Shabbat Shalom July 18, 2014

Shabbat Shalom
July 18, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

Nearly 300 people traveling from Amsterdam to Malaysia were killed when their aircraft was shot down over Ukraine on Thursday.  Condolences to the family and friends of the victims.

Disproportional War
Though Egypt tried to negotiate a ceasefire earlier in the week, their true feelings about the conflict are exemplified by this quote:  “Thank you Netanyahu and may God give us more [people] like you to destroy Hamas!” – Azza Sami of the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram.  Least we forget, Hamas is a terrorist organization just like Al Qaeda yet during 9/11 and our fight against Bin Laden, I don’t ever remember the news media giving ample time and interviews to Osama so he could spew his lies and rhetoric. So why must we hear the Terrorist spokesman from Hamas give his message of deceit on radio, TV and in newspapers?  Sadly the people of Gaza are being manipulated and scarified for Hamas’ sole purpose of destroying Israel.  While Israel strives to protect her citizens with warning sirens, bomb shelters and missile defense systems, Hamas (the elected government) has spent it’s money stockpiling rockets to kill as many Israelis a possible. Gaza has NO sirens, No protective shelters but they have the world’s sympathy with their intended (disproportional) high casualty rate and their continual brainwashing messages of Hate to their children.  Here is a factual and clear 5 1/2 minute video that describes the historical situation of the Middle East.  Most of you know these facts…its the world who needs educating (thanks, Reuben, for  sharing):

Hamas Victims

French Fury
This week, while Israel continued it’s protective shield defensive to eliminate the 10,000 stockpiled rockets in Gaza, France was celebrating Bastille Day but not all French were focusing on themselves.  Sadly, the escalation of Anti-Semitism reared its ugly head in Paris as thousands of pro-Hamas demonstrators at Bastille Square attacked a Synagogue with stones and bricks while Jews were inside praying.  Police needed to attend to the violent situation to assist the barricaded Jews.  This video shows the full picture: and here is the article about the demonstration:  The French Jewish immigration to Israel (escaping the rising hatred) has quadrupled in the last year indicating the severity of the situation.  500,000 Jews live in France (Europe’s largest Jewish Population), yet their security among hostile neighbors is forcing them out of their home. Israel expects 5,000 French Olim (immigrants) to make Israel their new home this year.

                               French Jews

Suit Stunt
Here in our country, specifically DC, the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has decided to sue President Obama, (as far as I can tell) for performing his job.  The specifics of the suit address the delay of ObamaCare which they (the Republicans) tried to repeal 50 times.  Boehner sees this lawsuit as a more palatable course of action than the extremes of his sect, who want to impeach POTUS.  This political stunt is a complete waste of money and time.  A better use of our time (among many other issues) is how to humanely deal with the 10s of Thousands of refugee children fleeing from the life threatening effects for forced Central American Gang violence partly due to our insatiable drug appetite.  Those who are protesting their temporary housing options don’t seem to understand the full picture.

                    They look like friends…

Friendly Reminder
Since I’ll be away during our Michigan Primary (Aug. 5th), I have already sent in my Absentee Ballot.  There is a Statewide Proposal (14-1) to “Reduce State Use Tax which I researched ( ) and found much support for so I voted YES on this proposal.  Also, there is an Oakland County Millage Renewal which I also voted YES. Lastly, if you are voting the Democratic Party (you can only vote one section) I urge you to vote for Rudy Hobbs (US Congress, District 14).  Rudy is the smartest, most capable and experienced candidate with a pro-Michigan, pro-Woman and pro-Israel stance.

Shalom Bayit (Peace of the Home)
Sadly, we lack Shalom in our House of Worship.  As our Rabbi is moving on, we bid him gratitude for his excellent 16 years of leadership and wish him well, though during this transition we need to remember our Jewish morals and act accordingly. Some have been blinded by emotions and have lashed out disrespectfully to fellow congregants who volunteer their time (with no personal gain) to help guide the direction of our Shul.  It was shocking to hear some of the visceral attacks that were unfiltered from fellow Jews.  We will get through this segue with hopes of healed wounds and optimistic visions of our future.

I am a minimalist when it comes to fashion and beauty so I completely identified with this beautiful message about Beauty from Colbie Caillat:

I hope you enjoy this fun filled video spotlighting Weird Al and some high profile friends. Are you Tacky…?

