Shabbat Shalom Jan. 23, 2015

Shabbat Shalom
January 23, 2015
Dear family and friends,

Record Heat
While Michigan was under a Polar Vortex last year, most of the world was experiencing the hottest temps since 1880 (when they first started keeping track).  Plus the top 10 hottest years have all occurred within the last 2 decades. Yes, there are cycles in Mother Natures weather patterns but nature cannot explain this current global warming. Skeptic politicians who are more concerned about industrial profits are gambling with the only home we have.  Now, if these skeptics don’t want to listen to trained scientists, than maybe a higher source is due: “I don’t know if (human activity) is the only cause, but mostly, in great part, it is man who has slapped nature in the face” These are the pious words of Pope Francis who hopes to influence world leaders to take action. For more evidence, take a peek at this (NASA produce) video that simulates the temps from 1880 to Today:

State of Affairs
5 years of bleak, yet improving stats, have brought us to this place where “The shadow of crisis has passed, and the state of the union is strong,” Now that we are gaining our economic strength, how many in the Republican led Congress will help Pres. Obama shrink the inequality gap.  Closing a loophole to garner $100,000 from a billion who’s life won’t change one iota while giving a $100 tax break to a working class family could be monumental.  And locally, Michigan led the way into the 2008 recession but we, too, have improved our fiscal strength.  Our unemployment rate has dropped to 6.3 (from a high of 14.2 in 2009). Gov. Snyder shared his vision for a “River of Opportunity” which would revolutionize current government programs and enlist the assistance of Philanthropy to help aid Michiganders in need. Good luck to both leaders!

Mysterious Death
Intrigue, mystery, terrorism, secret plots, Interpol…all this sounds like a blockbuster movie but Fact Is Stranger Than Fiction when it comes to the “apparent” suicide this week of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman who was following the roadmap which led to the 1994 Jewish Center terrorist attack (killing 85 people).  Seems the Argentine Government made a secret deal with Iran, in exchange for coveted oil, to keep quiet about Iran’s orchestration of the JCC attack which was perpetrated by their partner, Lebanon’s Hezbollah. This 20 year investigation was coming to a head when Mr. Nisman “decided” to abruptly kill himself.  In a perfect world the evidence brought forward would shed light on the truth and punishment would be sentenced, but in reality, this case will probably continue to be stifled.

The faces of the 85 JCC victim.
Support for Alberto Nisman.

12 people were wounded, 3 of them seriously, when a terrorist from the West Bank stabbed bus passengers in Tel Aviv this week. One of his motives was the promise of a direct ticket to Heaven but what he got was a gunshot wound to his leg plus the bonus of a democratic prosecution. Sadly, attacks like this are commonplace in Israel rather than rarities. Israelis are resilient and stoic, but we all wish for the day when those attributes won’t be on constant call.  On another offensive front, Israel is being threatened by Iran for this week’s killing of several Hezbollah (and Iranian) operatives in Syria.  But of course the most concerning incident for that region is the alleged photo bomb of Miss Israel in a picture with Miss Lebanon.  It is truly sad that Miss Lebanon had to rationalize away the fact that she was in a photo with her neighbor.  On a sidenote, isn’t Miss Israel exquisite?

42nd Anniversary
Jan. 22, 1973 was the famous date of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. For 42 years, we have been battling to protect the rights upheld by the Supreme Court that slowly and methodically are being chipped away. Thankfully our Congress decided not to vote this week on the proposed 20-week abortion ban as it was getting excess negative feedback, but, the House did pass a Bill to ban the use of Federal dollars for abortions. The State of Alabama (though strapped for cash) has a new (absurd) law that allows the State to appoint a lawyer to protect a fetus. Of course, Jon Stewart sent a crew to investigate this absurdity.  Decreasing unwanted pregancies and abortions is a nobel cause…so how do we do that.  Well, education would be a great start and providing birth control could also help immensely.  But wait, now we’ve got the anti-abortion group calling for the elimination of Birth Control as apparently, Birth Control = Abortion. Yes, decreased access to Birth Control will surely decrease our rate of unwanted pregnancies.

70 Year History/Mystery
Jan. 27th marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau by Russian Troops and is also the day the United Nations recognizes as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. In addition, this month is the 70th anniversary of the disappearance of hero and savior, Raoul Wallenberg. To date, he is credited in saving 100,000 souls who’ve descended from his survivors.  Sadly his whereabouts were never discovered so tributes to his life will always be postumus:


– Bravo to Gov. Snyder for his veto of the Gun Bill that would have allowed people with Restraining Orders (often domestic abuser) to obtain (or maintain) Concealed Carry Licenses.

– Bravo to Senators Dean Heller (R-NV) and Ted Cruz (R-TX)(rare for me to salute Ted Cruz) on the long shot attempt to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

– Bravo to the Supreme Court for finally

addressing the Marriage Equality issue, Once and for All. A decision is due in April.

“Bravo” to Justice Scalia for winning the award of writing the most sarcastic opinions. What does this say about his character?

Bravo to HBO and CNN on their broadcasts (next week) of two films documenting the Holocaust.  HBO’s “Night Will Fall” (Jan. 26th) was originally contracted by Alfred Hitchcock and has hundreds of hours of film taken by troops of Allied Forces:

And CNN’s show “Voices of Auschwitz”, hosted by Wolf Blitzer will air Jan. 27th.
Bravo to the White House for bringing back Cheese Day.  You’ll enjoy this video if you are a West Wing fan.

This week’s Music Selection

Bob Marley would have been 70-years-old on Feb. 6th.  In tribute to his talent, world contributions and wisdom, here is an Israeli A Capella group’s birthday gift to him and the world.

Wishing all of you a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,
These were my dreams from year’s Shabbat email (during MLK week). Two (Detroit and Marriage Equality) are making progress but it seems the rest have gotten worse.

In recognition of Martin Luther King day, I too have a dream…
…that Israel will live in peace and prosperity
…that Detroit will be revitalized as a vibrant innovative City
…that Women’s rights and health will be protected and respected
…that Marriage Equality will be accepted Nationally and Globally
…that our Land, Oceans and Wildlife are kept safe from destruction
…that Hatred, Racism and Anti-Semetism disappear from our Earth


Of Blessed Memory

Condolences to Dr. Jeffrey and Sharon Lipton and their family on the passing of Sharon’s mother, Ida Bader z”l.  May her memory and spirit bring comfort to all who mourn her passing.


Famous Deaths

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia died this week at the ripe old age of 90 after being hospitalized since December. Because of his country’s oil reserves, he was one of the richest people in the world as he controlled 1/5 of the world’s
petroleum.  His repressive country (women can’t drive and FGM is rampant) was the spark for Radical Islamism and the birthplace of the 9/11 terrorist. The next king will be Abdullah’s bro

Happy Birthday!
Dec. 12th
Carol Blumberg Tarnowsky
Lauren Kepes
Wendy Cohen Kohlenberg
Dec. 13th
Elise Goldsmith Schostak
Liz Cooper Guz
Dec. 14th
Ashley Israel
Marc Shaye
Dec. 15th
Dana Siegel
Dec. 16th
Avi Gruber
Dec. 17th
Simcha Tolwin
Natalie Newman
Dec. 18th
Jeff Mark (dear brother)
Henna Tolwin
Jane Smitt

Blue Stripes

Shabbat Shalom Jan. 23, 2015

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