Shabbat Shalom August 26, 2016

Shabbat Shalom August 26, 2016

Childhood to Adulthood
It’s that time of year again when we send our kids back to school so as you read this week’s email, Hannan and I are on the road to DC with our Georgetown University Sophomore son, Aviv. Wishing all your students an enjoyable and successful year.  But as our children are going back to school, adulthood is trending backward too.  It was a rare instance if a Baby Boomer (born between 1946-1964) ever moved back to their parent’s home, but it seems much more common for Gen Xers (mid 60s – mid 80s) and Millennials (1980s -2000s) to live with Mom and Dad.  There are many legitimate reasons like the skyrocketing and unfair student loan dilemma or the job market.  Also, parenthood has become more invasive for many, as evident by helicopter behavior.  But not only are some moving home, a few are also rebooting their Camp days.  There’s now a whole industry focusing on Adult Camps with color war and all the fixings. Take a look:

PB4wego to School
When our students return to school, a few will still find it difficult to legally select a bathroom. In our 21st century effort of inclusiveness, as you’ll remember, POTUS Obama (with gender anti-discrimination Title IX as his shield) instituted protections for transgender students to use the restroom of their identity.  Schools which resisted this humane right would be subject to Federal funding decreases.  Of course 13 states sued with Texas taking the lead and winning a temporary blockage on the policy.  As a compassionate nation, we mustn’t work to understand all citizens and their needs as long as they don’t hurt themselves or others.  Allowing transgender people to choose their identity and live life as they please is the Right Thing To Do. We must open up all avenues and not revert back to keeping the closet doors shut.

Transgenders current choices

Appeals to Supreme Court?
While I’m talking politics, Give It A Break, AG Bill Schuette and SOS, Ruth Johnson on your insistence to continue the fight to ban Straight Party Voting.  The verdict is in… the Judges, the Clerks and the people want to continue the option to vote Straight Party. It shortens lines especially in minority polling stations. We do not need your emergency motion for the full Appeals Court decision.  They have already “spoken”.  And if they refuse your request, will you take this to the Supreme Court?   Please stop wasting time, energy and money on this futile effort to try and gain more republican votes.

Shenandoah to Stonewall
Our National Parks Service celebrated its 100th birthday this week with free admission to visitors on Aug. 25th.  Our Parks Service overseas both our National Parks (there are 59: like Acadia, Bryce, Death Valley, Denali, Everglades, Grand Canyon, Isle Royale, Joshua Tree, Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain, Shenandoah, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Zion to name a few) and our National Monuments (there are 121: like Booker T. Washington, George Washington Birthplace, Statue of Liberty and a new one just designated in June, Stonewall). POTUS has the easier ability to assign a National Monument, but Congress must coalesce on a National Park.  Thank you Obama, for just this week, designating nearly 90,000 acres in Maine (donated by the Burt’s Bees founder) as Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. This new protected land is twice the size of Maine’s Acadia National Park.  As mentioned, it will take Congress to assign it National Park status but for now it is gratefully protected.  By the way, Obama has established over 20 National Monuments during his tenure, way more than any other previous president.

Earth to Proxima
Its great we are trying to protect the only home we, Earthlings, have but now it might seem that there could be another “Earth” out there in space.  Though this new potential homeland, called Proxima, is only 25 trillion miles away, its proximity to its Sun is similar to ours which means there might be liquid water and the potential for life.

Rio to Tokyo
Though some are already eyeing Tokyo and anticipating our 2020 Olympics will be high-tech, others are staying put in Rio to experience the next set of athletes during the 15th Summer Paralympics held Sept. 7th – 18th even though it is technically still Winter in Rio. One nation which won’t be represented at the Paralympics is Russia.  Their appeal against the ban (due to steroid usage) has been rejected.

Conflict to Peace
Finally, after over 50 years of fighting, the Columbian Government and the famous anti-government rebel group, FARC, have come to agreeable terms for a future peace.  Their war was the longest in world history.  Their Peace bring hope to others around the world.

Jon to Satchmo
One of my favorite shows, Sunday Morning, did an in-depth interview with New Orleans native and musical bandleader for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Jon Batiste is a true talent… Hope you enjoy his performance at last month’s 50th Montreux Jazz Festival with this moving jazzy rendition of “What a Wonderful World”.  Satchmo would have loved it too:

Song to Spirit
And for my second musical installation, please enjoy the eclectic and powerful voices of Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus perform a live version of the epic song “Dream On”, by Aerosmith.  The song was dedicated to the Orlando gun victim and Voice contestant, Christina Grime.

Peace to the Home
In this contemptuous political season of disrespect, we need a healer like the late Maya Angelou to whisper her words of wisdom.  Of all places, I found hope, love and understanding in this iPhone commercial using beautiful faces and meaningful poetry.   We are one…

Human Family
I note the obvious differences
in the human family.
Some of us are serious,
some thrive on comedy.

Some declare their lives are lived
as true profundity,
and others claim they really live
the real reality.

