Shabbat Shalom January 15, 2016

Shabbat Shalom
January 8, 2016
Dear family and friends,
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
Martin Luther King jr.
Beautiful Music Together
What do you get when you start with a James Taylor tune and mix a Jewish (The Maccabeats) a cappella group with an African American (Naturally 7) a cappella group on the DC grounds where MLK preached? The answer… this beautiful rendition of “Shed a Little Light” on MLK’s inspiration. I love this video and hope you will too:
Step Up
Our world history is filled with unjust occurrences. As the above MLK quotes reference… If only more people had done the Right Thing and/or Spoken Out, maybe our civilized society could have progressed even quicker. But not only did (and do) too many sit on the sidelines but far too many participate in deviant, selfish activities. Though, I truly believe that a high percentage (above 90%) of our world’s population is “good” and if those (in the majority) would join a positive movement to combat evil and greed (rather than sitting idle), imagine how our peoplehood could soar. We need more leaders like MLK, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela, Pope Francis, Warren Buffett, David Ben Gurion, Abraham Lincoln…* to help guide us and we all need to step up to the plate!
El Chapo is one of those leaders we can do without! His despicable greedy actions have caused the death of thousands through his drug dealings.  He boasts about his extensive (planes, trains and submarine) distribution system of every highly addictive and destructive contraband.  This Escape-Artist / Druglord might be heading to his final “destination” in the United States, since his home country of Mexico might not fight extradition knowing they have a hard time keeping him under lock and key.  Most likely his starstruck ego was be his demise since his interview with Sean Penn (for Rolling Stone Magazine) and his obsession with a “sexy” Mexican actress caused his capture. But was Sean complicit or compliant with his involvement? Did he aid in his capture or was he loyal to the secret location of his meeting. The legal question of Sean’s potential guilt (from my layperson’s understanding) is whether he will gain financially from the interview since just meeting a fugitive is OK, but profiting from the meeting with El Chapo could be illegal. A continuing saga…
In Tribute…
“…And these children that you spit on
as they try to change their worlds
are immune to your consultations
They’re quite aware of what their going through…”
David Bowie
Rest In Peace
The multi talented, David Robert Jones, best known as David Bowie (also known as Ziggy Stardust), passed away this week from (an 18 year fight with Liver) Cancer, just two days after his 69th birthday. Bowie was a part of our pop culture for five decades and his contributions to Music, Art, Fashion and Cinema (he appeared in more than 25 films) were immense and significant. He just completed his last album,Blackstar, and though it was released on the day of his birth, it reflects more about his imminent death.  Here is the video to one of his final songs: Lazarus 
He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 and received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award in 2006. Did you know his right eye was permanently dilated due to a childhood injury with a friend.  You can see it prominently in this video of (my favorite DB tune), “Life on Mars” (which also honors Matt Damon‘s Golden Globe win in the great film, The Martian)–IqqusnNQ  Condolences to his family and his immense fan club who are mourning his death. And bravo to Michael Dorf for producing a March tribute to the music master at Carnegie Hall:
The World
Iran – How two small US Navy boats veered in Iranian territory is unknown (though engine trouble was suspected), but the end game was the return of all 10 (captured) sailors (9 men, 1 woman) and their vessels, which thankfully diverted a potentially volatile international crisis.
Turkey – Condolences to the 10 victims of a terrorist suicide bomb at a tourist attraction in Istanbul.  Most of the victims were German nationalist vacationing in this popular part of the city and it was determined that the terrorist entered Turkey as a registered refugee from Syria.
Indonesia – With the combination of the world’s largest Muslim population and a government that is Secular (non-religious), this makes Indonesia a thorn in the side of religious extremist who want religious rule. 7 people (2 civilian and 5 terrorist) will killed in Jakarta after this week’s terrorist attack which was most likely conducted by IS/Deash and boldly aimed near the Western Coffeeshop, Starbucks.
Israel – Nearly everyday there are attacks on innocent Israeli citizens throughout the country (stabbing, shooting, car ramming, bombs…). Last Friday (after a week on the lamb), the Arab gunman who killed 2 people, was apprehended and shot as he came out of hiding while firing his gun. As Israel tries to protect her civilians with a moral compass, much of the outside world continues their double standard against her. This week’s example is Sweden, as the foreign minister calls for an investigation of Israel’s method for fighting terrorism and keeping citizens safe from stabbings. Here is her statement:  “It is vital that there is a thorough, credible investigation into these deaths in order to clarify and bring about possible accountability”.  Just my opinion, but, if your home is surrounded by friendly neighbors and your whole existence hasn’t been threatened by hatred and extermination, than maybe you should attempt to walk the the shoes of those you criticize before suggesting how to behave. Final note on Israel, Refua Shelma (prayer for healing) to Shimon Peres as he recovers from a mild heart attack.
Pakistan –  The highly paranoid and suspicious Talibanterrorist decided to bomb a polio clinic in Southwestern Pakistan which killed 15 people since they feel polio vaccines are really a Western-led guise to sterilize Pakistani children. Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only two regions where Polio is still an epidemic.  On a side note, bravo to Mark Zuckerberg in publicizing his daughters vaccination visit to the doctor.
