect them to debate. We cannot alienate our leaders over this extremely conflicting issue, who, on both sides hope for a more peaceful world. We must be united to deal with the future. Ambassador Dan Shapiro is correct when he urges Israel (Bibi) to stop arguing and start negotiating protective cooperation with the United States.
Tuesday Aug. 18th
And speaking of Senator Chuck Schumer, this will be my last invitation to support Chuck for all his efforts as a highly respected and influential legislator, by attending the fundraiser we are hosting in our home this Tuesday Aug. 18th.  Please email me and I’ll give you all the details.
Shalom Jon
Senator Schumer was a regular guest on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show with his recent appearance just a few weeks ago to expose Jon’s “hidden” nationality.  Though Jon pretends to have disguised his Jewish identity, the real Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz is revealed in this clip:
And for those of you who just can’t get enough of Jon Stewart, here is the Forward’s top 18 Jewish segments:
But for all his shtick, Jon Stewart was a stalwart supporter of progressive thought and with humor and wisdom he exposed the world’s atrocities and newsworthy moments while entertaining and educating an audience who may never have paid attention to the vital issue of the day. He stuck to his values and shared opinions that weren’t always to my liking, however his consistency and brilliance was always respected. He was a catalyst to the brightest talent and helped jumpstart their careers.  Stephen Colbert expresses his (and all of our) appreciation for enlightening our lives for the last 16 years.
Pollard Parole
Another famous Jonathan made the news recently.  After 3 decades behind bars with a Life Sentence and seemingly no chance of parole, suddenly (around the same time as the Iran Deal), Jonathan Pollard (convicted spy who passed US secrets to our ally, Israel) will be given his freedom. This is the most mysterious case as to why he was sent away longer than any other spy committing a similar crime and why they never would allow his release until now.  On Nov. 20th, Jonathan Pollard will be released from prison however he will be restricted from travel for 5 years, even though he is now an Israeli citizen.  Upon the completion of his 5 year parole requirement, it is expected he will moved to Israel.
Family Treason 

Another Jewish spy is back in the news as the children of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg are desperately trying to exonerate their mother, Ethel, as being falsely accused (by her brother to protect his wife) and wrongfully executed for being a Soviet spy.

