Shabbat Shalom October 4, 2013

Shabbat Shalom October 4, 2013
Dear Friends and Family,

Warning: Conservative friends, please skip to Topic 2.

Topic 1

Happy 123rd Birthday






Yosemite National Park had a birthday this week BUT there were NO guests to celebrate since the park, along with many other national parks, museums and offices, were closed due to the Government Shutdown.

800,000 government employees received unpaid “vacations”. The Park closures are sad but if this shutdown persist, FOOD (through the WIC* program), MEDICAL CARE (through clinical research at NIH**) and EDUCATION (through the Head Start program) will be halted. That could be devastating for millions of people.

Congress’ Ping Pong match is giving the American Public an ulcer, but as of Tuesday, 24 Million more adults can get their ulcers treated with Medical Insurance though the Affordable Care Act also know as ObamaCare that:
– can NOT deny coverage based on pre-exiting condition (like Cancer)
– requires 80% of Ins. premiums MUST (now) be spent on Medical Care
– gives tax credits to small businesses to offset Ins. cost
– eliminates lifetime medical fee caps for families

Why would ANYONE want to shut down the Government just to prevent these benefits which will help lower our country’s Health Care Costs and give medical hope to those who can’t afford it. Boggles the mind! Check out this “humorous” video of ObamaCare opinions:

Topic 2
It always seems like October is the Month of recognitions.

Here are just a few:
National Stamp Collecting Month
LGBT History Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
American Cheese Month
Auto Battery Safety Month (I am NOT making this up)
Clergy Appreciation Month (…So Todah Raba to: Paul, Harold, Aaron S, Aaron B, Norman, Bunny, Eli, Alon, Simcha, Marla, Dan, Danny and any other clergy on this list I may have missed.

Topic 3

In Olympia, Greece this week, the Torch began its relay to the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia (where LGBT History Month is NOT celebrated). This all sounds so nostalgic and momentous but when did this tradition begin?  Was it in ancient Greece?  Well, no. It was in 1936 Nazi Germany and conceived by Hitlers propaganda machine.  Greece is where the Aryan Race supposedly began which tied into Hitler’s agenda of staring the torch relay there.  Today, this tradition is “white” washed to remove any reference of it’s origins, but you can read more about it at this site:
Topic 4
I will NOT make any aryan segue statements to introduce this (amazing) vintage youtube of “Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procol Harum suffice to say, it’s believed the lyrics are about the doomed Titanic voyage. See if you can match the words to the tragic “Virgin Vessel”:
Topic 5
I am a huge fan of our very own Jimmy Wolk who grew up in our Subdivision, worked for Star Trax, went to Camp Tanuga and is now staring in a new Sitcom with Robin Williams called Crazy Ones. Please enjoy this clip of Jimmy singing with Kelly Clarkson. Talent, looks and a nice guy to boot:
Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,
WIC = Women, Infants and Children nutritional program.
** NIH = National Institute of Health


Upcoming Events

Tuesday Oct. 8th
Rudy Hobbs (for US Congress) fundraiser
Our house
Kristen Casewell or 517-214-6719

Thursday Oct. 24th
MI League of Conservation Voters
Honoring Congressman Gary Peters (among others)
Westin Book Cadillac, Detroit
Please contact Christine or 734-222-9640

Tuesday Nov. 5th
Film screening of “The Prime Ministers”
Maple Theater
Fundraiser for The Simon Wiesenthal Center
Tickets $50 (and above for sponsor levels)
Alison Pure-Slovin 312-981-0105 or

Bravo to (daughter) Liat Lis on the completion of her study of Herbalism.
Kudos to (sister) Sheri Mark on her exceptional Dancing With the Stars moves last week in support of the Pink Fund


 Oops, I jumped ahead for Karen Kahn’s birthday.  It’s Oct. 21st not 1st.  Please retract that “happy birthday” you may have given her.

Please help me acknowledge the following Birthdays:

Oct. 4th
Ruth Beitner

Oct. 5th
Patti Tapper
Steve Pestka
Wendy Rose Bice

Oct. 6th
Anessa Kramer
Jeff Zaslow (of Blessed Memory)

Oct. 7th
Ilana Liss
Josh Bennett
Miryam Rosenzweig

Oct. 8th
Brad Benyas
Deborah Orley
Ester Rubyan
Gregg Orley (Happy 60th)
Yehoshua Lis

Oct. 9th
Graham Orley

Shabbat Shalom October 4, 2013

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