Shabbat Shalom Nov. 21, 2014

Shabbat Shalom
November 21, 2014
Dear family and friends,
Of Blessed Memory

Rabbi Mosheh Twersky z”l (from Boston), Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky z”l (from Oak Park, Michigan), Rabbi Avraham Goldstein z’l (from London) and Rabbi Kalman Zeev

Levine z”l
(from Kansas City) were brutally murdered this week by terrorist who stormed their synagogue. Also a Druze policeman who was on the scene died the next day from gunshot wounds. Though the demented terrorist were wielding the weapons, complicity is wielded against the leaders who incite this evil via Text Books, Facebook, Social Media and Speeches which subtly and not-so subtly encourage these grass-roots massacres.  But the buck doesn’t stop at the incitement, it extends to every moderate Muslim and World Leader who doesn’t condemn this brutality… and the silence is deafening.

Temple Mount
Some Facts
Palestinians are portraying these brutal murders as justification for Muslims protection of their holy Jerusalem site, yet there is no defense for any loss of innocent lives suffered at the hands of evil terrorist.  Here are some facts about the Temple Mount (the supposed reason for these recent murders).
The Western Wall (known as The Wailing Wall prior to 1967) was the only remaining tangible structure to the ancient Jewish Temple.  The Temple stood on the Mount right above The Western Wall. The First Temple was built around 957 BCE. It was destroyed, rebuilt and destroyed again yet the site has always been our most religious focal point.
Throughout the millennium (depending on who controlled the land), Jews have had varying access to The Ancient Temple Site. 600 years after the 2nd Temple’s destruction, a Muslim Shrine was built on the Temple Mount. Today, this space is the Jewish holiest site and Muslim’s 3rd holiest site.  Muslims are the only ones allowed to pray there though non-Muslims can visit but never pray on the Temple Mount in accordance with Israeli Law. Yes, Israeli Law which most likely won’t change even with the pressure from the extreme Right Wing Jewish Movement.  Until the Moderates on both sides can come to the table and make Peace, these murderous uprisings will sadly continue, but, to reiterate, The World needs louder condemnation especially when we see images of Gazans dancing in the street and passing out candy to children in celebration of these murders and Jordan’s parliament praying for the Jerusalem terrorist heroes.
More Facts
A bit more history about the region.  It was named Palestine 2,000 years ago by the Romans who named it after the Philistines who lived on the land along side the Jews, though the Philistines are long gone. Jews have continuously lived there for thousands of years and as proof of their presence, here is the flag of the region in 1939.
Flag Experiment 
This microcosm of attitude is what we are up against.  Now, granted, this experiment took place on the very liberal Berkeley Campus, but the reaction is appalling though sadly not surprising.  Check out what happens when a student waves an ISIS flag while expelling pro-ISIS anti-American sentiment versus the reaction he gets while waving an Israeli flag.  This 3 minute video reflects the frustrating reality of hatred and bias:
Vienna, Austria is the scene of the Big Iranian Nuclear Talkswhich have an agreement deadline of Nov. 24th.  The stakes are high for many including Iran’s economy, Obama’s legacy and Israel’s survival. For everyone’s sake, let’s hope success is achieved.
More Iran
Art imitated Life which caused prosecution of Life which then provoked more Art… this is the story of the new film,Rosewater directed by Jon Stewart.  When The Daily Show aired an interview of Iranian Journalist Maziar Bahari, it caused a scandal, prison and tzuris (Yiddish for misery) for Mr. Bahari. After his release from Iranian incarceration, he penned a memoir of his experience that Jon Stewart (possibly guilt-ridden) directed into a film.
Seth and Aaron
I am a huge Aaron Sorkin fan and love his shows including Sports Night, West Wing and Newsroom and even the short-lived Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. His appearance last week on Late Night with Seth Meyers prompted a very entertaining tribute, parodying a parody, with the Ping Pong dialogue, lofty speeches, romantic interludes and other Sorkin signature styles. If you too are an Aaron Fan, you will love this video:
McCartney Art

Hot shots in the world of music are paying tribute to the genius of Paul with the new cover album, Art of McCartney.  The likes of Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, Brian Wilson, Barry Gibb, B.B. King, Willie Nelson, Yusuf (Cat Stevens), Billy Joel and many more lovingly covers 34 songs (running 2 hours) of Paul’s greatest hits.