Trophy Hunt
Cecil the lion was trophy murdered by luring him out of his sanctuary, hitting him was an arrow, tracking him for 40 more hours and then killing him with a gun.  This expedition cost, the, now hiding, American dentist, 50 grand. It exposed the abhorrent (to many) sport of trophy hunts but, like most, there are two sides to this story. Hunting in any form to me is unacceptable, but for many it is part of nature.  The locals in Zimbabwe shed no tears for the dead lion.  In fact, they probably applauded that one less Lion will be threatening their livestock and family. In theory, the profits of these expensive trophy hunts should be used to assist the local communities but in developing countries, government corruption probably syphons the much needed funds leaving little or nothing for the locals. Two other confirmed famous hunters who aren’t in hiding are Donald Trump Jr. and Jimmy John Liautaud.
Roar of Protection
Another lioness, Cecile Richards, is roaring with protection over the continued attacks against Planned Parenthood. Ignorance and closed mindedness continue to threathen the lifesaving and vital work of PP.  Fools who think eliminating legal abortions and birth control information (plus women’s health screenings) will benefit our society have got their heads stuck somewhere unseamly. Decreasing abortion will only increase dangerous desperate attempts.  Nearly 1 in 3 women will have at least one abortion in their lifetime and feel motherhood should be voluntary. This straight forward NYTimes article speaks volumes about the need for more of these women to speak up.
The truth is spoken in this Funny or Die parody video:
And who says it better than, Amy Schumer. The end of her message brings it all to “life”:
And bravo to Mark Zuckerberg for donating nearly a Billion Dollars (in Facebook stock) to charities which fund Planned Parenthood:
Gold Mine Spill
100 Miles of River through 3 States have been polluted by 3 Million tons of toxic waste that got mistakenly dumped into theAnimas River last week. Our government’s agency, the EPA (established to protect the environment) was the culprit to the accident while it was working in the inactive gold mine.
Before and after shots of the Animas River
…to the continent of Africa as it celebrates a full year, absent of a single Polio outbreak.
…to the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, though BS to Texas and other states where voting rights are being challenged with unfair identification requirements:
…to the re-raising of our American flag (today) at the Havana American Embassy by the same 3 marines who lowered it back in 1961.
… to the 30th birthday of the Guerrilla Girls who, back in the 80s (and still today), doned Gorilla masks to bring attention to the lack of women artists displayed in museums.
…to the hate-filled actions of an ultra-orthodox Jewish terrorist who stabbed and killed 16 year old, Shira Banki, who was attending an LGBT parade in Jerusalem. Bravo to Tzipi Livni for proposing the Shira Banki Bill to help counter these hate crimes:
…to another Jewish terrorist who burned the home of a West Bank Arab Family that killed a father and his baby. The mother and sibling are still recovering and in serious condition. Shame on anyone who was involved or even instigated this despicable act.
Shalom Salaam
Though there is much more news of the week to discuss (the Clean Power Plan, Our Teacher Shortage, China industrial warehouse blast, Syrian refugees,…) I have run out of time and room and will pick up where I left off next Friday. By the way, if you are wondering where all the political news is… I have quarantined it to the Political Section below. For now, I wish you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,
…to Doron and Adina Levin on their son, Guy’s, upcoming wedding to Alyssa Trotsky.
…to Marcy and Michael Feldman on the arrival of their first grandchild, Finn Levi Wagman, son of Ronit and Eric.
…to Billy Joel and wife Alexis on the birth of their baby girl, Della Rose Joel.
…to the family and friends of Frank Gifford (age 84), Football hero, broadcast superstar and husband to Kathy Lee Gifford.
…to the family, friends and our Detroit community on the passing of another football hero turned businessman, Mel Far(70), who owned the nation’s largest black-owned auto dealership.
…to the family, friends and coffee drinkers around the world on the passing of Vincent Marotta Sr. the inventor of the Mr. Coffee machine back in 1972.
August 19th (Wednesday)
ORT Rub-A-Dub
Honoring Doreen Hermelin
Franklin Hills Country Club
or contact Nicole Miller
September 3rd (Thursday)
NCJW Women of Vision Luncheon
Honoring (dear friend) Liz Guz
Plus Michael Williams, President and CEO of Orchards Children’s Services
And Liz Bank as Jewish Community Champion
Shaarey Zedek
For more info: 248-355-3300
September 19th (Saturday)
Humble Design Gigs For Digs (1st annual event)
Or contact
October 12th (Monday)
Yad Ezra Annual Fundraiser
Honoring Tom and Linda Klein
Adat Shalom Synagogue
October 14th (Wednesday)
Michigan Israel Business Bridge
2015 Ambassador Awards Dinner
The Reserve, Birmingham
Dr. Eva L. Feldman and Delphi Automotive
For more info:
October 15th (Thursday)
Michigan League of Conservation Voters
3rd Annual Innovations in Conservation Awards Dinner
Honoring:Detroit Zoological Society 
and Lana and Henry Pollack
6:00pm to 9:00pm
Detroit’s Westin Book Cadillac
For more info, please contact Kim Easter 734-222-9650 or
November 15th (Sunday)
David Broza Concert
Ark in Ann Arbor
Presented by:
Eastern Michigan University Jewish Studies
Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor
Small venue so tickets may sell out.
Tickets sold at Michigan Union Ticket Office
By phone at 734-763-8587
Online at the Ark
Little House in the 8th District
Local and national celebrity, Melissa Gilbert, just announced her bid for the US Congressional seat in our MI 8th District (parts of Ingham, Livingston and Oakland County). She and her husband (actor Timothy Busfield, a Michigander) moved here in 2013. She is running as a democrat in a safe republican district but maybe her fame will assist her effort and her goals will resonate with locals.  She does have a blotch on her record as she’s currently repaying the IRS for back taxes.
Reality Stranger than Fiction
Speaking of Michigan Politics, shame on State Legislators, Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat for their scandalous affair and the absurd attempt to hide their actions with a bizarre fake blackmail email trail.
Big Stage for the Big Race
With 451 days till the Nov. 8, 2016 election, the Republicans and Fox News hosted their first debate last week in Cleveland, OH. With 17 voices to hear, the organizers had to split the scene. The bottom polling 7 aired their views earlier in the day with analysts announcing Carly Fiorina as the top performer while the Prime Time stage allowed for the blow horn of Trump to dominate with his blunt views.  The next debate will be Sept. 16th in Simi Valley, California.
Who’s on Top
The current polls have the following candidates at the top of the list.  Since we are still over a year away, these names will change many time, at least in the Republican race:
1. Clinton 55.6
2. Sanders 21
1. Trump 23.2 (why?!?!?)
2. Bush 12.8
3. Walker 10.6
4. Huckabee 6.6
5. Carson 6.6
6. Cruz 6.2
Current list of Candidates (as of 8/14/15):
Democrats (5)
1. Hillary Rodham Clinton
2, Bernie Sanders
3. Jim Webb
4. Martin O’Malley
5. Lincoln Chafee
Republicans (16)
1. Jeb Bush
2. Scott Walker  
3. Marco Rubio
4. Ben Carson
5. Rand Paul
6. Mike Huckabee
7. Ted Cruz
8. Chris Christie
9. Rick Perry
10. Rick Santorum
11. Carly Fiorina
12. Lindsey Graham
13. Bobby Jindal
14. George Pataki 
15. John Kasich
16. Jim Gilmore
Spotlight Grabbing Narcissist (1)
1.  Donald Trump
Corrupting Cash
Repealing Citizens United should be on the forefront of all Americans (other than billionaires and Corporations) as it is by far one of the worst corrupting decisions that currently plagues our nation.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an outspoken opponent of CU so if you’d like to thank her for her wisdom, please click here:
Aug. 14th
Hy Safran
Jeanne Katz Maxbauer
Julie Levenson Feldman
Aug. 15th
Miriam Liebman
Arthur Siegel
Andrew Beider
Aug. 16th
David Wainer
Marcia Anstandig Seigerman
Allan (Gelly) Gelfond
Aug. 17th
Irwin Wright
Luke Allen
Ron Reiter
Aubrey Strickstein
Elaine Darmon
Aug. 18th
Alexandra Mark
Danny Greenberg
Aug. 19th
Ishai Ross
Phillip Fisher
Aug. 20th
Lisa Wozniak
Susan Kamin
Lisette Binyamin

Blue Stripes


Shabbat Shalom Aug. 14, 2015

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