The variety of our skin tones
can confuse, bemuse, delight,
brown and pink and beige and purple,
tan and blue and white.

I’ve sailed upon the seven seas
and stopped in every land,
I’ve seen the wonders of the world
not yet one common man.

I know ten thousand women
called Jane and Mary Jane,
but I’ve not seen any two
who really were the same.

Mirror twins are different
although their features jibe,
and lovers think quite different thoughts
while lying side by side.

We love and lose in China,
we weep on England’s moors,
and laugh and moan in Guinea,
and thrive on Spanish shores.

We seek success in Finland,
are born and die in Maine.
In minor ways we differ,
in major we’re the same.

I note the obvious differences
between each sort and type,
but we are more alike, my friends,
than we are unalike.

We are more alike, my friends,
than we are unalike.

Wishing you and your family a
Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom


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In Loving Memory…

We remember dear friend, George A. Orley z”l who passed away 3 years ago today, Aug. 26th at the age of 20.  His spirit and love are embedded in the hearts of those who knew, love and miss him as his life was truly a blessing to his family and friends.

Rest in Peace…

Toots Thielemans (age 94).  Who? You might ask. Toots was the most famous jazz harmonicist and I’m sure you’ve heard many of his toots.  He played with all the best, including Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Pat Metheny and Big Bird.  Yep, he recorded the famous harmonica riff on the Sesame Street intro.


the Raimi family on the passing of Celia Raimi z”l (age 87), wife of 65 years to Leonard, mother to Andrea and Stuart Rubin, Ivan Raimi, Sam and Gillian Raimi and Ted Raimi.  Grandmother to many.  May her memory and spirit bring comfort to those who loved her as her life was a blessing to our community.


To Brian Siegel and Nancy and Bob Heinrich and their families on the passing of Gloria Siegel z”l (age 80). May her love and spirit help bring comfort to her family and friends during their time of sorrow as her memory was a blessing unto her community.


To the Turkish people on the suicide bombing last week at a Kurdish wedding where 54 attendees lost their lives.  Nearly half of the victims were under 14 years old and it was rumored that the bomber may have also been a child. Though they haven’t taken blame, most believe the brutal terrorist entity ISIS is responsible. Their unthinkable methods often include using children as their pawns of destruction.  The Kurdish people have been our brave allies against ISIS for many years and quite frankly, they deserve a land of their own where they now live in parts of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria.


To the victims of the Italian earthquake (magnitude of 6.2) which destroyed several towns in central Italy and killed 240+ people, with many more still missing.  The main town at the epicenter, Amatrice, was decimated.  Thousands of people have been displaced.  Even the aftershocks have been devastating and those in Rome, 100 miles away felt the earth shake.  May the region recover as rapidly as possible with the global support they will need.

Condolences …

To the students and faculty of Kabul’s American University terrorist attack that has killed 13 people.  Students and staff were trapped inside the university while the attack continued for hours. The institution is a cooperation between the US and Afghanistan, though few Americans are students but there are several American faculty.

Happy Birthday!

Aug. 26th

Monni Must

Jim August

Irv Hordes

Aug. 27th

Gary Edelson

Sasha Berman (Happy 18th)

Stuart Gildenberg

Sheila Sloan

Emily Rosberg

Sheila Stone

Aug. 28th

Jimmy Ketai

Phil Elkus

Ellen Kestenberg

Julie London Holloway

Aug. 29th

Joan Chernoff Epstein

Sherri Kukes

Yisrael Pinson

Janice Stoneman

Allan Lengel

Aug. 30th

Skip Schrayer

Aug. 31st

Shimon Weitzman

Sept. 1st

Shelley Wright

Susie Sills

Ben Rosenthal


Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tim Kaine


Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence

Hillary Clinton

As Hillary and Donald prepare for their first debate, they will need stand-ins as fake candidates.  Some have speculated as who would be the best (Jewish) “Trump” in a faux debate with Hillary.  Here are 9 excellent choices:

And by the way, Tony Blair, Michael Oren and Shimon Peres all believe that Hillary Clinton has the understanding and patience to assist in the Middle East situation.  Hillary has been a strong supporter of Israel for her whole political career.

Donald Trump
What’s most concerning about Trump is the amount of support he garners from his Racist, Bias, Misogynistic, Hateful, Lying rhetoric and behavior.  I know there are many who don’t trust Clinton, but this is no excuse to support, promote and vote for this obviously evil man who truly only thinks about himself.  How can so many people of our nation be in favor of this conman?

They might like the new Trump Sandwich: White Bread stuffed full of Boloney with Russian Dressing and small pickle.

First Presidential debate is

Monday September 26th 

at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY.

The Vice Presidential debate is

Tuesday October 4th

(just after the 2nd day of Rosh Hashana)

at Longwood University in Farmville, VA.

Second Presidential debate is

Sunday October 9th

at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

Third Presidential debate is

Wednesday October 19th

at University of Nevada in Las Vegas, NV.

