Shabbot Shalom March 14, 2014

Sweet Shabbat Shalom and Hag Sameach March 14, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

“I heard the News today, oh boy”
Sadly this week’s news is filled with rockets, explosions and missing jumbo jets.  Gazan terrorist (Islamic Jihad) shot 70 rockets into Southern Israel causing an escalation of aggression during a seize fire that had (semi) existed since 2012. The Iron Dome successfully destroyed (in mid-air) those rockets that were headed toward populated areas, yet the terror still existed for those running for cover. Retaliation is in store for any and all who harmfully target Israelis. More tragedy occurred on this side of the ocean as a 5 story building in East Harlem collapsed killing 7, injuring 60 with several people still missing.  Prayers and thoughts are with the victims of this catastrophe.  Lastly, where in the world is that Malaysian airplane? How can a jumbo jet disappear?  Now they think it may have flown hours after it’s last contact which means it could be almost anywhere on land or sea. Wishing the families of those passengers relief from their knowledge limbo.

“With a little help from my friends”
Everyone needs help and as I’ve lamented often, we are all flawed human beings .  So this is an ernest invitation for any of you to send corrections, comments, edits or suggestions for these weekly email connections.  In the correction column from last week, Purim (for most of us) is Sunday March 16th (not March 17th, though I wasn’t too mistaken as 3/17 is Shushan Purim, when it is celebrated in the Walled city of Jerusalem). L’chaim to the Purim story as our enemies, again, tried to concur us, yet we survived, thrived and live on to celebrate life and perpetuate our heritage by retelling our past so it may live on in our future.

“Doctor Doctor, Give Me the News”
Barack vs. Zach…slam dunk for the Pres.  To reach a younger audience, who needs to step up and sign up, POTUS goes head to head with Hangovered, Zach Galifianakis on his offbeat talk show,Between Two Ferns. The result is quite funny and hopefully the Health Care message will be received by the Millenniums.  Rather than trying 46 times to repeal the Health Care Law, let’s work together to upgrade and improve it.  On a related note (as of this week) our new Michigan law now requires women to purchase (if available) insurance riders in case an abortion is needed in the future due to rape or fetal abnormality or (for whatever reason) an unwanted pregnancy. YET, “P” pumps and Viagra are (of course) safely covered.  Go figure..!

“Detroit Rock City”
Time to boast about our great city of Detroit (again).  This kudos is directed at Wayne State University as it has now reached the list of top 100 Law Schools in the nation (#87 on US News and World Report) jumping 18 spots in one year.  Congrats to Law School Dean, Jocelyn Benson, for her dedicated efforts to the school, City and our State.

“Don’t forget the Motor City”
More Detroit boasting comes from the Hoffpost and homegrown journalist, Alex Zaslow (who takes after her dad), as she guides us through our Detroit heritage that has changed the world in the realm of Civil Rights, Sports, Music, Industrial Innovation, the Arts and more. Check out this prideful article:

“Starry starry night”
Sadly someone doesn’t seem to appreciate the Detroit beauty and creativity of the Artwork at the Detroit Heidelberg Project as this week the 9th fire was set ablaze destroying the “Party Animal House”.  If this trend continues, it could be the demise of the 28 year old Heidelberg Project which has been a source of pride, tourism and revenue for the neighborhood.

Animal House before fire

“…in a flatbed Ford slowing down to take a look at me”
The last of Henry Ford’s (4) grandchildren past away this week, with the death of William Clay Ford, Sr., the youngest child of Edsel and Eleanor, the husband of Martha Firestone (of the tire company) and the owner and chairman of the Detroit Lion. Though his grandfather was not beloved by our Jewish Community, Henry’s decedents certainly made up for his misgivings.  William Clay Ford, Jr. is a cherished philanthropic leader and was even honored by our Jewish Community Center.

