Shabbat Shalom Feb. 13, 2015

Shabbat Shalom
February 13, 2015
Dear family and friends,
Know Science – No Stigma
Bravo to friend, Diane Orley, on helping to Shatter the Stigma of Mental Health with the well attended event last week that facilitated a discussion of Mental Illness on campus.  Since the loss of their son, George Orley z”l, Diane’s focus and passion has been to shed light on this potentially deadly disease.   She started on the campus of University of Michigan to help the plethora of students who suffer from some form of Mental Illness and joined forces with the Wolverine Support Network which creates a peer led safe environment for all students. The stats are staggering. According to National Alliance on Mental Health, 1 in 4 college age students have a diagnosable Mental Illness.  The pressure of college and entering adulthood exacerbates the condition, though Mental Illness can start at a much younger age.  One of the main obstacles for seeking treatment is the stigma to just talk about your feelings with your friends or family.  Mental Illness is like any other disease… Cancer, Diabetes, Broken Bones, but sadly many can’t see the symptoms as easily and they are afraid to discuss it, fearful they will be judged. We don’t judge Cancer victims or Diabetics; We need to enlighten ourselves to destigmatize Mental Illness too.

Physical Health

To think what could have been accomplished during all that wasted time on Capitol Hill when efforts (again last week) have gone to repealing Obamacare.  Last week was attempt #56, since the landmark Health Care Law became the lay of the land.  The vote was for all those Freshman conservative congressmen to prove their resistance to this “dreaded” law for their constituents back home. While Congress was fighting Windmills, Obama was fighting Domestic Abuse with his Grammy address in support of the new efforts called It’s On Usand guided people to the website with the same name
For more staggering stats:
These are just US Stats; Globally it’s much worse.
Contempt of Court

Alabama becomes State number 37 to legalize Marriage Equality as the Supreme Court stepped aside in blocking it. But, remember that crazy Judge Roy Moore in the 1990s who placed his own carving of the Ten Commandments in his courtroom and insisted on praying before Jury Selection despite our Separation of Church and State laws…well he’s back to his shenanigans again and this time as the Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice. He instructed Alabama Probate Courts NOT to issue Gay Marriage licences (even though it is federally permitted) and many probate judges obeyed his bias dictate.  This (State vs. Federal) battle will obviously continue to play out in the legal field, but I predict Marriage Equality will be legal in all 50 States before year’s end.

With nearly 6,000 deaths,12,000 injuries and 1,000,0000 displacements, the situation is dire in the territorial Ukrainian war. It is especially harrowing for the over 300,000 Ukrainian Jews (20% live in the conflict zone) as the last time they were displaced from their homes was during WWII when the majority were killed by the Nazis. Hopes are high with this week’s Leader Handshake, but time will tell if Peaceful Minds prevail.

Jon, Abdullah and Obama

Say it isn’t so..but alas it is.  After 17 years, Jon Stewart has decided to stay home and have dinner with his family rather than entertain and enlighten us with his brilliant and hilarious interpretation of current events. Jon is following a long line of hosts who have “abdicated”… Jay Leno, David Lederman, Stephen Colbert, Brian Williams (though his was a self-inflicted abdication) and now Jon Stewart.  Whatever his next journey, he will be greatly missed on the Daily Show. Also, I don’t even think his film Rosewater ever made it to Michigan.  One of his “rants” this week was this story of our obsession with Jordan’s King Abdullah and the comparison to our own leader.–2015—david-axelrod#time=1m17s&index=0  But our own leader rose to the occassion by submitting a 3 year resolution to Congress to approve a War on ISIS (minus the ground troops) in Syria and Iraq. One way or another, ISIS and all terrorists need to be eliminated from this Earth. It would be nice to add ISIS obliteration to Obama’s legacy.
Odd Couple?
Congrats to all the winners last week especially my favoriteSam Smith, Stay with Me and shame on Kanye with his childish obsession of Beyonce.

Von Trapp

Speaking of music, I just love the idea of this band as its comprised of Werner von Trapp’s descendents, yes the real Sound of Music legacy.  You do know the story was true? Here are four of the Grandchildren singing an original song, Dancing in Gold: and for more info about the family:
No Snake Bits
This week’s Torah Portion is Mishpatim and it discusses the reasonings and law of why we don’t charge interest when lending money.  For 120 years, one of our community’s crown jewels has been Hebrew Free Loans which takes to heart theno interest rule.  They even put “free” in their name. HFL has saved lives, created lives, nurtured education, built business and assisted lives in so many other ways. Here is a brief and interesting interpretation of this week’s parsha and the connection of Interest to a Snake Bit.  And if you know someone who needs a loan to further their eduation, start or build a business, fix a car, “make” a baby (no joke), pay a bill… please contact
Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and if you’re an SNL fan, don’t forget to watch the 3 hour 40th Anniversary reunion Show 8pm thisSunday Night (Live) with tons of guests like Betty White, Eddie Murphy and Robert De Niro. And while the stars are shinning, check out Monday night (8:00pm CBS) all-star tribute to Stevie Wonder’s LP hit, Songs in the Key of Life.  And lastly, Happy Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate this day of love.

Mazel Tov the the Bloom and Kravis families on the engagement of Jennifer Bloom to Drew Kravis.  Wishing the young couple Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, Peace and Prosperity.

We have a vibrant Jewish Community with lots of volunteer opportunities and lots of people who want to volunteer.  And now we have a website that connects the dots:
April 14th
Emily Stillman Foundation
Night of Laughs
Raising awareness about meningitis, organ donation and the importance of vaccinations.
May 1st 
Detroit Opera House
Forgotten Harvest Comedy Night
Joel McHale
(NBC Community and The Soup)
For more details and ticket info:
May 3rd
Jewish Senior Life
8 over 80 presentations
Adat Shalom Synagogue
For more info:
248-592-1101 or
May 7th
Orchards Children’s Services
Signature Event
Colony Club, Detroit
For more info, please contact Fern Kepes
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Feb. 19th
Carrie Stauss
Nora Smokler Baron
Rosanne Kukes
Elana Kreinin Markovitz

Blue Stripes


Shabbat Shalom Feb. 13, 2015

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