Shabbat Shalom July 3, 2015

Shabbat Shalom
January 30, 2015
Dear family and friends,

Right Direction
On the eve of our Day of Liberty, we celebrate a milestone in history with the legendary Supreme Court decision equalizing the Institution of Marriage.   Though, these are celebratory days, the fight for equal rights must continue to cement All Rights for the LGBT community as currently some States and Cities still allow (meaning there are no laws preventing) Job, Housing…discrimination.  Also, Marriage Equality does Not decimate our Freedom of Religion so those concerned with Clergy being required to marry gay couples is unfounded and inflammatory.  Yes, much work is still needed to iron out the legal wrinkles and State by State implications and compliance refusals, but bravo to Justices Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan for weighing in on the right side of this decision.  And bravo to these companies for supporting and promoting (with creative ads) the Marriage Equality decision:

More Decisions
Seems SCOTUS is working overtime to handle the docket of decisions before the holiday vacation.  Here are the major issues:
– Protected ObamaCare (twice)
– Equalized Marriage
– Gave Arizona voters the right to establish independent commissions to draw districts.  Michigan needs this ability to prevent/correct partisan redistricting.
– Our State of Michigan won against
the Environmental Protection Agency because the EPA didn’t consider the cost of Air Pollution regulation. Not a great decision for our air quality but good for the Michigan purse.
– Permits the use of a (subpar) Lethal Drug for Death Row injections as (“standard”) Punishment vs. Cruel and Unusual.
– Allows Texas Abortion Clinics to stay open during the appeal process that is fighting restrictive requirements.
Texas Bias
Speaking of the lovely State of Texas, the Attorney General declared that State Workers can refuse to issue Gay Marriage Licences if it offends their religious beliefs.  This is idiotic and illegal as (last checked) Texas is still part of the US and must abide by Federal Law. Louisiana and Mississippi have also followed suit with their bias.
Global Economy
Greece owes (and can’t pay) 1.6 Billion Euros to the International Monetary Fund (but her full debt is 323 Billion Euros).  Puerto Rico is in debt to the tune of $72 Billion. Hopefully bailout plans and restructuring will help ease the financial crisis of both countries so our global economy can continue to grow and prosper.
Global Terror
3 major terrorist attacks occurred last week. 38 people were killed on a beach in Tunisia.  In Southern France, a victim was decapitated and 27 people will killed in a Kuwait Mosque.Daesh (self-named Islamic State) continues to be emboldened to inspire global evil terror. How do we fight this lopsided war.  Feels like we are using a squirtgun to combat a forest fire. How can we get the brainwashing of hate to stop?
Brave Act
Though it was illegal, it sure was ballsy and timely.  Kudos toBree Newsome for scaling the SC State House flagpole Saturday morning to take down the confederate flag.  She was prepared to get arrested (which she was) and unfortunately the flag was quickly returned and now awaits debate and votes from the SC Congress which hopefully will fast-track its legal removal.

Needed Protection

Bravo to Jewish Senior Life for opening our region’s only Elder Abuse Shelter (based on a NYC model). Sadly, elder abuse is rampant throughout this country and the majority of the abusers (90%) are family members. For more info on our new Elder Abuse Center, please call (248) 661-0123
Potential Future
As we celebrate our Independence from Great Britain and with the state of our affairs, some believe we should rethink our separation. If that were possible, here is what the Queen would say, including 15 humourous rules (yes, I spelled that correctly), my favorites are #s 4 & 5:
We will be celebrating Independence Day in Eugene, Oregonwith our daughter, Liat and her boyfriend Andrew. Due to our travels, this Shabbat message was sent to my system midweek so if any major news happened after it was written, I will include it in next week’s email. Hope you enjoy your Holiday Weekend. Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and Happy 4th of July!

Please save the date of Aug. 18th if you’d like to help us support Senator Chuck Schumer on his re-election.  Please email me if you’d like to attend and I’ll give you more details.

Our candidates in the News this week…

Hillary Rodham Clinton – Speakers fee $275,000 too high for college
Bernie Sanders – Supported Full Marriage Equality 40 years ago
Martin O’Malley – Supports new National Security Act
Lincoln Chafee – “Let’s bring Edward Snowden home”

Jeb Bush – Released 33 years of tax returns
Ted Cruz – “I like Donald Trump, I think he is terrific”
Rand Paul – Government should be out of the Marriage business
Marco Rubio – Gained financial status from his political career
Ben Carson – Revealed he doesn’t really want to run for president
Carly Fiorina – 2nd place in Western Conservative straw poll
Mike Huckabee – Hopes for repeal of gay marriage
Rick Santorum – Next president must stop Gay Marriage
George Pataki – I couldn’t find anything recent in news about him
Lindsey Graham – Says Confederate Flag is a roadblock for SC
Rick Perry – Colorado is wrong on their marijuana laws
Donald Trump – You’re Fire! from NBC
Bobby Jindal – “State workers can’t be forced to support gay marriage”
Chris Christie – Newest entry into race

Happy Birthday!

July 3rd
Scott Kaufman
Ken Barnett

July 4th
Kim Lifton
Cantor Michael Smolash
Mina Levin

July 5th
Lea Luger
Ilene Lubin
Jacob Smith

July 6th
Alon Tolwin
Stuart Raider
Sheri Rotenberg

July 7th
Eleanor Jackier

July 8th
Congressman John Dingell
Lily Kaye
Vicki Barnett
Michael Langnas

July 9th
Aubrey Topper

Blue Stripes


Shabbat Shalom July 3, 2015

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