William Clay Ford, Sr. 1925-2014

“Happiness runs in a circular motion”
Israel is ranked #11 on the UN’s World Happiness Report, above Belgium with its chocolates, Brazil with its Carnival and Spain with its Bull Running.  Why are Israelis so Happy?  Certainly not its neighborhood, but maybe its close-knit family structure, its food or its love of life.  Who knows, but here is my favorite Happy song (from last week) coupled with the sites and people of Tel Aviv/Yafo:

” Eliezer Ben Yehuda, Yehudi m’vadei’ach”
One of my biggest regret in life is not learning fluent Hebrew.  Oh, I tried Ulpan in Israel and local classes here but I just don’t have an ear for languages.  I envy bi-lingual people (but keeping the above image in mind, I do appreciate knowing English as my One language).  Check out this uniquely talented women who “speaks” various different languages. This is what I hear when sitting in a crowd of Hebrew speakers:

“gone to graveyards, everyone. When will they ever learn”
Bravo to Team 26 as they ride from Newtown, CT to Washington, DC to pay tribute to the 26 victims of Sandy Hook and to bring awareness for the need of safer gun control laws like required background checks and assault weapon bans.

“A Taste of Honey”
Kudos to Lisa Moed and her Breaking Bread tours as she breaks down the perceived barriers between Jews and Arabs of the Holyland with her gastronomical visits to all spectrums of the region. Peace should be achieved with eating utensils as apposed to weapons of destruction.

Wishing you and your family a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and Hag Purim Sameach,


P.S.  Though I buy my Shabbat Chala at Dakota, here is a great recipe if you want to DIY .

( We miss Shimon’s Chala’s)


Future Senator Gary Peters
Please join us in support of Congressman Gary Peters campaign for the US Senate on March 23rd (3-5pm) at the home of Mindy and Scott Eisenberg. Please contact Hy Safran for more info or to rsvp:
Forgotten Harvest
The Forgotten Harvest 22nd annual comedy night with guest starTim Allen is SOLD OUT.  Though we are still looking for (silent and live) Auction Items for the event. Thanks for all of your support of funds that help rescue unused food, repackages it and distribute it to families in need all in a timely manner. Their system is AMAZING and if you would like a tour or have any auction items, please let me know.
Detroit Teach For America
Please join Marc and Lori Siegel as we co-host a wine-tasting and informational (non-solicitation) evening in support of our (relatively new) Teach For America program in Detroit on Tuesday evening March 25th (7:15pm) at our home.  If interested, please watch this short video of the Detroit Teach For America program:  and to RSVP to the March 25th event, please contact:
Planned Parenthood
Hope you can attend this year’s PP event with guest speaker, Gloria Steinem Monday May 12th @ noon @ The Henry in Dearborn.
Rainforest Alliance
Check out this incredibly creative ad that can help us all save the rainforest by following the Frog: (this is really worth the 3 minute peak).
Our new Great-Nephew has arrive, Anapat Louis Dorn.  Son to Kevin & Eed and grandson to Sheri & Abe and Carl.  His nickname is Peace and may he grow in health and bring much joy and love to his family.
Mazel Tov on the birth this week of Sydney Harper Friedmandaughter to Lisa and Josh Friedman and granddaughter to Zina and Michael Kramer. Wishing the growing family health, happiness and love.

Welcome to the world, Zahava Henny Levin, daughter of Fallon and Michael Levin and Great-niece and cousin to the Rubinfelds of our Shabbat Crew.

This week to…
  March 14th
Albert Einstein
 Quincy Jones
Billy Crystal
Diane Arbus
March 15th
Heidi Budaj (Mark’s mom)
Debbie Levin (Shelby’s Aunt)
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
March 16th
Nathan Elyakin (Shira’s brother)
Marla Hornsten (TI Rabbi)
Marc Shindler (Brody’s owner)
Jerry Lewis
March 17th
Patrick Mardney (Bonus Brother)
Michael Berke (Marc’s dad)
Rachel Gottlieb Kalmowitz (TBE Cantor)
Josh Schaefer (Mataan’s buddy)
Nat King Cole
March 18th
Jeremy Cohn (Barbara’s son)
Patrick Duggan (Erin’s husband)
Queen Latifah
March 19th
Kelly Victor (David’s wife)
Glenn Close
March 20th
Mitchell Shector (Sandy’s son)
Carl Reiner

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Shabbot Shalom March 14, 2014

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