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,



 In Memory
Rest in peace, Elaine Stritch, the Detroit bred Broadway Diva who continued to entertain well into her 80s.  May her many accomplishments and contributions to theatre, film and Television be a source of comfort to those who mourn her passing.
Michigan Primary is Aug. 5th (quickly approaching)
National Election is Nov. 4th
Get your Absentee Ballot
For those who will be out of town (or out of their district) on Aug. 5th or for those who are older than 60 or for those who are disabled and can’t get to the polls, you can pick up your Absentee Ballots from your County Clerks office this week.
Please help support and spread the word of our
Michigan Candidates:
Mark Schauer (and Lisa Brown)
US Senate
Gary Peters 

US Representatives
District 3 – Brian Ellis – Western MI – (Justin Amash must go)
District 5 – Dan Kildee – Central MI –
District 7 – Pam Byrnes – Jackson, parts of Ann Arbor…
District 9 – Sandy Levin – HW, RO, Fern, Frank…
District 11 – Livonia/Novi area – Bentivolio MUST go!
District 12 – Debbie Dingell – Detroit, parts of Ann Arbor…
District 14 – Ruby Hobbs – Detroit to Auburn Hills zigzag
MI Senate
District 13 – Ryan Fishman – Rochester Hills, Rochester, Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Birmingham, Clawson, Royal Oak, and Berkley
District 14 – Vicki Barnett and Ellen Cogen Lipton (both are friends of mine and brilliant legislators) – Farm., Farm. Hills, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Hunt. Woods, Lathrup Village, Madison Heights, Pleasant Ridge, Royal Oak Twp., Southfield.
MI Representatives
District 27 – Robert Wittenberg – Berkley, Ferndale, Hazel Park,Huntington Woods, Oak Park and Pleasant Ridge and Royal Oak Township
District 35 – Jeremy Moss – Southfield, Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Franklin
District 37 – Theresa Rich – Farmington, Farm. Hills.
District 39 – Sandy Colvin – Commerce Twsp, Wixom, West Bloom. Twsp, Wolverine Lake (FYI, Sandy’s Dem. primary opponent, Michael Saari, is an NRA member and used to be listed as a Republican)
District 40 – Mary Belden Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township and the eastern portion of West Bloomfield Township
District 61 – John Fisher – Portage/Kalamazoo area.

Sunday July 20th
If you live in Ann Arbor, please stop by the home of dear friends,Bunky and Neal Elyakin on Sunday, July 20, from 5:00-6:00 to greet Debbie Dingell, who is running for the congressional seat currently held by her retiring husband, Congressman John Dingell. Debbie is interested in meeting people in the district and hearing from her (hopefully) future constituents.  THIS IS NOT A FUNDRAISER but they’d like to know if you plan to attend. So please email or call/text 734-417-6094. The address is 1300 Red Oak, Ann Arbor.

Tuesday July 22nd
Candidate Forum for the14th US Congressional District (we supportRudy Hobbs in this race) sponsored by: Jewish Community Relations Council American Jewish Committee Anti-Defamation League July 22nd @ 7pm Adat Shalom Synagogue 29901 Middlebelt Road Farmington Hills 48334

Thursday July 31st
In memory of the 3 Israeli teens, there is a Detroit Challah Baking Event planned for Thursday July 31st at 7 pm at The Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit.  For more info, please contact Aviv Gordon at

Thursday Oct. 2nd
Hope you can join us at the Michigan League of Conservation Voters Dinner to honor John Dingell and Carl Levin for their decades of service to our nation and their efforts to help protect our environment.  The event will be held at the Westin Book Cadilac.

Tuesday Oct. 7th
We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary of the Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends Luncheon on behalf of the West Bloomfield Henry Ford Breast Care and Wellness Center.  We are teaming up with the Detroit Lions this year as the luncheon will be Tuesday October 7th at Ford Field.  Hope you can join us.  More details to come.

  I hope this week’s celebrants have a wonderful Birthday:
July 18th
PJ Cherrin
Rick Loewenstein
Frida Klein
Annabel Cohen
July 19th
Johanna (Jodi) Cooper
Kami Robinson
Karen Sklar Gordon
July 20th
 Ricky Mark (Dear Brother) 
Marcie Orley
David Fox
Lucy Henney
Connie Sklar
Dr. Hamid Banooni
Linda Zlotoff
July 21st
Charlie Berg
July 22nd
Richard Nodel
July 23rd
Bridget Mary McCormack
Krista Berman
Shelby Levin
July 24th
Rabbi Jason Miller
Jen Green
Larry Jackier 


Shabbat Shalom July 18, 2014

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