Shabbat Shalom June 19, 2015

Shabbat Shalom
June 19, 2015
Dear family and friends,
Patriarchs of Music and Peace
The Big Apple consumed most of my week taking a bite out of my writing time so this Shabbat message will be a bit condensed. While in NYC we were grateful to witness 3 generations of Folk Singers and Peacemakers. It was a once in a lifetime experience to hear the musical blending of the legendary (91 year old) Theodore Bikel, the iconic Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary) and the brilliant David Broza. Throughout their lives and songs, they’ve brought messages of Peace and Harmony to our global community.Theodore (named after Herzl) moved to Palestine in 1938 where he started his theatrical career before moving to the States in 1954. He has portrayed Tevye more than 2,000 time and also co-founded the Newport Folk Festival with Pete Seeger and others. Peter (with Paul and Mary) marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma and DC. 15 years ago, Peter founded Operation Respect, to help combat bullying with a curriculum brought to schools and camps throughout this country and the world. The reason for our NYC visit was David’s Peacemaker Award given to him by the Lab/Shul for his talent, generosity and peacemaking efforts globally and specifically within Israel as evidence of his album East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem. It was a night we will treasure and remember.
Father’s Know Best
It’s time to pay tribute to the Patriarchs and “Fatherly” Heros of our Lives.  Happy Father’s Day to all Dads, Abbas, Tateh (Yiddish), Baba (Turkish), Babbo (Italian) and Vader (Dutch), hence Darth Vader (Dark Father). The first Father’s Day was established in 1910 and President Nixon made it official in 1972 though it is not a federal holiday.  There are an estimated 70 Million Fathers in our country and 200,000 of them are stay-at-home parents. Times are truly changing as traditional parenting roles are blurred and melded, though parenting today seems to becoming too intrusive.  Those “helicopters” need to start hoovering into the distance so kids can again learn experiential independence.
Lessons from our Youth
Teaching in the reverse is evident in this wonderfulCyberSeniors initiative. Youth teach seniors how to use the internet to connect with each other and their families. The results are touching, humorous and meaningful so much so a documentary is in the works to showcase this phenomenon.
Daddy’s Little Girl
Last week one of my favorite videos wasn’t working by the time it reached you so here is that sassy little dancer that should put a smile to your face.
From Generation to Generation
This is a thought-provoking video (originally from Argentina but very universal) with a twist and important message at the end.
Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,
I hope your summer music plans bring joy and pleasure. Here is what’s on tap for my Summer.
Bette Midler last week at Palace
Enjoy this vintage 1973 UJA telethon performance of Bette singing my favorite song, Friends. FYI, if you are short on time, she does her schtick in the beginning and starts singing halfway through the youtube.
David Broza/Peter Yarrow/Theodore Bikel 
this week at the City Winery in NYC
Here is a snippet of their performance with the talented youngAli Paris on a beautiful instrument that I don’t know the name of.  Ali is a friend of David’s who grew up in Ramallah.
Lee Reit this past week 
at the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC
Local singer/songwriter, Lee Reit, is the son of friends, Sandi and Claude Reitelman and is immensely talented.  Here is one of my favorite songs:
Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden Aug. 20th
Can’t wait for this concert as I’ve wanted to go ever since he announced the monthly gigs.  The song, James, isn’t as well known as his others hits but truly enjoyable:
Graham Nash 
back at the City Winery in NYC on Aug. 23rd
I love the whole album “Songs for Beginners” and here is a great tune, Sleep Song, from that list of hits:
Earth Wind & Fire with Chicago on Aug. 26th
at Pine Knob (Yes, I still call it that)
Here is a medley of songs from these two legendary groups from earlier this year on the Fallon show:
Condolences to the Nemer Family on the passing of Ilene Nemer z”l, mother to Larry and Rosalind Nemer, Ellen and David Maiseloff and the late Patti Nemer z”l. May Ilene’s memory and love be a blessing onto her family during their time of mourning.
Condolences to the family and friends of the nine innocent souls gunned down in Charlotte, NC by a hate filled racist bigot with easy access to a firearms.  May the memories and spirit of those victims rise and reflect the need to bring love and understanding to misguided and brainwashed individuals.

The good, the bad and the ugly are coming out in droves to play in the political arena.  There are now officially 12 Republican candidates and 15 Democratic candidates in the race. As the campaign heats up, more political discussion will be included in these Shabbat messages, but for now, we are all absorbing the humor and absurdity of the newest entry, and, apparently, his hair is real and attached.

And with more time next week, I will expand on Pope Francis’s efforts and initiatives to help save our planet…

Happy Birthday!

June 19th
Barbara Klein Zaltz
Josh Opperer
Marc Berke
Jan Blacher 

June 20th
Happy 33rd Anniversary to my husband, Hannan.  Love you!
Debra Cohen
Shelley Wainer
Iris Eckhous

June 21st
Keenan Wolens
Naomi Rockowitz
Noah Liebman
Sharon Schwartz

June 22nd
Bennett Terebelo
Tom August 

June 23rd
Liz Berg
Jeremy Moss

June 24th
Sam Orley
Ryan Fishman
Robin Spencer Arm
Liz Fellows
Bridget Russo-Gottlieb


June 25th
Andy Moiseev
Jennifer Gilbert

Blue Stripes


Shabbat Shalom June 19, 2015

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