Shabbat Shalom October 2, 2015

Shabbat Shalom
October 2, 2015
Dear family and friends,
“But there’s a full moon risin”
We are in the midst of the Sukkot Season as the festive week ends with the two holidays of Shemini Atzeret (8th day of solemn gathering) and Simchat Torah (rejoicing with the Torah).  My favorite weather season of Autumn is always the backdrop to this harvest celebration and this week it also included the Supermoon lunar eclipse (last occuring 33 years ago) so how can I ignore the perfect song to attach to this Harvest Lunar week. This music video creatively spans decades from now to when Neil first released it in 1992 while the consistency of Love remains the theme:  Some say Harvest Moon is the sequel to (my favorite Young Album) Harvest released 20 years prior in 1972.  Apparently, Neil has used the moon in 28 of his songs and finds it his “religious” inspiration.
“Is there life on Mars?”
And speaking of celestial issues, apparently there is now definitive proof of liquid water on Mars begging the question of the existence of “life on Mars” (referencing another great song by David Bowie), heightening our urgency of exploration. If you’d like to explore more Mars facts, check out this article:
And of course, the timing is perfect for Hollywood as the new Matt Damon movie, The Martian, opens this weekend. The interesting story about the movie starts with the book that was written by a computer programmer with three excessive years of research, then self-published and offered to readers for free. In fact, you can still download the book free of charge.  It was a smart move as it provided a wide audience and interest in making it into a blockbuster movie.
“Plenty of sunshine heading my way”
Nasa is singing Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah about Mars’ possibilities just as this famous verse was uttered from the lips of John Boehner this week after announcing his retirement. But this doesn’t mean our Congress or Nation will be singing the tune anytime soon. Mr. Boehner’s departure is bad news for all of us since it comes after legislators more conservative than him weren’t pleased that he wasn’t willing to shut down the government over defunding Planned Parenthood.  As the Pope’s words were still echoing in the halls of Congress, his message of unity to our fractured democracy was disrespectfully ignored.  Extreme views on both sides will never be implemented and compromise is the only way to govern effectively, yet what seems absent in our democratic process are the true diplomates who can build bridges to fix our ailments.
“and friends just can’t be found”
The United Nations is suppose to be a Global Bridge but sadly the body that represent all nations is sometimes more bias (especially against Israel) than bridge building. This week the UN walls heard the voices of world leaders at the annual General Assembly.  The GA afforded the opportunity for Heads of State to speak their minds. Bibi’s speech spoke his disapproval of the UN with a 45 second silent glare at the audience. Obama’s speech was critiqued for what he didn’t include… the Palestinians which angered PA leader, Abbas who countered with his disownment of the 1995 Oslo Peace Accords including the agenda of a two-state solution. Several historic meetings also took place at the GA. Obama and Castro connected to continue their country’s renewed relationship but the pow wow between Putin and Obama had a few more thorns involved. Yes, they both are angling to eliminate Daesh (aka. ISIS) from Syria but Putin favors his long time friend, Assad while Obama still thinks Assad is Syria’s 2nd satan. Russia stuck anti-Assad forces in Syria this week but were they Daesh fighters or the moderate rebels (the US is trying to support). It’s a very messy situation in Syria but that seems to encourage recruitment to this satanic cause. Each year more crazies are joining Daesh with 30,000 fresh terrorist entering Syria this year to help fight their evil efforts. That’s twice as many as last year and they are coming from all across the world (including 250 Americans).
Great position of Israel’s flag
“and Moscow girls make me sing and shout”
Not only did Putin reach out to President Obama this week but he also connected with Elton John after Elton was pranked with a fake Putin call.  It all started when Sir John expressed his outrage at Russia’s anti-gay stance and now Putin has agreed to meet with the “Pinball Wizard” whenever they can coordinate their schedules.
Putin and John
“Up on Cripple Creek she sends me”

The excitement over Mars’ water discovery is expected since water is our most precious commodity. Our bodies are approximately 65% water.  We can’t live without water for more than about 3 days.  California has been in dire straits suffering through this current 3 year drought and 11% of the world’s population lives without access to drinking water.  So protecting our Michigan water is of utmost importance.  Thank You Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Petersfor helping to safeguard our Great Lakes with the The Pipeline Improvement and Preventing Spills Act.  This measure will help prevent tanker accidents and pipeline ruptures so Great Lakes water will remain oil free for many generations to come.

