Shabbat Shalom October 9, 2015

Shabbat Shalom
October 9, 2015
Dear family and friends,
Fragility of Life
Will it be this year, this decade, this century?  How many more years and deaths must we endure before America’s love affair and obsession with guns comes to an end. Do gun lovers and gun makers take pride in our well known global stats that we are the leading nation in gun ownership and gun deaths? And, yes, they are inextricably connected. We have a serious addiction to guns and even baby rehab steps to wean ourselves, it’s better than the absent efforts taken so far. We need someone with balls to stop this madness and stand up to the almighty gun lobby.  Let’s take Israel as an example of a nation, surrounded by enemy neighbors,(near and far) yet they think our lack of gun regulations are idiotic. With no enemies neighboring us, we’ve created one very serious internal enemy within us.  Check out this eye-opening article about Israel’s regulations (and lack of mass school murders, minimal innocent gun deaths and decreased suicide rate, but no lack of terrorism, as indicated in the next paragraph):  But we are stuck in a cycle of sadness/madness as we continue to bury our innocent gun-related victims.  Life is Fragile asSting poignantly points out, while he sings this beautiful rendition with Stevie Wonder.
If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one
Drying in the colour of the evening sun
Tomorrow’s rain will wash the stains away
But something in our minds will always stay
Perhaps this final act was meant
To clinch a lifetime’s argument
That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could
For all those born beneath an angry star
Lest we forget how fragile we are
(Stevie and Sting together)
Fight for Life
The Middle East is always a volatile region but this week was especially violent. Russia is bombing Syria with a few stray missiles crashing into Iran. Arab aggression against Israelis has increased as 4 Israelis were killed by terrorist attacks.  A mother and father were gunned down in their car, witnessed (in the back seat) by their orphaned four children while a few days later, two Israelis were knifed to death in the old city. Also, several shots by local Arabs were aimed into Sukkot with two injuries and it seems stabbing are on the rise (Thank God for strict gun regulations in Israel otherwise more deaths would occur).  An escalation of terror and threatening behavior has the Jewish community and political leadership concerned about what actions to take.  We are constantly in a no win situation as evident by some media who continuously blames Israel. This week’s example came from the BBC which blamed Israel for the killing of a Palestinian yet neglected to mention he was the terrorist who had just stabbed two people to death. This was the headline the BBC used to report the incident: “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two.”  There is always a double standard involving Israel. But an AP reporter brought this to light when the US mistakenly bombed a Doctors Without Borders Hospital and he questioned the State Department as to their comparison condemnation when last summer Israel mistakenly targeted a school.
Yet, we must always continue our efforts to follow the moral high ground even when odds are against us. Though, there was no second thought about his support of Israel from Jon Bon Jovi this week as he performed for the first time in Israel to a packed house in Tel Aviv. He even dedicated a song to Israel called “We Don’t Run” and suggested it be used as the Tel Aviv fight song. Of course, the king of BDS, Roger Waters lashed out at Bon Jovi for stepping foot in Israel but Howard Stern came to the rescue as only Howard can, with lots of expletives
Life Lost
It would have been John Lennon’s 75th birthday (today)! In his honor, aHuman Peace Sign of 2,000 people was formed in Central Park (across the street from his Dakota apartment), 35 years after he was gunned down just 2 months after his 40th birthday.
Lives Saved
A Halloween treat will be received by 6,000 families as prison inmates convicted of drug charges will be released at the end of the month. We have overcrowded prisons due to harsh drug sentencings in the 80s and 90s. Globally, the US imprisons 1/4 of all inmates. 1/3 of the convicts being released are undocumented immigrants who will be immediately deported, but that leaves 4,000 people who will need to find jobs in our society.  To handle this influx, probation offices and employment centers will need to work overtime to prevent
Flooded Lives
South Carolina got dumped on by 11 trillion gallons of water which is causing cataclysmic flooding with rivers replacing streets and lakes replacing neighborhoods. 11 dams have failed while 35 others are being carefully watched. Floodwaters unearthed caskets as shocked residents waded through the tide to collect them. Vacated homes are being looted. The water may not subside for another two weeks and the overall damage will likely be in the billions. Though Hurricane Joaquin veered from the shore, its damaging rain still reeked havoc and also took the life of the cargo ship, El Faro, attempting to avoid the storm but lost power and helplessly sank with 33 people lost at sea.
Lives in the Crossfire
The internal US investigations will be ongoing to determine why our air forces struck a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan. But the argument that it was a War Crime as opposed to a serious mistake is now being debated in the international arena.  DWB has requested an independent investigation by the The International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission but it needs one of the 76 nations connected to this organization to sign on to the inquiry. By the way, neither Israel nor the United States is a member of this commission.  No one has stepped up yet, but time will tell…In the meantime, burials for the 12 medical staff and 10 patients take precedent for the survivors over the investigation.
Life’s Accomplishments
Congrats to all of this week’s Nobel Prize Winners.  The Nobel Prize for Peace is announced 6am today the exact time I send these messages to your inboxes so I don’t know the winner as I write these words to you… But if I were on the selection committee, I would choose Pope Francis for his humble bridge building efforts. And speaking of the Vatican, Happy 50th anniversary (Oct. 28th) to Nostra Aetate which rewrote (by Pope Paul VI) the relationship between Catholics and non-Christians (specifically Jews).  It was the document that declared Jews were not guilty of killing Jesus and included a denouncement anti-semitism.
Musical That Lives On…
Happy 40th anniversary to Rocky Horror Picture Show.  For the past 4 decades somewhere in this nation a midnight showing of this cult classic with Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry, Meatloaf and the gang has been actively watched on neighborhood screens.  The crew reunited to reminisce about the film, which started as a Play and flopped as the movie premiered but once fans caught on it reached legendary cinematic status. Enjoy this 3 minute Time Warp montage:
Our Living Planet
1. Bravo to the Detroit Zoo for eliminating the sale of plastic water bottles thus eliminating 60,000 empty water bottles from our landfills.
2. Please don’t idle your cars.  Even a few minutes is detrimental for our air and lungs.
3. Try to avoid buying and wean yourself off face wash and toothpaste withmicrobeads.  They seep through drains and filters and end up polluting our Great Lakes.
Wishing you and your family a Peaceful Shabbat Shalom
Condolences to Howard and Brenda Rosenberg, Marlene Rosenberg and their families on the passing of Shirley Rosenberg z”l (age 94).  May Shirley’s long life and loving memories bring comfort to those who knew and loved her.
Condolences to Dan and Julie Sonenberg and their family on passing of Julie’s father, Meyer Arbit z”l (age 79). May Meyer’s life be a blessing onto his family and loved ones and may his memory bring comfort to those mourning his passing.
Rest in Peace, legendary Grace Lee Boggs who died this week at the age of 100.  Grace was a philosopher, activist and huge Detroit promoter with a school gracing her and her husband’s name.  For 7 decades she has fought for social causes throughout our community including civil rights, women’s rights, worker’s rights… She was graceful and articulate to her very end as she died peacefully in her sleep after a satisfing lifetime of dedication and commiment to her passions.
P.S. Many of you have indicated that these emails are being filtered out of you inboxes. You can always read them on my Facebook page and I’m working on a blog site to house and store all past emails.  In addition, I’ve tried to use less graphics this week to see if that will help the delivery process.  
October 10th (Saturday)
Sphinx Virtuosi at The Berman
West Bloomfield
Free Concert 8:00pm
Ticketed event must RSVP
For more info on Sphinx
October 12th (Monday)
Yad Ezra Annual Fundraiser
Honoring Tom and Linda Klein
Adat Shalom Synagogue
October 14th (Wednesday)
Michigan Israel Business Bridge
2015 Ambassador Awards Dinner
The Reserve, Birmingham
Dr. Eva L. Feldman and Delphi Automotive
For more info:
October 15th (Thursday)
Michigan League of Conservation Voters
3rd Annual Innovations in Conservation Awards Dinner
Honoring:Detroit Zoological Society 
and Lana and Henry Pollack
6:00pm to 9:00pm
Detroit’s Westin Book Cadillac
For more info, please contact Kim Easter 734-222-9650 or
October 22nd (Thursday)
The Great Big Challah Bake-Shabbos Project Detroit
7:00 PM
Royal Oak Farmers Market
316 East 11 Mile Road
Royal Oak, MI 48067