Presidential General Election is


November 8, 2016 

*Important Voting Information

Please make sure the new voters in your life are registered to vote.  Our Michigan deadline to register is Oct. 11th.
For info on how to register in every state, please check out this website:

Also, you can vote absentee by requesting your ballot now and returning it (in most States) in person or postmarked by Nov. 7th.  Or you can vote early in many States.  For example, in Michigan you can vote early at your local Clerk’s office from Sat. Sept. 24th – Nov. 7th. Here are early/absentee dates and deadlines for each State:


From Now till Aug. 28th
“What am I doing here?’

Professional performance of a play by friend, Judi Schram
I’ve seen this humorous play about aging and think you’ll love it too.
Fridays (8:00pm), Saturdays (8:00pm) Sundays (2:00pm)
Theatre Nova in Yellow Barn of Ann Arbor
41 W. Huron St., Ann Arbor
For tickets: 

August 28th (Sunday)

Hazon Detroit

(First Ever) Michigan Jewish Food Festival

Eastern Market, Shed 5, Detroit


September 8th (Thursday)

National Council of Jewish Women

Women of Vision

Congregation Shaarey Zedek

Guest Speaker:

Jenna Bush Hager


Alicia Stillman and Ellie Slovis

September 11th (Sunday)

eRace Mental Illness and the Silence

5K Family Run/Walk


Congregation Shaarey Zedek

For more info, please contact Wren Hack or 248-535-7110

September 8th (Thursday)

Jewish Historical Society of Michigan

Exhibit Opening and Fundraiser

Detroit Historical Museum


For more info, please contact Wendy Rose Bice

September 13th (Tuesday)

Hadassah’s Opening Meeting

Congregation Shaarey Zedek

Boutiques and Luncheon


Guest Speaker:

Nancy Spielberg 

(Director, Producer, Screenwriter and Steven’s sister)

For more info, please contact Carol Ogusky or 248-683-5030

September 16th (Friday)

Cabaret 313

Opening night of their 4th Season

Players’ Club Playhouse

7pm and 9:30pm

Featuring: Danny Gurwin and Erin Dilly

“To Broadway and Back Home”

For tickets: 313.405.5061

September 20th (Tuesday)

Jewish Women’s Foundation

Women Lighting the Way

Detroit Athletic Club


Keynote Speaker: (gay rights)

Attorney Dana Nessel

September 22nd (Thursday)

Friends of the IDF Women’s Luncheon

Tam-O-Shanter Country Club


For more info, please contact Paul Lebowitz or (248) 926-4110

September 26th (Monday)

Dr. Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic

2016 Esteemed Women of Michigan
A few of the 19 “Esteemed Women” include:

Treger Strasberg
Dr. Mona Hannah-Attisha
Rabbi Jennifer Kaluzny
Alicia Stillman
Yours Truly

Centerpoint Marriott, Pontiac

For more info:
Julie Yaker

September 26th (Monday)
JET Fall Gala
Glen Oaks Country Club
Farmington Hills
Honoring: Henrietta Hermelin-Weinberg
For more info:

September 27th (Tuesday)

Detroit Zoological Society

Hidden Gems of the Detroit Zoo

At the home of Doreen Hermelin
More details to follow

September 28th (Wednesday)

Yad Ezra Annual Dinner

Honoring (the wonderful)

Rachel and Jason Zimmerman

Adat Shalom Synagogue

6:00pm Strolling Supper

7:10-8:00 Program

For more info:

October 1st (Saturday)

Humble Design

Gigs for Digs

The Fillmore, Detroit

Concert by:

JR JR (Indie-pop band from Detroit)

October 7th (Friday)

Florine Mark’s 17th Annual

Remarkable Women Charity event

Guest speaker:

Actress Lainie Kazan

The Henry Hotel, Dearborn


For more info:

Sheryl Fellows

October 10th (Monday)

MI Women Win 

Our home

5:30pm – 7:00pm

Hope you can support this effort to help bring more women legislators to Lansing.

October 13th (Thursday)

Michigan League of Conservation Voters

Innovation in Conservation Awards Gala

Westin Book Cadillac Hotel, Detroit

Honoring: Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha 

Lifetime Achievement: Honorable Dr. Joe Schwarz

October 14th (Friday)

Detroit PBS

Detroit Performs Live

The Fillmore Detroit


For more info:

Michelle Gaisser


October 27th

Jewish Historical Society

Chasing Dreams: Baseball and Baseball History with Mike “Stoney” Stone

Detroit Historical Museum


Tickets $40

For more info: 248-432-5517

October 30th (Sunday)

Holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus

32nd Anniversary Dinner

Congregation Shaarey Zedek


Honoring: Rozie and Bernie Friedman

Guest Speaker: Dr. Deborah Lipstadt

For more info:

Ruth Stern


I’m happy to post events important to you, however I’m unable to include a website as too many websites increase the chance that these emails will not reach your inboxes.  If you want more info about an event, please google the agency sponsoring it.

Shabbat Shalom August 26, 2016

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