Here are 3 of my favorite melodic renditions:
Corrine Bailey Rae singing Bluebird
Yusuf (Cat Stevens) singing The Long and Winding Road:
Billy Joel singing Maybe I’m Amazed: 
And here is the Cure, with Paul’s son James on keyboard singing Hello Goodbye:
Wishing you and your loved ones a Pleasant and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and a fulfilling Thanksgiving*. 
Condolences to Dulcie Rosenfeld, Jill Stone, Nancy Rosenfeld, Hank Rosenfeld, Jimmy Rosenfeld and their families on the passing of Norman Rosenfeld z’l (95) beloved husband of Dulcie for 65 1/2 years and devoted father to their four children. Norm was a Detroit enthusiast who helped grow his family’s business of Sibley’s Shoes since its founding in 1920. The Rosenfeld’s contributions to Detroit are immeasurable as Dulcie and her family continue this wonderful legacy.  May Norman’s spirit, memory and love bring comfort to those who mourn his passing.

Condolences to Marcia and Bruce Balonick of Chicago on the passing of Bruce’s mother, June Balonick z’l.  

My thoughts and prayers are with the Balonick family during this difficult time of mourning.
Rest in Peace, famed director, producer, writer, comedian and winner of all Four Awards (Emmy, Oscar, Grammy and Tony) Mike Nichols z”l (83), who unexpectedly passed away this week. As a child in Germany, he and his family escaped to the U.S. before the Nazis could reach them. He went on to Greatness with films like The Graduate and plays like The Odd Couple. Condolences to his wife Diane Sawyer and all who loved him and his work.
Now through Jan. 31st
Mittens for Detroit has just embarked on its 5th collection season with this year’s goal of 20,000 (new/unused) mittens or gloves. There are donation locations all around town.  Two, I know of, are Weight Watchers and Starbucks.  To find a drop box closest to you, please click here:
Saturday November 22 (6:30pm)
The Benefit II in support of the Children’s Tumor Foundation to help fight Neurofibromatosis.
Detroit Marriott at the Ren.Cen.
Hosted by Jennifer and Dan Gilbert
For more info:
Tuesday December 2nd (7:30am)
City Year Women’s Leadership Breakfast
Detroit Athletic Club
For more info, please contact Jenna Moritz
Check out this matching contest and donate to help:
Thursday Dec. 4th (noon-8pm)
Friday Dec. 5th (10:30am-5:00pm)
Orchards Children’s Services
Shopping event at House of Style
574 N. Old Woodward, Birmingham
Meet Hari of Hari Jewels (exquisite Indian Jewelry)
15% of sales will be donated to Orchards
For more info please contact Fern Kepes
248-459-3030 or
Wednesday December 10th (6pm)
ADL Gala Honors Senator Carl Levin
Torch of Liberty Award
For more info, please contact Jaimee Wine or 248-535-7553
Tuesday April 14th (Save the Date)
The Emily Stillman Foundation’s A Night of Laughs will help encourage organ/tissue donation and raise awareness of Meningococcal Disease. More details of this event to come…
Happy Birthday!
Nov. 21st
Francee Ford
Sari Shapiro Cicurel
Nov. 22nd
Caryn Satovsky Siegel
Nov. 23rd
Congresswoman elect Debbie Dingell
Marc Schechter
Marty Maddin
Nov. 24th
Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan
Nov. 25th
Barbara Madgy Cohn
Nov. 26th
Stuart Sklar
Nov. 27th
Dorothy Benyas
Howard Tapper
Laura Champagne
Stacey Kay Doctoroff
  *Bonus Thanksgiving quotes

Blue Stripes

Shabbat Shalom Nov. 21, 2014

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