Shabbat Shalom March 29, 2013

Shabbat Shalom March 29, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

This is our last visit to our Haifa apartment as we just sold it to a nice Israeli couple. We have owned it for close to 10 years and it has served us well.  Now its time to move on and down (South).  Haifa was our chosen destination since Hannan’s parents lived here, but now they are both gone and each visit we find ourselves driving south to the Tel Aviv area. So, our next Israeli home ownership will be more centrally located. We look forward to finding someplace wonderful for at least the next 10 years.

Since we are busy celebrating Passover and cleaning out our apartment, this week’s email will be brief but birthday-laden.

But I would like to mention that lately we’ve been trying to provide various (and meaningful) opportunities to those who live near us.  It is immensely rewarding to help expand the reach of organizations which touch our hearts. There has been much research to support the fact that Doing Good Feels Good.  So we appreciate your past and future support/involvement with the several events we have invited (or will invite) you to attend, including, Forgotten Harvest, Joint Distribution Committee/Taub Center, Detroit Public TV, Michigan League of Conservation Voters and American Jewish World Service.  It may sound corny, but we truly see these invites as a gift of opportunity for our friends.  We hope they are received in that same nature.

Also, please enjoy one of my favorite sayings by Tom Krause, then its onto the birthdays

Watch your thoughts…
… for they become words.
Watch your words…
… for they become actions.
Watch your actions…
… for they become habits.
Watch your habits…
… for they become character.
Watch your character…
…for it becomes your destiny.

Happy March Birthdays:
Karen RW (great tennis sub for our weekly clinic with Phil)
Leah T (Rabbi T’s lovely wife)
Tisha B (Mom blogger and CA cousin)
Max K (New brother to furry Lucy)
Seth B (Best MI teacher with 3rd child due very soon)
Debbie L (Ryan and Andrews proud mama)
Anat L (Favorite Israeli sister-in-law)
Scott S (Our Atlanta “son”)
Ilyse M (Denver niece)
Jenny N (NOLA Hillel advocate)
Yuval M (Favorite frequent flyer from Ra’anana)
Linda S (Doctor wife of Kenny, not Ken while in Israel)
Howard B (Lisa’s favorite companion)
Jeff K (Our favorite Scottish/Israeli friend)
Marcia L (Met on my first trip to Israel back in 1980)
Lorie K (Mutual friend of Sherry’s)
Sheryl A (taught our son to drive)
Erika S (Todd and Karen’s first born)
Debbie L (sister to old neighbors Jay and Andy)
Heidi B (New ADL director)
Marla H (Wonderful TI rabbi)
Nathan E (Amazing Bar Mitzvah)
Michael B (Fellow music lover and Marc’s dad)
Patrick M (born on St. Patrick’s day, but not Irish)
Jeremy C (1/4 of the boys club)
Kelly V (David’s lovely lady)
George O (Cranbrook gang)
Jacquelyn P (Keeps Michael happy)
Elinor R (Ima to Michelle and Danielle)
Lee R (Dad-in-law to Elinor who shares a birthday)
Lindsay D (One of our cousins club members)
Beth G (Married to talented Steven)
Rachel B (Wife of new U of M Regent)
Aunt Chilly (Lovely at 102)
Michael C (Loves Tripper and Sue)
Mitch M (Loves Skiing and Diane)
Randy W (Love of Sylvia’s life)
Marianne B (Youngest of 4 sisters)
Bubba (Favorite ORT supporter)
Dan H (Moishe House Rabbi)
Andy M (Oakland County keeper of our funds)
Charlie K (Helped raise our wonderful children)
Jennifer C (Loves Lakes of MI and Milake Pictures)
Lisa R (Dancing Dutch Sister-in-law)
Marc M (Met at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert)
David K (Recipient of Community Wetsman Award)

Speaking of birthdays, I found this World Wide Water providing organiziation quite inspiring.

Check out their video:

Happy Easter to those who will be celebrating the holiday on Sunday.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,


P.S. Condolences to Lori Cohen on the passing of her beloved mother, Renee Stone.  May her memory be a blessed to those she left behind.

P. P..S.  Another bonus inspirational video. You can do anything with your life regardless of your disabilities.  Just take a lesson from Tim

apple world
Shabbat Shalom March 29, 2013

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