October 25th (Sunday)
Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Annual Dinner
Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center
Honoring: Ronnie Klein (well deserved)
October 27th (Tuesday)
Greater Detroit Hadassah Opening Meeting/Luncheon
Guest Speaker: Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Shaarey Zedek Synagogue
November 1st (Sunday)
The Holocaust Memorial Center
Annual Dinner
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Honoring Jackie and Larry Kraft
Guest Speaker Rudy Giuliani
November 11th (Wednesday)
AJC Community Leadership Award Dinner
Honoring Brenda Naomi Rosenberg
November 15th (Sunday)
David Broza Concert
Ark in Ann Arbor
Presented by:
Eastern Michigan University Jewish Studies
Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor
Only a few tickets left.
Michigan Union Ticket Office
By phone at 734-763-8587
Online at the Ark
Will he or won’t he join the race? Joe Biden won’t be at this week’s Dems. debate but his presidential decision is imminent. Apparently, it was his son, Beau’s dying wish for his father to join the race but Joe and his family are still debating the final decision.
The GOP is debating who will be their next Speaker of the House now that the front runner, Kevin McCarthy, has dropped out. Jason Chaffetz would like the job but he’s got lots of gaffs in his repertoire too.  Remember, he’s the guy who presented that crazy anti-choice chart (that made no sense) to the Planned Parenthood hearing which was quickly refuted. The vote has been postponed as the search for the GOP leadership continues on…
Democratic Debate on CNN is this Tuesday Oct. 13th
Iowa Caucus is Monday February 1, 2016
Our Michigan Primary is Tuesday March 8, 2016.
Presidential Election is Tuesday November 8, 2016
5 Democrats
1. Hillary Rodham Clinton
2, Bernie Sanders
3. Jim Webb
4. Martin O’Malley
5. Lincoln Chafee
14 Republicans alphabetized (polls are too erratic)
Oct. 9th
Graham Orley
Janice Steinhardt

Oct. 10th
Yael Raviv

Oct. 11th
Kevin Dorn 
Lisa Moed 
Ron Kagan

Oct. 12th
Bunky Giblin Elyakin (Haiti Volunteer)
Eva Kaplan

Oct. 13th
Fred Levine

Oct. 14th
Beth Zeman

Oct. 15th
Lisa Beckwith Weisman 
Randy Orley
Terri Orbuch

Blue Stripes


Shabbat Shalom October 9, 2015

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