China – After a heated back and forth between Chinese artist/activist Ai Weiwei and Danish company Lego, a new policy was established that they will no longer deny large quantity shipments based on political usage of their product.
Germany – 5 Million copies were sold in 1939 and now the “bestseller” Mein Kampf is available again in Germany as the 70 year copyright has expired.  It was written when Hitler was in a Bavarian prison and the title translates to “My Struggle”. At the cost of $64, advanced orders of 15,000 copies have been requested, 3 times more than expected.  Let’s hope readers are learning the evil lesson of this literary “masterpiece” to prevent a repeat of History.
England – After a four-month courtship, Rupert and Jerryhave decided to get hitched.  Yes, that’s newspaper mogul, Rupert Murdoch (age 84) and Mick’s ex, supermodel, Jerry Hall (age 59).  This will create step-siblings for 10 offsprings between the two of them. Do you think a pre-nup will be signed?
The United States
NYC –  After nearly 2 years of attempting US journalism, plus the purchase of Al Gore’s Current TV for $1/2 Billion, adding to their distress of low viewership and a dip in Oil Revenues, Al Jazeera America will be closing up shop and moving out of its Manhattan Center headquarters. Though jobs will be lost, not too many tears will be shed. And in another part of NYC, bravo to Mayor Cuomo on starting the discussion to renovate Penn Station. And this last NYC tidbit involves the former popular Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his secret poll to determine his chances as an Independent candidate for our upcoming presidential election, though this might just be “pie in the sky”.
CA, TN, FL – Congrats on drawing the winning Powerball numbers from your states.
Michigan – As we continue to make headlines for our Detroit revitalization, we sadly are in the national news for our disastrous (lead poisoning) water crisis in Flint as the National Guard and Fema were called upon to help. It will take time to determine who’s to blame and how the victims will be compensated but in the meantime, Flint residents must suffer through sickness, grief and concern for the future health of their children and the newest development is that the water could also be the cause of an outbreak of Legionnaires disease.  Also, Detroit Public Schools is under fire as many of our school buildings are in complete disaray.  This week teachers staged a “sickout” to force the Mayor to take action.  After Mayor Duggan visited several dilapidated building, he promised a full inspection of all 97 building to determined needed rehabilitation.
CA, TN, FL – Congrats on drawing the winning Powerball numbers from your States.
Wishing you and your family a
Sweet Shabbat Shalom!
*Question of the Week:
Which leader do you greatly respect?
Condolences to Sue and Alan Kaufman and their family on the passing of Alan’s sister, Judie Diane Kaufman z”l.  May her memory and spirit bring comfort to those who knew and loved her.
Condolences to the large family of Stanley Satovsky z”l on his passing this week. Sending love and hugs to Caryn and Ron Siegel, Dana and Eric Coffman, Rhonda and Steven Satovsky, Phyllis Satovsky, Susu Sosnick and the rest of the family as they remember Stanley’s impact on their lives and mourn his death. May his long life, spirit and love bring comfort to their sorrow and may his life be a blessing unto all who loved him.
Rest in Peace talented British actor, Alan Rickman (age 69) who passed away this week from Cancer.  My favorite role  of his was in the film Love Actually, though he was most famous for his roles in the Harry Potter movies among many others.
January 23rd (Saturday)
Caberet313 with the talented Jason Graae singing a tribute to Jerry Herman of famous Broadway classics.
Black Box Theatre at the Detroit Opera House
Two shows: 7pm and 10pm
March 9th (Wednesday)
JVS 8th Annual Trade Secrets
Benefiting the JVS Women to Work Program
Temple Beth El
Featuring the inspiring story of Linda Schlesinger-Wagner, Founder of clothing line, Skinny Tees.
April 19th (Tuesday)
Emily Stillman Foundation
Spring Sensation Luncheon
Tam-O-Shanter Country Club
Guest Speaker: Heather Thomson CEO of Yummie, Inc.
April 20th (Wednesday)
U of M Food Allergy Center
Spring Luncheon
Knollwood Country Club
May 4th (Wednesday)
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Lois Linden Nelson Woman’s World
Honoring Henrietta Weisberg
Featuring Paula Abdul
Save the date. More details to follow
May 7th (Saturday)
Forgotten Harvest 
24th Annual Comedy Night
Fox Theatre
Save the date. More detail to follow
May 13th (Friday)
Planned Parenthood 100 Year Gala
Detroit Marriott at the RenCen
Save the date. More details to follow
May 22nd (Sunday)
Hillel Day School Annual Gala
Beverly & Arthur Liss and Norma & Michael Dorman
For more info, please contact Amy Schlussel
May 19th-25th
“Becoming American: The Jewish Experience”
Travel opportunity through EMU Alumni Association to
NYC, Philly and DC.
This experience is open to the public regardless of your University Affiliation, religion, race, age, shoe size…
Any questions can be directed to:
And for further details of the trip:
These presidents are eagerly awaiting these first Caucus and Primaries.
Iowa Caucus is Mon. Feb. 1, 2016
New Hampshire Primary (1st in country) Tues. Feb. 9th
Super Tuesday March 1st
15 various State’s caucuses and primaries
Our Michigan Primary is Tuesday. March 8, 2016.
Presidential Election is Tuesday. November 8, 2016
3 Democrats
1. Hillary Rodham Clinton
2, Bernie Sanders
3. Martin O’Malley – says he’s still in the race
11 Republicans alphabetized (polls are too erratic)
Happy Birthday…
Jan. 15th
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Born 1929
Jan. 16th
Josh Berg
Susie Pappas
Jan. 17th
Bryce Sandler
Don Benyas
Perry Teicher
Jan. 18th
Yossi Peled
Judi Schram 
Jan. 19th
Adam Blanck
Jan. 20th
Robert Wittenberg
Bryan Weinstein
Jan. 21st
Rachel Stone
Tzvi Raviv (Wonderful Son-In-Law)

Susan Feber

Blue Stripes

Shabbat Shalom January 15, 2016

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