Shabbot Shalom April 11, 2014

Shabbat Shalom & Hag Pesach Sameach April 11, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

The Mayans, Babylonians, Sumerians, Assyrians…have all gone extinct.  In each case historian can explain their disappearance, but my question (thankfully) is WHY and HOW have the Jews been Passed Over for extinction for so many millennium and with so many attempts to extinguish us. Is it our Ethical Code, our Family Connectivity, our emphasis on Community, our importance of Education, our Generational Continuity, our Diet, our Humor…Who knows?  But, our traditions seem to play an important role.  This week begins one of our most favored and elaborate traditions with our Passover Holiday.  Its the opportunity when we recall our exodus from Slavery to Freedom. We have a 15 Step Seder (ceremony) where we hide food for kids to find, drip wine out of our cups, dip parsley in salt water, eat horseradish, recline on pillows among many other strange rituals just to creatively pass along our history to our next generation. This recollection of slavery reminds us that even today many are enslaved (both physically and emotional) and it is our jobs to help bring Freedom to all.  Here is this year’s Passover video with a “Frozen” twist:

Stop Genocide
It is 20 years too late for the 1 Million Rwandans who were massacred April 1994. The anniversary is our reminder that the world must keep vigilant for warning signs to prevent future genocide. Please continue to support the US Holocaust Memorial Museum (and other agencies) who are committed to keeping tabs on potential human rights abuse to help keep our world citizens safe.
Music Legends 
Thursday night was full of Drama and Divas as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted:
– Nirvana
Yusef Islam
*For Cat Stevens’ fans like myself, here is a lyrical piece he wrote for Rolling Stone Magazine about his Hall of Fame selection.  He includes many of his songs characters in a sweet story in the beginning and then moves on to elaborate on his life and the world’s reaction to his chosen religion of Islam.
Peace Efforts

After days of disintegration and with the recent blockage of communication between these two neighbors, this image sadly represents the Israel/PA Peace Talks.

…and then it just disappeared off the radar!
Hillary’s Dodge
I have little respect for former Pres. Carter for the bias he’s shown against Israel in his books and visits to the region; So his meaningless comments this week criticizing the Middle East peace efforts of Hillary Clinton and Pres. Obama hold no weight in my book.  Presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama were all together this week at the Civil Rights Summit (See related story below). Hillary didn’t need to dodge Carter’s words but she did need to dodge a shoe that was thrown at her in Las Vegas this week while she was speaking at a Recycling Trade Show.  No reason was given for the shoe toss but here’s a look, if you are interested:
Now that ACA has exceeded its goals and continues to gain momentum, Kathleen Sebelius (Sec. of Health and Human Services) has resigned.  This seemed inevitable during the botched (and inexcusable) launch (several months ago) of the Website, but mistakes were corrected and more Americans continue to access affordable Health insurance each day.

6 Year Old Hero
Condolences to those who knew and loved sweet, charming, little Lacey Holsworth who passed away this week.  She stole the hearts of the MSU basketball team and supporters especially Adreian Payne. May her young life spur courage and charity to help find a cure for the deadly disease of Cancer.

Adreian and Lacey

22 students were injured in Pennsylvania this week from a knife-wielding student.  Thank God he didn’t have access to a gun but the other half of our mass killing equation is Mental Illness and there is still a lack of much needed attention, funding, innovative research and treatments to help combat this disease.

Sad Reunion
In 10 days, our country will remember the 1 year anniversary of the tragic terrorist bombing in Boston.  Runners, supporters, victims’ families and survivors will take part in the Marathon through the streets of Boston that will surly bring back sad memories yet showcase much strength and bravery.

  Boston Mararton Monday April 21, 2014 Patriot Day in MA

A Tip of the Hat
Sometime in 2015 the Comedy Central network will bid farewell toStephen Colbert as he heads over to CBS to take over the reins for retiring talk show host, David Letterman.  I will miss Stephen’s Conservative Character, but hopefully he will come out to visit on occasion. This announcement will put a serious dent in my remote control as choosing between Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert will be mighty difficult.

Wishing you and your family a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and a joyous Passover,


Oops, last week’s heading included a Hebrew Shana Tova.
Oops, Carolyn Tisdale’s birthday is NOT April 10th
Oops, I forgot to mention Jarett Friedland’s 21st birthday
Oops, Jean Chatzky is NOT named Jane.
Oops, I forgot to mention Abbe Sherbin’s birthday in March.

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others, and the world, remains…immortal” —Albert Pike
Condolences to our Machatunim, Rina and Roni Raviv and our Son-in-law, Tzvi plus their whole family on the passing of Roni’s mother,Rachel Rosa Rabinowitz (z”l). An early Zionist who struggled through Poland and Argentina to arrive
permanently in Israel in 1972 and who we share our lovely Hadassa as her Great-Granddaughter.

Condolences to the Wayne family on the passing of Larry Wayne (z”l) age 90. Larry was a friendly vibrant man who I remember welcoming our family to their 4th of July parties back in the 1960s and sharing his Holocaust story to the younger generation to help educate our future.  He seemed to love life whenever I saw him throughout the community and his presence will be greatly missed. May his spirit, love and memories bring comfort to those who are in mourning.

Condolences to Rabbi Eric Grossman on the passing of his father, Joseph Grossman (z”l). May his memories bring comfort to those who loved him.

