Shabbat Shalom May 10, 2013

Shabbat coffee
May 10, 2013
Dear Friends and Family,

The rhetoric, lies and pressure has brainwashed another celeb into boycotting Israel.  The “Brilliant” Stephen Hawkings has just announced his refusal to attend the upcoming prestigious Presidential Conference hosted by Shimon Peres. Sadly Prof. Hawkings restricted his info gathering to one side and never equally investigate the situation.  Had he dones some research he would have discovered Israel’s 65 year history of attempts to make Peace (Oslo, Camp David, Wye River…) amid constant attacks (including suicide bombings, rockets, intifiada…).  It’s ironic Prof. Hawkings decided to boycott the Conference hosted by the same person who created the Peres Center for Peace not to mention the country that developed the computer chip that operates his mechanical voice.  For more details, please read this article: (Thanks, Julie WS for bringing this to my attention)

While the Bangladeshi Garment Factory death toll rises past 800, political extremism is NOT detered. This week radical Islamist protesters demanded death-punishable Anti-Blasphemy Laws (among other freedom restrictive laws) to be included in their current democratic constitution.

With over 70,000 Syrian deaths at the hands of President al-Assad and various Rebel groups, some in the world still consider it “offensive” that Israel defensively destroyed Iranian provided weapons moving about in her neighborhood. Why is it that, Arabs killing Arabs is permitted but Jews preventing Jewish casualties is a crime.

Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day)
ONLY since 1967, has Jerusalem has been reunified under Israeli protection, allowing Jews from all over the world to safely and peacefully pray at the sacred Western Wall of our destroyed Temple.  This week we celebrate the holiday of Jerusalem Day with parades and memorials for the soldiers who fought to reclaim the City as our capital.  Please enjoy this beautiful tribute to the heart, soul and capital of our Jewish Peoplehood:!

NRA conference
Close to 70,000 gun-loving enthusiasts attended the 142nd NRA conference in Houston, TX this week.  Sadly, the event was a bastion of Fear-Mongering and (2nd Amendment) Rights Protecting with no regard or responsibility to the past or future innocent gun-violence victims. 72%of NRA members support background checks yet 100% of gun manufacturers (which encompasses the more powerful NRA membership) are against any gun (acquiring) restriction.

May the 3 Cleveland women reintegrate back into their family’s embrace and may our justice system punish the perpetrator and any accomplices.

Mazel Tov Gabby Giffords on receiving JFK’s Profiles in Courage award this week. Gabby has been a continuous role model both pre and post the devastating Tucson shooting.

Here’s a tip for new mothers for this upcoming Mother’s Day: LICK your baby’s pacifier. Your saliva helps protect them from allergies and asthma. Our spit helps boast their immune system.  NO KIDDING!
Read more:

To go along with the above saliva story, on deck to read next, I have the book Gulp (10th on NY Times Best Seller list) by Mary Roach, which details our complete digestive system from the moment we put food or drinks in our mouths till the end…  But right now I’m reading Give and Take by Adam M. Grant (17th on NY Times Best Sellers list) a fellow Detroiter who dedicated this fascinating book to dear friend, Jeff Zaslow of blessed memory).

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom, a Happy Mothers Day and Hag Shavuot Sameach,



Deep and sorrowful condolences to the family of Patti Nemer as she passed (too young) this week after battling Cancer for many years.  May memories of her community efforts and her brave spirit bring comfort to her family and friends.

Please join us this Saturday evening at the JCC MusicFest honoring good friends Karen and Todd Sachse and featuring the entertainment of Ethan Davidson.  Here is the website for ticket sales:

Please join us this Monday evening May 13th at the MI Annual AIPAC event.  For more info visit

Please join me for the Israel Bonds Professional Women’s Network lunch at my mother’s home on Wednesday May 22nd at noon.  For more info, please contact Paula Lebowitz at or 248-661-3500

Let help support Congressman Gary Peters campaign for US Senate at the home of Brian and Jennifer Hermelin on Sunday June 9th @ 1:00pm.  For more info please call 248-799-0850 or email


Mazel Tov College Grads
Daniel Edelson
David Zuckerman
Amanda Orley
Jessica Curhan
Lauren Kepes
Brad Schlafer
Lauren Rouf
Paul Stanley
Shelby Levin
Danielle Winterberger
Rachel Devries
Matthew Greenberg
Alex Zaslow

Sorry if I have missed anyone.  Congrats to all Grads!


Happy Birthday this Week to:

May 10th
Paul Magy

May 11th
Brianna Mark (beautiful neice)

May 12th
Barbara Horowitz
Jason Fisher (future nephew)
Rachel Berg
Shira Elyakin (daughter from another mother)

May 15th
Brenda Steuer
Micki Berg

Shabbat Shalom May 10, 2013

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