Shabbat Shalom January 3, 2014

Shabbat Shalom January 3, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

Our Nation
Wednesday brought a slew of 2014 newness.  Detroit has a new Mayor, Mike Duggan. New York has a new Mayor, Bill De Blasio and Colorado opened its doors to the legal purchase of recreational Marijuana.  Hopefully this will be a trend for other States to continue progressive initiatives for our Nation’s future like Marriage Equality, saner gun regulations, immigration reform and sensible health care for Women.  To help us along this path, we’ll need to work hard during this year’s midterm elections to insure supportive voices in both our State and US congress.





Our Homeland
When Israel is slapped in the face, she responds with a helping hand. Boycotts pop up against her while pop-up medical tents appear in devastated cities bearing the Magen David Flag. There is no explanation for anti-Israel rhetoric from educated individuals other than flat out anti-semitism. Those who reads newspapers and history books know the facts regarding Israel’s equal society among all ethnicities, genders and sexual preferences.  They know the biblical roots to the land, the 1948 UN partition plan that legally established the State, the wars and lives lost to protect her citizens,  the innovative inventions developed to save, sustain and improve the global community (many of whom want her eliminated), the Israeli Arab doctors, judges, engineers, soldiers & merchants living (and educated) in the only democratic state in the Middle East. Only after the ’67 War (which was thrust upon her), did the West Bank and Gaza come under her control. And precedent has been set as complete withdraw from Gaza took place (Aug. 2005) in hopes of Peace but in reality of more war. Thousands of convicted prisoners (many stained with Israeli blood) have been release (with hundreds this week) in a good faith Peace effort yet security is still illusive and boycotts still persist. Though I am truly not a pessimist, unfortunately (I believe), attacks against Israel and anti-Semitism will continue well into the future UNLESS the educational cycle of teaching lies and hatred is stopped.

Typhoon Haiyan Assistance
Hope- HaTikva













Boycott Update
The American Academic Boycott started with the Asian American Studies Association(AASA), followed by the larger American Studies Association (ASA) and soon after the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) jumped on the bandwagon.

The good news is that 55 American universities and colleges have spoken out against the ASA boycott and 4 have pulled their membership.  If you are connected to (or sit on the board of) a University, please voice your opinion against this bias boycott.

Russian Restlessness
If I were a Winter Olympian, I’d be a tad anxious to venture to the (terrorist threaten) Russian landscape as suicide bombers took the lives of 34 innocent victims this week, just a few hundred miles from the Sochi Winter Olympic Village.  Security will be tight and safety concerns heightened.

Recently Fox News declared Santa’s ethnicity as White.
Now PA leader Mahmoud Abbas has defined “Jesus as Palestinian”.
I’m no theologian or historian, but wasn’t Jesus Jewish and
I think the Palestinian identity didn’t exist till the 20th century.  Mr. Abbas’ intent was to unify the Christian and Muslim Arabs of the region though historical accuracy in this attempt might bring more respect.
Century Old Structure
100 years ago our majestic Detroit Train Station was built overlooking its proud city.  At the time it was the tallest in the world with the finest accouterments.  25 years ago the last train left that station and none have returned since.  Owner and billionaire, Matty Moroun continues to keep it “unloved” though as the optimistic progress of our city chugs along, hope is on the horizon that new life will emerge from this stately structure.
Interior 1940
Exterior Today
Last Sunday evening I was memorized by the broadcast of the Kennedy Center honoree ceremony (filmed Dec. 8th) bestowing gratitude upon Martina Arroyo (opera singer), Herbie Hancock, Shirley MacLaine, Carlos Santana and Billy Joel.  The whole show was fantastic but the piece d’resitance was the last performance by Rufus Wainwright (who’s voice I love) singing Billy Joel’s NY State of Mind and Piano Man. If you appreciate either of these talents, then you’ll enjoy this youtube:
The first time I saw Billy Joel was at Israel’s HaBima in 1980. I’ll be in Israel next month when he performs here in Michigan but I hope to catch one of his Madison Square Garden shows. Though, I do look forward to seeing the Michigan concerts of Paul Simon/Sting(March 26th) and Cher (April 12th). Speaking of Cher, if you are interested in purchasing two tickets, please let me know. I ended up buying 2 extra tickets that I won’t be using.

On another musical note, this is the most incredible video I’ve even seen and it was created by an Israeli directer.  It is an interactive youtube of Bob Dylan’s song “Like a Rolling Stone” playing on each channel you flip to with the buttons at the side of the screen.  I don’t know how they made it but it is truly amazing. You need to play with it a bit before you realize the uniqueness. check out the button on the left of the screen to start the video and change the channels with the arrow buttons (at your whim while it is playing):

Wishing you and your loved ones a Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom,


1. Bravo to Sparty from a 1982 Alum.
2. Well wishes to injured race-car driver, Michael Schumacher.
3. Prayers for Ariel Sharon as he nears death after 8 year coma.


Bravo to the Holocaust Memorial Center on its new exhibit opening this Sunday Jan. 5th on the Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals with guest speaker the Honorable Barney Frank, retired congressman from MA.

Please join my table at our Federation THANX event Tuesday Jan. 14th (7pm) at Shaarey Zedek with guest speaker, SPANX CEO, Laurie Ann Goldman.

Save the date for a night of laughs by Tim Allen at the Forgotten Harvest’s Comedy Night Fundraiser Saturday evening April 26th

Happy Birthday!


Jan. 3rd
Carla Schwartz 
Marilyn Victor 
Matt Curtis
Stephen Stills (Teach your children…)
Jan. 4th
Aaron Bailey
Gabi Klein
Jan. 5th
Mataan Lis (21 year old wonderful son)
Debbie Lederman
Sherry Kanter
Jan. 6th
Lisa Brody
Nimi Yarkoni
John Delorean (Back to the Future)
Jan. 7th
Bill Harder
Kenny Loggins (House at Pooh Corner)
Jan. 8th
Ben Falik
Lisa Rotter
Stacy Klein
Linda Klein
Danny Weberman
Jan. 9th
Eric Zuckerman
Mira Segal
Shabbat Shalom January 3, 2014

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