But Michigan has another water concern.  Ever since Flint was disconnected to the Detroit River system and switched to the Flint River, their water supply has smelled and tasted “funny”.  Turns out lead is the culprit which is quite dangerous especially for children whose blood-lead levels have doubled since the water switch. Gov. Snyder has expressed his concern and support to help rectify this serious situation as he secretly helped distribute 1,500 water filters to a Flint pastor.  And sometimes too much water can cause catastrophies as with Hurricanes coliding with civilizations.  Wishing the East Coast safety and minor disruptions with the onslaught of Hurricane Joaquin. 
Nearly 800 Million people live without access to drinking water.
“Oh yes, I am wise, but it’s wisdom born of pain”
Kudos to Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards, on keeping vigilant with the facts on the benefits of protecting the vital work of PP at the congressional hearing this week. And after listening to some of the recordings, Cecile’s mother, the late Governor Ann Richards would have been proud as she stood up to badgering and hostile interplay with some of the legislators. Cecile volunteered her time to answer questions however conspicuously absent was the creator of the highly edited and dishonest video at the center of this witch hunt.  Here is a detailed article about the proceedings that also includes 6 audio clips with one of them from Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence And for a comical viewpoint of the congressional proceedings, check out Seth Meyers‘ “closer look”
And speaking of Women’s Health, after reading this NYTimes article about theBRCA gene mutation and ashkenazi women, it has inspired me to take action:

“There’s a man with a gun over there, telling me I got to beware”

Like (horrible) clockwork, our country has yet again sustained needless gunshot deaths and injuries from a mass shooting at a community college 90 miles south of Eugene.  Condolences to the victims families and the injured. More discussion will again occur about gun regulations, but sadly (and even without a crystal ball, I can predict), absolutely nothing will be done to help stop the next mass shooting.
“I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee”
Happy Coffee Day (Sept. 29th).  If you love coffee, you’ll love these 6 reason to to keep it part of your daily habit:
“And I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on”
A well-deserved honor took place at Carnegie Hall Thursday with a musical tribute to Bill Withers and his legendary music created during his short career. This will be his 2nd honor this year as in April he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  His career was mighty but short and on his own terms as he created and produced his music from 1970-1985 but then decided to get out of the business.  Thank you City Winery and Michael Dorf for spotlighting this modest but beloved talent. Here is an American Bandstand classic of my favorite Bill Withers song:
Wishing you and your family a Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and Hag Sameach!
October 9th (Friday)
16th Annual Remarkable Women (Luncheon)
The Henry, Dearborn
Luncheon and Program 12:00-2:15pm
Exhibitor Area opens at 10:45am
Proceeds benefit local Medical facilities
Guest Speaker: Alexander Lebenthal (Queen of Wall Street)
October 10th (Saturday)
Sphinx Virtuosi at The Berman
West Bloomfield
Free Concert 8:00pm
Ticketed event must RSVP
For more info on Sphinx
October 12th (Monday)
Yad Ezra Annual Fundraiser
Honoring Tom and Linda Klein
Adat Shalom Synagogue
October 14th (Wednesday)
Michigan Israel Business Bridge
2015 Ambassador Awards Dinner
The Reserve, Birmingham
Dr. Eva L. Feldman and Delphi Automotive
For more info:
October 15th (Thursday)
Michigan League of Conservation Voters
3rd Annual Innovations in Conservation Awards Dinner
Honoring:Detroit Zoological Society 
and Lana and Henry Pollack
6:00pm to 9:00pm
Detroit’s Westin Book Cadillac
For more info, please contact Kim Easter 734-222-9650 or
October 22nd (Thursday)
The Great Big Challah Bake-Shabbos Project Detroit
7:00 PM
Royal Oak Farmers Market
316 East 11 Mile Road
Royal Oak, MI 48067

October 25th (Sunday)
Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Annual Dinner
Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center
Honoring: Ronnie Klein (well deserved)
October 27th (Tuesday)
Greater Detroit Hadassah Opening Meeting/Luncheon
Guest Speaker: Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Shaarey Zedek Synagogue
November 1st (Sunday)
The Holocaust Memorial Center
Annual Dinner
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Honoring Jackie and Larry Kraft
Guest Speaker Rudy Giuliani
November 11th (Wednesday)
AJC Community Leadership Award Dinner
Honoring Brenda Naomi Rosenberg
November 15th (Sunday)
David Broza Concert
Ark in Ann Arbor
Presented by:
Eastern Michigan University Jewish Studies
Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor
Only a few tickets left.
Michigan Union Ticket Office
By phone at 734-763-8587
Online at the Ark
Democratic Debate on CNN is Tuesday October 13th. 
(Will he or won’t he join the race? Doesn’t look like Biden will be at the Oct. debate because he is still debating if/when to jump in)
Iowa Caucus is Monday February 1, 2016
Our Michigan Primary is Tuesday March 8, 2016.
Presidential Election is Tuesday November 8, 2016
5 Democrats
1. Hillary Rodham Clinton
2, Bernie Sanders
3. Jim Webb
4. Martin O’Malley
5. Lincoln Chafee
14 Republicans alphabetized (polls are too erratic)
Oops, I missed Rick Chesbrough‘s birthday on Sept. 20th.
Oct. 2nd
Chiara Ross
Mark Schauer
Rachel Taubman-Glickfeld
Jordan Acker
Leor Barak
Oct. 3rd
Brian Kepes
Oct. 4th
Ruth Beitner
Neal Krasnick
Oct. 5th
Patty Tapper
Steve Pestka
Wendy Rose Bice
Oct. 6th
Anessa Kramer
Oct. 7th
Eli Saulson
Ilana Liss
Josh Bennett
Miryam Rosenzweig
Oct. 8th
Brad Benyas
Deborah Orley Rubyan
Ester Rubyan
Gregg Orley
Yehoshua Lis

Blue Stripes


Shabbat Shalom October 2, 2015

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