RIP Mickey Rooney age 93.  Enjoy this little ditty from a throwback era:

Future Senator Gary Peters
VOTE NOV. 4th and keep repeating this Montra to ALL.
Update on Terri Lynn Land’s first public Press Call. While in Lansing last week to submit her 25,000 signature requirement, she answered a few questions with the Press.  She reiterated her efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  She emphasized her belief that Traditional marriage is only between a man and a woman but when asked about Crimea, she indicated that her time was up. Was her time up or was she just not prepared to answer foreign affairs questions?  We need a Senator who is educated on both domestic and foreign affairs and can represent both our Michigan and National best interest.  Gary is that candidate and the Michigan polls are proving this as the latest Public Policy Poll has Gary taking over the lead.
Civil Rights Act of 1964 
Happy 50th birthday to the Civil Rights Act that prevented the discrimination based on Race, Color, Religion, Sex or National Origin. This week the LBJ Library held a Civil Rights Summit to Spotlight the past and future of our country’s equality issues.   Much progress has occurred within the last 50 years but we still have more equalizing to do.
Equal Pay for Equal Work
What is the rational to vote against a bill that would equalize the pay for women working in comparable jobs to men?  The Paycheck Fairness Act was to shrink inequities and prevent punishment for workers who share salary info.  Yet, it was blocked in the Senate this week.  Where is the Fairness in that?
Budget BS
Even with ALL of the Democrats and 12 Republicans voting against it, Paul Ryans (BS) Budget passed the House this week, though it is only a symbolic act with no “teeth”. It’s main focus is to eliminate the Affordable Care Act (with no plans for an alternative), decrease taxes for high income individual & corporation and increase Military spending through 2024.  Sounds like a “Plan” worth supporting!?!
Community events
April 17th
Green Living Science
Please join the Earth Day After Party to raise funds for the outdoor classroom to help teach Det. Public School students about protecting our environment.
Lincoln Street Art Park
5926 Lincoln Street
April 17th (4-7pm)
May 3rd
Derby in the D
Please purchase tickets for the DERBY IN THE D, the Kentucky Derby-themed event that is sure to be the talk of the town benefiting the Henry Ford Neuroscience Institute. Saturday May 3rd atMotor City Casino Hotel (5:30pm – 11pm) featuring a cocktail reception, dinner, dancing, raffle, both live and silent auctions, and a “best hat”  contest!  Live entertainment: 50 Amp Fuse!  THINK  bow ties, big hats, plaid, and seersucker suits.
For more information:
Karen Fox at 313.874.6616 or or go to

May 5th
Joint Action Committee
Please become a JAC member in support of candidates who believe in a Strong Israel, Pro-Choice and Separation of Religion and State. This year’s event (free to all current members) will be Monday May 5th @ 9:30am for a Candidate Forum featuring Senate candidate Congressman Gary Peters and many other local candidates.
Special guest is Sen. Debbie Stabenow.
May 7th
Shaarey Zedek
Please join me at the Lois Linden Nelson Women’s Worldfeaturing guest speaker, Jean Chatzky (Today Show Financial Editor) and honoring my mother, Florine Mark with the Woman of Valor award.  Shaarey Zedek (Southfield) Wednesday May 7th@ 11:45 program/1:00pm lunch. (Boutique 9:00-4:00 free and open to the public). There are 13 wonderful vendors this year and 5 of them are Israeli.
May 8th
Healthy Body Healthy Mind
Please support Kadima’s fundraiser Thursday May 8th @ 7:30pm @ Shaarey Zedek with guest speaker Patty Duke who will discuss her struggle with Bipolar Disorder.

May 12th
Planned Parenthood
Hope you can attend this year’s PP event with guest speaker,
Gloria Steinem Monday May 12th @ noon @ The Henry in Dearborn.

August 17-22
Maccabi Athlete Housing
Our community needs about 800 host families to house approximately 1,500 visiting athletes and artists the week ofAugust 17-22.  Its a fun commitment that helps connect our community and gives us the opportunity to meet wonderful young people from all over the world.
Bravo to UCon for their double Basketball (men’s and women’s) championships.
Bravo to the Afghan People for bravely snubbing the Taliban threats with 60% of eligible voters overwhelming the predictions. Results will be announced in a few weeks.  Stay tuned.
Bravo to Henry Ford Innovation Institute on creating a Detroit based creative environment for innovative health related inventions:
Oops, I missed a few birthdays…
March 14th
Abbe Sherbin
April 6th
Jarett Friedland (Happy 21st)
April 7th
Asher Meisner (age 1)
April 9th
Lindsay Acker
This week’s celebrants are…
  April 11th
Nancy Winer
Carole Lasser
Ellie Morris
April 12th
Jenny Driker
Tammy Gorosh
Barbara Tronstein
April 13th
Neal Zalenko
Sandy Vieder
Jennifer Adler Rosenwasser
April 14th
Geoff Kretchmer
Marc Siegel
Dan Sonenberg
Janice Cherkasky
Nicole Miller
April 15th
Pam Lippitt
Judith Hamburger Burdick
April 16th
Jo Rosen
Nili Lotan
Keri Guten Cohen
Liz Marx
April 17th
David Victor
Lisa Soble Siegmann
Brenda Wayne
Sometimes birthdays on my computer fall into a black hole, so if you’d like a birthday mentioned in these emails, please confirm I have it in my system.

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Please excuse my typos, misspellings and human errors.  Thanks.

Shabbot Shalom April 11, 2014

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