Shabbat Shalom June 12, 2015

Shabbat Shalom
Loving v. Virginia 6/12/67
June 12, 2015
Dear family and friends,
Heroes of Love
All people deserve to be in a loving relationship and those who judge, discriminate and take action to prevent marriage equality should get off their high horses and take a hike.  Israel doesn’t judge…in fact, this week it will embark on its 10th annual Tel Aviv/Jaffa Gay Pride Week attracting 100,000 participants. Gender Acceptance is this year’s theme so not surprisingly, they have invited Caitlin Jenner to attend.  They are waiting for her response. The Tel Aviv beach and surrounding buildings are rainbow decorated with open arms to all.
 US Embassy in Tel Aviv ready for Gay Pride Week 
(thanks for the photo, Julie Fisher)
Heroes of Truth
During the Caitlin Jenner media frenzy, one man posted a WWII photo to counter what he thought heroism really meant. He then went on a quest to find the photographer of his hero photo and discovered a sad but compelling story.  The photo was of one scene (of many) of a miniature recreation which is the passion of the photographer who started his photographic journey after being severely beaten because he is a cross-dresser.  I know it’s a complicated ironic story but it is fascinating to see the circle of incidents surrounding true bravery.  A documentary is in the works of the photographer, Mark Hogancamp .
Heroes of Jerusalem
Jerusalem has been (for millennia) and will always be the Heart, Soul and Capital of the Jewish People and the State of Israel.  It is a sacred city shared by Jews, Christians and Muslims.  One day, Jerusalem and Israel will be at Peace but for now the territory is in dispute… even on our US shores. On Monday the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the White House to prevent the Congress from requiring the State Department from printing Israel on US Passports for Americans born in Jerusalem, such as Menachem Binyamin Zivotofsky who was born there (to Americans) in 2002 and his parents want his US passport to state Israel as his Place of Birth, instead of Jerusalem, which is protocol.  Even though Israel was legally partitioned by the UN in 1947 and West Jerusalem has been officially part of Israel since the 1948 establishment of the State, (the old city of) East Jerusalem was still off limits to Jews till 20 years later (during the Six-Day War*) when the Israel Defense Force captured theCity of Gold and opened it up to all religions. Fact: Jerusalem is not Occupied Territory. Israel officially declared Jerusalem its capital in 1950 but only (to this day) Guatemala and El Salvador accept this fact.  Normally, in wars, when countries capture territory, they get to declare it theirs. When others (throughout history) conquered Jerusalem, many people (including Jews) were prevented from access yet when Israel controls the territory, all are free to pray and visit, yet despite these freedoms, the world still discriminates against Israel. Honestly, Constitutional Law is a foreign language to me so I truly can’t criticizes the decision other than to say that our Government (and the rest of the world) should respect and acknowledge Israel’s choice of her capital.
Jerusalem of Gold
Heroes of Children
Tides against Israel are strong and rampant. Anti-semitism/Anti-Israel is constant.  Many forget that nearly 1 Million Jews from Arab Countries were kicked out of their homes during the 1950s. Numerous entities continue to add their names to the BDS movement and this week enemies tried to force the UN to add Israel to the list of Children’s Rights Violators. Thankfully, Israel supporters lobbied to prevent this unfair acquisition about last summer’s Gaza War where Hamas used children and schools as their war shields just so they can accuse Israel of violations. Of course, Hamas should be on the list but they too were “excused”.
After 12 years of increased authoritarian steps, the voters of Turkey sent a message to their ruling Islamist leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, that his behavior is unacceptable.  This is certainly good news for the region and the Turks.  To give you a taste of this despicable man, he’s blamed many woes of his country on the Armenian Lobby,  the Jewish Diaspora, Atheist and homosexuals and attempted to block all social media to his citizens . There will be no love-lost if this leader leaves. A coalition government must be formed in the next 45 days or elections will take place again. Good riddance…
Respectful Hero
This is guaranteed to bring you a smile.  If you like Aretha and feisty little girls, you will love this youtube. It is worth the 2 1/2 minutes to watch the whole thing and check out what she does at the end. This girl is going places…
Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,
 * The Six-Day War of 1967 occurred 48 years ago this week.  For more info and an eye-opening explanation of that time, please read (the brilliant) David Harris’ article:
…to Serena Williams for her 20th Grand Slam with this week’s French Open win, inching closer to Steffi Graf’s 22 Grand Slam record.
…to American Pharoah for his Triple Crown win making him one of only 17 horses to reach this fete, bringing his Stud Fee close to $200,000 a pop.  Want to see who would have won between Secretariat and American Pharoah?  Check out this side by side Belmont Stakes race from then and now:
… to Fun House and Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time for their Tony wins last Sunday. The very talented Kristin Chenoweth and Alan Cumming were a bit “Hit or Miss” during their hosting gig but 11 year old Sydney Lucas(Fun House) hit it out of the park:
And save the date for Saturday March 19th when Alan Cumming will perform here in Detroit for 313 Cabaret.
…to South Carolina for following Illinois’ footsteps by becoming the 2nd State to pass an anti-BDS bill. To remind you…BDS is Boycott, Divest, Sanction and it is a movement to delegitimize Israel but don’t take my word for it, listen to Alan Dershowitz explain it:
…to Birthright Israel for reaching its 1/2 million participant(sometime this summer) after 15 years of existence.
And for innovating their mission by including newlywed mixed marriages for the first time.
…to the Sela Charter School in Washington DC for offering an exceptional Hebrew and Israel education to this unlikely community. A movement of this type could help combat the global lies that lead to hatred of Israel and the Jewish people:
Shame on…
Diane Rehm for too easily believing internet lies about Bernie Sanders’ nationality of which is fully American and not a dual citizen of Israel.
Texas for continuing to limit access to women’s health as they upheld a court order that could close dozens of women’s health and abortion clinics.
… Those responsible for the death of Kalief Browder as he took his life while behinds bars at Rikers Island while languishing in solitary confinement without a conviction and insisting on his innocence of stealing a backpack.
…escaped vicious convicts from Upstate New York prison and those willing to help them. Hope they are caught soon.
…Ex-speaker Dennis Hastert for his indictment of various salacious crimes while in office.
Now through June 16th
Detroit Zoo Biodigester 
Please join me in supporting this crowdfunder to raise matching funds to help build a Biodigester which will convert manure to energy.

June 12th
Detroit Zoo
Sunset at the Zoo Summer Chill
Creatively Wild Fundraiser (21 and older)
Spotlighting on the Polk Penguin Conservation Center

June 16th
David Broza Honoring and Concert
Special guest Peter Yarrow
Lab/Shul Gala
City Winery

Aug. 18th
(Please save the date)
We will be hosting a fundraiser in our home for Senator Chuck Schumer.  More details to come.

Happy Birthday!

Oops, two years in a row, I have now mistakenly announced Rob Orley’s birthday on the wrong date.

Happy 60th Birthday Rob
on June 8th (not June 11th).

June 12th
Anne Frank
Received her diary on her 13th birthday

June 13th
Ilana Mark Fisher
Jennifer Levine
Ellen Sherman
Lloyd Perlmutter

June 14th
Hillary Shaw
Dan Orman

June 15th
Jessica Curhan
Lisa Shiffman
Lori Rashty
Dorothy Barak

June 16th
Ettagail Benyas Shatz
Harriet Orley
Todd Sachse


June 17th
Vivian Henoch

June 18th
Sir Paul McCartney turns 72

Blue Stripes


Shabbat Shalom June 12, 2015

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